“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 10

Pandora’s box has truly been opened and now the truth is slicing like swords in all directions through all of the bloody hidden trails of the deeds done in darkness. 

All of the deceit and past atrocities done in secret, and all of the lies and murderous actions hidden, are now coming out into the light for all to see. There are no secrets any more. We are still in the same battle of good versus evil in a world where Satan rules and Mammon is sought more than God.

The books of Adam and Eve are a great instruction on how to live and what the devil is like and what God is like, his love and patience and how he protects his children for he is our Father. As a Father he also chastises those he loves so His children will learn righteousness. We learn from reading how our own minds are tricked by Satan and the insecurities we have through our immaturity and lack of knowledge. We see how when the Holy Spirit of God is imparted within ones being, how  discernment grows and we learn to listen to God’s ways through that discernment. We see how Adam, even though tempted and tricked, is still and yet one with the Father and the Word. The same as Jesus said.

Today, now more than ever, we have scholars debating that there was and is no God, only the one that our little minds made up. They have never seen God, nor felt his true spirit. They have bowed to angels of darkness and blind guides paid for by mammon. Many others are deep into rituals of occult practices and they fill themselves up with the blood of others and delight in their sorrows. They get energy from it. That is sheer evil and opposite of any of God’s instruction. These are tares among the wheat, just as our Lord said.

It’s hard to tell who is and who is not doing what they are doing for good or for the thrill of enjoying the calamity of others?

We are in a spiritual war and the whispers in our ears are compounded by the shouting megaphones on social media and fake news. Our battle begins in the mind which is the process of thinking, feeling and choosing. Without God… you battle alone and we see in God’s Word how that battle is fought in the mind and heart of both those with God and without God.

There are many things that have been hidden, but, as the Word of God says… everything that has been hidden shall be revealed.  Luke 8:17, “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

That being said, we continue with part 10 of this series, “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?”

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. IX.

The death of Adam.

1 WHEN Adam had ended his commandment to Seth, his limbs were loosened, his hands and feet lost all power, his mouth became dumb, and his tongue ceased altogether to speak. He closed his eyes and gave up the ghost. 2 But when his children saw that he was dead, they threw themselves over him, men and women, old and young, weeping.

3 The death of Adam took place at the end of nine hundred and thirty years that be lived upon the earth; on the fifteenth day of Barmudeh, after the reckoning of an epact of the sun, at the ninth hour. (Adam died in the ninth hour of the day, the same as Jesus died on the cross for Adam and all who have faith in the Word of God in the ninth hour of the day.)

image 51

4 It was on a Friday, the very day on which be was created, and on which he rested; and the hour at which he died, was the same as that at which he came out of the garden.

5 Then Seth wound him up well, and embalmed him with plenty of sweet spices, from sacred trees and from the Holy Mountain; and he laid his body on the eastern side of the inside of the cave, the side of the incense; and placed in front of him a lamp-stand kept burning. (The first mention of a burning lamp-stand. What does this connect with?)

6 Then his children stood before him weeping and wailing over him the whole night until break of day. 7 Then Seth and his son Enos, and Cainan, the son of Enos, went out and took good offerings to present unto the Lord, and they came to the altar upon which Adam offered gifts to God, when he did offer. 8 But Eve said to them “Wait until we have first asked God to accept our offering, and to keep by Him the Soul of Adam His servant, and to take it up to rest.” 9 And they all stood up an prayed.

Second Book of Adam and EveCHAP. X.

Adam was the first….

1 AND when they had ended their prayer, the Word of God came and comforted them concerning their father Adam. 2 After this, they offered their gifts for themselves and for their father.

3 And when they had ended their offering, the Word of God came to Seth, the eldest among them, saying unto him, “O Seth, Seth, Seth, three times. As I was with thy father, so also shall I be with thee, until the fulfilment of the promise I made him-thy father saying, I will send My Word and save thee and thy seed.

4 But as to thy father Adam, keep thou the commandment he gave thee; and sever thy seed from that of Cain thy brother.” 5 And God withdrew His Word from Seth.

6 Then Seth, Eve, and their children, came down from the mountain to the Cave of Treasures. 7 But Adam was the first whose soul died in the land of Eden, in the Cave of Treasures; for no one died before him, but his son Abel, who died murdered. 8 Then all the children of Adam rose up, and wept over their father Adam, and made offerings to him, one hundred and forty days. (What is the significance of the 140 days?)

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. IX.CHAP. XI.

Seth becomes head of the most happy and just tribe of people who ever lived.

1 AFTER the death of Adam and of Eve, Seth severed his children, and his children’s children, from Cain’s children. Cain and his seed went down and dwelt westward, below the place where he had killed his brother Abel.

2 But Seth and his children, dwelt northwards upon the mountain of the Cave of Treasures, in order to be near to their father Adam. 3 And Seth the elder, tall and good, with a fine soul, and of a strong mind, stood at the head of his people; and tended them in innocence, penitence, and meekness, and did not allow one of them to go down to Cain’s children.

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4 But because of their own purity, they were named “Children of God,” and they were with God, instead of the hosts of angels who fell; for they continued in praises to God, and in singing psalms unto Him, in their cave–the Cave of Treasures.

5 Then Seth stood before the body of his father Adam, and of his mother Eve, and prayed night and day, and asked for mercy towards himself and his children; and that when he had some difficult dealing with a child, He would give him counsