“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 9

Are you prepared for Spiritual Warfare and The Attack To Destroy God’s children? People of Faith awake!

Satan wants you to believe there is no God and disillusion Christians with confusing doctrines and lies. They fear you reading the books that tell of Baal, fallen angels and how Satan’s realm operates in this world. We are as in the days of Adam and Noah! Satan never left!

The “Pseudepigrapha” is a collection of books, deemed fiction by those who compiled the Holy Bible at the council of Nicea around 325 AD for Roman Emperor Constantine when he merged Christianity with the Gods of Rome. Because of that stigma, those books were shunned. In fact at the time, no one but authorized theologians were even allowed to read the Bible they compilated, let alone question any of the decisions made about it.

The forbidden books of Adam and Eve, and many of the others, carry significant meaning and insight into events of that time. If these were books of fables, there is no way they would have been read by the prophets and used as a reference of testimony. For example in the book of Jude it refers to “as written in the Book of Enoch, and in Joshua when the sun stayed still the quote, “as written in the Book of Jasher”, and other quotes in various places. They would not have been revered and studied by the Essenes and would never have resurfaced in the Dead Sea Scrolls with notable books like Isaiah. These writings would not have survived to this day if there were no substance to them. Nor would they have been contained in the Ethiopic Bible.

Before the days of printing, historic accounts were handed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation, such was also the Jewish Talmud. The same as family ancestry, and heritage. There were those selected to memorize, learn and know the entire accounts of events, literally sages of living books so to speak. Without knowing the actual date of the first written account, the earliest written form of Adam and Eve dates to around 200 BC. The paraelles are so aligning, one can only say it is impossible that the account could all be made up and play out so divinely.

That being said, in “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 8, we ended our journey through “The First Book of Adam and Eve” which detailed the life and times of Adam and Eve after they were expelled from the garden to the time that Cain killed his brother Abel out of anger. His motive? It was such that he was of evil heart to begin with and fell worse through anger over Adam and Eve’s wish to join Able with his beautiful twin sister, Luluwa, in marriage. (Again, my comments are in brackets in italics.)


The grief stricken family. Cain marries Luluwa and they move away.

1 WHEN Luluwa heard Cain’s words, she wept and went to her father and mother, and told them how that Cain had killed his brother Abel.

2 Then they all cried aloud and lifted up their voices, and slapped their faces, and threw dust upon their heads, and rent asunder their garments, and went out and came to the place where Abel was killed.

3 And they found him lying on the earth, killed, and beasts around him; while they wept and cried because of this just one. From his body, by reason of its purity, went forth a smell of sweet spices.

4 And Adam carried him, his tears streaming down his face; and went to the Cave of Treasures, where he laid him, and wound him up with sweet spices and myrrh. 5 And Adam and Eve continued by the burial of him in great grief a hundred and forty days. Abel was fifteen and a half years old, and Cain seventeen years and a half. (Let that soak in. Ponder it.)

6 As for Cain, when the mourning for his brother was ended, he took his sister Luluwa and married her, without leave from his father and mother; for they could not keep him from her, by reason of their heavy heart.

image 48

(So cold hearted Cain took his sister and left without permissions or blessings and married her, adding to the sorrow, loss and burdens already laid upon Adam and Eve and Able’s sister. How does hearing that make you feel? For me… in the flesh… I feel anger, I like to rationalize it as self righteous anger, but, when God points to some of my mistakes that I felt were just and weren’t… I have to look at this with mercy and forgiveness. Not saying that’s easy… but God knows I’m trying to see the pitiful lost state of Cain in all of this.)

7 He then went down to the bottom of the mountain, away from the garden, near to the place where he had killed his brother.

8 And in that place were many fruit trees and forest trees. His sister bare him children, who in their turn began to multiply by degrees until they filled that place.

9 But as for Adam and Eve, they came not together after Abel’s funeral, for seven years. After this, however, Eve conceived; and while she was with child, Adam said to her “Come, let us take an offering and offer it up unto God, and ask Him to give us a fair child, in whom we may find comfort, and whom we may join in marriage to Abel’s sister.”

10 Then they prepared an offering and brought it up to the altar, and offered it before the Lord, and began to entreat Him to accept their offering, and to give them a good offspring.

11 And God heard Adam and accepted his offering. Then, they worshipped, Adam, Eve, and their daughter, and came down to the Cave of Treasures and placed a lamp in it, to burn by night and by day, before the body of Abel.

12 Then Adam and Eve continued fasting and praying until Eve’s time came that she should be delivered, when she said to Adam: “I wish to go to the cave in the rock, to bring forth in it.”

13 And he said, “Go and take with thee thy daughter to wait on thee; but I will remain in this Cave of Treasures before the body of my son Abel.” 14 Then Eve hearkened to Adam, and went, she and her daughter. But Adam remained by himself in the Cave of Treasures.


A third son is born to Adam and Eve.

1 AND Eve brought forth a son perfectly beautiful in figure and in countenance. His beauty was like that of his father Adam, yet more beautiful.

image 47

2 Then Eve was comforted when she saw him, and remained eight days in the cave; then she sent her daughter unto Adam to tell him to come and see the child and name him. But the daughter stayed in his place by the body of her brother, until Adam returned. So did she.

3 But when Adam came and saw the child’s good looks, his beauty, and his perfect figure, he rejoiced over him, and was comforted for Abel. Then he named the child Seth, that means, “that God has heard my prayer, and has delivered me out of my affliction.” But it means also “power and strength.”

4 Then after Adam had named the child, he returned to the Cave of Treasures; and his daughter went back to her mother. 5 But Eve continued in her cave, until forty days were fulfilled, when she came to Adam, and brought with her the child and her daughter. 6 And they came to a river of water, where Adam and his daughter washed themselves, because of their sorrow for Abel; but Eve and the babe washed for purification.

7 Then they returned, and took an offering, and went to the mountain and offered it up, for the babe; and God accepted their offering, and sent His blessing upon them, and upon their son Seth; and they came back to the Cave of Treasures.

8 As for Adam, he knew not again his wife Eve, all the days of his life; neither was any more offspring born of them; but only those five, Cain, Luluwa, Abel, Aklia, and Seth alone. 9 But Seth waxed in stature and in strength; and began to fast and pray, fervently.


Satan appears as a beautiful woman tempting Adam, telling him he is still a youth. “Spend thy youth in mirth and pleasure.” “The different forms which Satan takes.”

1 AS for our father Adam, at the end of seven years from the day he had been severed from his wife Eve, Satan envied him, when he saw him thus separated from her; and strove to make him live with her again. (Why did Satan envy Adam in his separation? What don’t we know here?)

2 Then Adam arose and went up above the Cave of Treasures; and continued to sleep there night by night. But as soon as it was light every day he came down to the cave, to pray there and to receive a blessing from it. (Adam was devoting his time to God, is this why Satan wanted him to return to Eve?)

3 But when it was evening he went up on the roof of the cave, where he slept by himself, fearing lest Satan should overcome him. And he continued thus apart thirty-nine days.

4 Then Satan, the hater of all good, when he saw Adam thus alone, fasting and praying, appeared unto him in the form of a beautiful woman, who came and stood before him in the night of the fortieth day, and said unto him: 5 “O Adam, from the time ye have dwelt in this cave, we have experienced great peace from you, and your prayers have reached us, and we have been comforted about you.

image 45

6 “But now, O Adam, that thou hast gone up over the roof of the cave to sleep, we have had doubts about thee, and a great sorrow has come upon us because of thy separation from Eve. Then again, when thou art on the roof of this cave, thy prayer is poured out, and thy heart wanders from side to side.

7 “But when thou wast in the cave thy prayer was like fire gathered together; it came down to us, and thou didst find rest. 8 “Then I also grieved over thy children who are severed from thee; and my sorrow is great about the murder of thy son Abel; for he was righteous; and over a righteous man every one will grieve.

9 “But I rejoiced over the birth of thy son Seth; yet after a little while I sorrowed greatly over Eve, because she is my sister. (Here we go again…. is Adam wiser? We shall see.) For when God sent a deep sleep over thee, and drew her out of thy side, He brought me out also with her. But He raised her by placing her with thee, while He lowered me. (Now that’s a new one. Will Adam believe this or just be captivated by her beauty and desire her instead of Eve?)

10 “I rejoiced over my sister for her being with thee. But God had made me a promise before, and said, ‘Grieve not; when Adam has gone up on the roof of the Cave of Treasures, and is separated from Eve his wife, I will send thee to him, thou shalt join thyself to him in marriage, and bear him five children, as Eve did bear him five.’ 11 “And now, lo! God’s promise to me is fulfilled; for it is He who has sent me to thee for the wedding; because if thou wed me, I shall bear thee finer and better children than those of Eve.

12 “Then again, thou art as yet but a youth; end not thy youth in this world in sorrow; but spend the days of thy youth in mirth and pleasure. For thy days are few and thy trial is great. Be strong; end thy days in this world in rejoicing. I shall take pleasure in thee, and thou shall rejoice with me in this wise, and without fear. 13 “Up, then, and fulfil the command of thy God,” she then drew near to Adam, and embraced him.

14 But when Adam saw that he should be overcome by her, he prayed to God with a fervent heart to deliver him from her. (YES! Talk to God Adam! Don’t lay with that hideous Satan!)

15 Then God sent His Word unto Adam, saying, “O Adam, that figure is the one that promised thee the Godhead, and majesty; he is not favourably disposed towards thee; but shows himself to thee at one time in the form of a woman; another moment, in the likeness of an angel; on another occasions, in the similitude of a serpent; and at another time, in the semblance of a god; but he does all that only to destroy thy soul.

16 “Now, therefore, O Adam, understanding thy heart, I have delivered thee many a time from his hands; in order to show thee that I am a merciful God; and that I wish thy good, and that I do not wish thy ruin.”


Adam sees the Devil in his true colors.

1 THEN God ordered Satan to show himself to Adam in plainly, in his own hideous form. 2 But when Adam saw him, he feared, and trembled at the sight of him.

image 49

3 And God said to Adam, “Look at this devil, and at his hideous look, and know that he it is who made thee fall from brightness into darkness, from peace and rest to toil and misery.

4 And look, O Adam, at him, who said of himself that he is God! Can God be black? Would God take the form of a woman? Is there any one stronger than God? And can He be overpowered?

5 “See, then, O Adam, and behold him bound in thy presence, in the air, unable to flee away! Therefore, I say unto thee, be not afraid of him; henceforth take care, and beware of him, in whatever he may do to thee.”

6 Then God drove Satan away from before Adam, whom He strengthened, and whose heart He comforted, saying to him, “Go down to the Cave of Treasures, and separate not thyself from Eve; I will quell in you all animal lust.”

7 From that hour it left Adam and Eve, and they enjoyed rest by the commandment of God. But God did not the like to any one of Adam’s seed; but only to Adam and Eve. 8 Then Adam worshipped before the Lord, for having delivered him, and for having layed his passions. And he came down from above the cave, and dwelt with Eve as aforetime. 9 This ended the forty days of his separation from Eve.


The devil paints a brilliant picture for Seth to feast his thoughts upon.

1 AS for Seth, when he was seven years old, he knew good and evil, and was consistent in fasting and praying, and spent all his nights in entreating God for mercy and forgiveness.

2 He also fasted when bringing up his offering every day, more than his father did; for he was of a fair countenance, like unto an angel of God. He also had a good heart, preserved the finest qualities of his soul: and for this reason he brought up his offering every day. 3 And God was pleased with his offering; but He was also pleased with his purity. And he continued thus in doing the will of God, and of his father and mother, until he was seven years old.

4 After that, as he was coming down from the altar, having ended his offering, Satan appeared unto him in the form of a beautiful angel, brilliant with light; with a staff of light in his hand, himself girt about with a girdle of light.

5 He greeted Seth with a beautiful smile, and began to beguile him with fair words, saying to him, “O Seth, why abidest thou in this mountain? For it is rough, full of stones and of sand, and of trees with no good fruit on them; a wilderness without habitations and without towns; no good place to dwell in. But all is heat, weariness, and trouble.” (He does the very same thing in this world to this very day…luring people to go here or there…come take a plane ride with me to an island and enjoy….come let us go into a dinner party where the delights are out of this world….come let us….)

6 He said further, “But we dwell in beautiful places, in another world than this earth. Our world is one of light and our condition is of the best; our women are handsomer than any others; and I wish thee, O Seth, to wed one of them; because I see that thou art fair to look upon, and in this land there is not one woman good enough for thee. Besides, all those who live in this world, are only five souls. (My mind is flooded with such words spoken to innocents all over the world by agents seeking sex slaves for Hollywood, Corporate Elite, and all manor of world grunge! What did your mind trigger with that mouth of luring lies?)

7 “But in our world there are very many men and many maidens, all more beautiful one than another. I wish, therefore, to remove thee hence, that thou mayest see my relations and be wedded to which ever thou likest.

8 “Thou shalt then abide by me and be at peace; thou shalt be filled with splendour and light, as we are. 9 “Thou shalt remain in our world. and rest from this world and the misery of it; thou shalt never again feel faint and weary; thou shalt never bring up an offering, nor sue for mercy; for thou shalt commit no more sin, nor be swayed by passions. (That is a subtle way of saying he has a world without God or good. Will Seth catch on or will he be lured away?)

10 “And if thou wilt hearken to what I say, thou shalt wed one of my daughters; for with us it is no sin so to do; neither is it reckoned animal lust. 11 “For in our world we have no God; but we all are gods; we all are of the light, heavenly, powerful, strong and glorious.” (I thought people said this “we are all gods” stuff was new age type of philosophy…it’s from hell itself in the days of Adam!)

(Beware of all the things Satan has snuck in and says… come and enjoy, make plans and vow what you shall do in my world. It’s what we have been indoctrinated with in his world. We have been easily swayed for if no one tells us, we simply do not know. We follow like sheep…


Seth’s conscience helps him. He returns to Adam and Eve.

1 WHEN Seth heard these words he was amazed, and inclined his heart to Satan’s treacherous speech, and said to him, “Saidst thou there is another world created than this; and other creatures more beautiful than the creatures that are in this world?”

2 And Satan said, “Yes; behold thou hast heard me; but I will yet praise them and their ways, in thy hearing.”

3 But Seth said to him, “Thy speech has amazed me; and thy beautiful description of it all. 4 “Yet I cannot go with thee to-day; not until I have gone to my father Adam and to my mother Eve, and told them all thou hast said to me. Then if they give me leave to go with thee, I will come.”

5 Again Seth said, “I am afraid of doing any thing without my father’s and mother’s leave, lest I perish like my brother Cain, and like my father Adam, who transgressed the commandment of God. But, behold, thou knowest this place; come, and meet me here to-morrow.”

6 When Satan heard this, he said to Seth, “If thou tellest thy father Adam what I have told thee, he will not let thee come with me. (Ya think???)

7 But hearken to me; do not tell thy father and mother what I have said to thee; but come with me to-day, to our world; where thou shalt see beautiful things and enjoy thyself there, and revel this day among my children, beholding them and taking thy fill of mirth; and rejoice ever more. Then I shall bring thee back to this place to-morrow; but if thou wouldest rather abide with me, so be it.”

8 Then Seth answered, “The spirit of my father and of my mother, hangs on me; and if I hide from them one day, they will die, and God will hold me guilty of sinning against them. 9 “And except that they know I am come to this place to bring up to it my offering, they would not be separated from me one hour; neither should I go to any other place, unless they let me. But they treat me most kindly, because I come back to them quickly.”

10 Then Satan said to him, “What will happen to thee if thou hide thyself from them one night, and return to them at break of day?” (uh oh?)

11 But Seth, when he saw how he kept on talking, and that he would not leave him-ran, and went up to the altar, and spread his hands unto God, and sought deliverance from Him. (Yes!!!! God bless Seth!!!)

12 Then God sent His Word, and cursed Satan, who fled from Him. (Thank you Father for sending your Word!!! Amen!)

13 But as for Seth, he had gone up to the altar, saying thus in his heart. “The altar is the place of offering, and God is there; a divine fire shall consume it; so shall Satan be unable to hurt me, and shall not take me away thence.” (This is our example and direction on what to do when this type of Satanic attack approaches us. Pray from the heart… even in silent or shout it. You will know which one to do through the Holy Spirit. Amen.)

14 Then Seth came down from the altar and went to his father and mother, where he found in the way, longing to hear his voice; for he had tarried a while. 15 He then began to tell them what had befallen him from Satan, under the form of an angel.

16 But when Adam heard his account, he kissed his face, and warned him against that angel, telling him it was Satan who thus appeared to him. Then Adam took Seth, and they went to the Cave of Treasures, and rejoiced therein. 17 But from that day forth Adam and Eve never parted from him, to whatever place he might go, whether for his offering or for any thing else.

18 This sign happened to Seth, when he was nine years old. (I suspected it…but wasn’t sure for seven years was the last age given. If you caught that too… you are discerning! Congratulations!)


Seth marries Aklia. Adam lives to see grand children and great-grand-children.

1 WHEN our father Adam saw that Seth was of a perfect heart, he wished him to marry; lest the enemy should appear to him another time, and overcome him. 2 So Adam said to his son Seth, “I wish, O my son, that thou wed thy sister Aklia, Abel’s sister, that she may bear thee children, who shall replenish the earth, according to God’s promise to us. 3 “Be not afraid, O my son; there is no disgrace in it. I wish thee to marry, from fear lest the enemy overcome thee.”

4 Seth, however, did not wish to marry; but in obedience to his father and mother, he said not a word. 5 So Adam married him to Aklia. And he was fifteen years old. 6 But when he was twenty years of age, he begat a son, whom he called Enos; and then begat other children than him.

7 Then Enos grew up, married, and begat Cainan. 8 Cainan also grew up, married, and begat Mahalaleel. 9 Those fathers were born during Adam’s life-time, and dwelt by the Cave of Treasures. 10 Then were the days of Adam nine hundred and thirty years, and those of Mahalaleel one hundred. But Mahalaleel, when he was grown up, loved fasting, praying, and with hard labours, until the end of our father Adam’s days drew near.

image 50


Adam’s remarkable last words. He predicts the Flood. He exhorts his offspring to good. He reveals certain mysteries of life.

1 WHEN our father Adam saw that his end was near, he called his son Seth, who came to him in the Cave of Treasures, and he said unto him: 2 “O Seth, my son bring me thy children and thy children’s children, that I may shed my blessing on them ere I die.”

3 When Seth heard these words from his father Adam, he went from him, shed a flood of tears over his face, and gathered together his children and his children’s children, and brought them to his father Adam.

4 But when our father Adam saw them around him, he wept at having to be separated from them.

5 And when they saw him weeping, they all wept together, and fell upon his face saying, “How shalt thou be severed from us, O our father? And how shall the earth receive thee and hide thee from our eyes?” Thus did they lament much, and in like words.

6 Then our father Adam blessed them all, and said to Seth, after he had blessed them: 7 “O Seth, my son, thou knowest this world–that it is full of sorrow, and of weariness; and thou knowest all that has come upon us, from our trials in it. I therefore now command thee in these words: to keep innocency, to be pure and just, and trusting in God; and lean not to the discourses of Satan, nor to the apparitions in which he will show himself to thee.

8 But keep the commandments that I give thee this day; then give the same to thy son Enos; and let Enos give it to his son Cainan; and Cainan to his son Mahalaleel; so that this commandment abide firm among all your children.

9 “O Seth, my son, the moment I am dead take ye my body and wind it up with myrrh, aloes, and cassia, and leave me here in this Cave of Treasures in which are all these tokens which God gave us from the garden.

10 “O my son, hereafter shall a flood come and overwhelm all creatures, and leave out only eight souls.

11 “But, O my son, let those whom it will leave out from among your children at that time, take my body with them out of this cave; and when they have taken it with them, let the oldest among them command his children to lay my body in a ship until the flood has been assuaged, and they come out of the ship.

12 Then they shall take my body and lay it in the middle of the earth, shortly after they have been saved from the waters of the flood. 13 “For the place where my body shall be laid, is the middle of the earth; God shall come from thence and shall save all our kindred. (Middle of the earth. Where is that?)

14 “But now, O Seth, my son, place thyself at the head of thy people; tend them and watch over them in the fear of God; and lead them in the good way, Command them to fast unto God; and make them understand they ought not to hearken to Satan, lest he destroy them. 15 “Then, again, sever thy children and thy children’s children from Cain’s children; do not let them ever mix with those, nor come near them either in their words or in their deeds.”

16 Then Adam let his blessing descend upon Seth, and upon his children, and upon all his children’s children. 17 He then turned to his son Seth, and to Eve his wife, and said to them, “Preserve this gold, this incense, and this myrrh, that God has given us for a sign; for in days that are coming, a flood will overwhelm the whole creation. But those who shall go into the ark shall take with them the gold, the incense, and the myrrh, together with my body; and will lay the gold, the incense, and the myrrh, with my body in the midst of the earth.

Adam Tells of the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and the Messiah! It’s the same gold, frankincense and myrrh!

image 46

18 “Then, after a long time, the city in which the gold, the incense, and the myrrh are found with my body, shall be plundered. But when it is spoiled, the gold the incense, and the myrrh shall be taken care of with the spoil that is kept; and naught of them shall perish, until the Word of God, made man shall come; when kings shall take them, and shall offer to Him, gold in token of His being King; incense, in token of His being God of heaven and earth; and myrrh, in token of His passion.

19 “Gold also, as a token of His overcoming Satan, and all our foes; incense as a token that He will rise from the dead, and be exalted above things in heaven and things in the earth; and myrrh, in token that He will drink bitter gall; and feel the pains of hell from Satan.

20 “And now, O Seth, my son, behold I have revealed unto thee hidden mysteries, which God had revealed unto me. Keep my commandment, for thyself, and for thy people.”__________________________________________________________________

“An Enemy has done this…!” the devil is in the details and the Oxford Movement… the Jesuits counter reformation… and so the slicing, dicing, and poisoning the Word of God begins in full throttle.

The enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy YOUR FAITH IN GOD! Albert Pike created the plans to do such things, in league with Satan himself. God shall bring them down for it is written that he shall!

Do you not think that if the dead were raised and went about the city testifying that their testimony would not have been of how the King of Glory, Jesus the Word of God tore down the gates of hell and conquered it?  Yes it would have and it was told all over the land! The priests, scribes and Pharisees screeched and trembled, blamed it all on sorcery and burned every bit of writing they could of the things Jesus did. And Satan was on fire to do the same. Jesus conquered hell and freed the prisoners and Adam, Eve and all those who died throughout the ages!

Do you really believe that in all Jesus did in his ministry that we only have a few pages of his words spoken in red letters… in four gospels with the same story to read of his wonders? Each told with a few more details, yet, the same limited paragraphs. Ponder it.  Each having a few different details of the same events and some things were never scribed in the four we get to read…at least not in what they let us read of it???  Yet, we have other manuscripts and books and in those we have the greatest story ever told and we get to see a bit more of what and why certain things took place.

They did the same thing to the books of Enoch, Jasher, Gad, and Jubilees and many more books that resurfaced in the Dead Sea Scrolls. We have accounts of many things that took place and now we are free from the world council of church and their scholars, theologians and gate keepers of the dead who say thus you can and thus you can not do this or that, nor read this nor that, nor think about what you believe about this or that. It’s time to do what Jesus said to do, and that is to “let the dead bury the dead and come follow me”. Amen. We are free to follow the way of the Lord and free to speak out the things the Lord has said and done. Amen

There is one more… this will be the final “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 10. Coming soon.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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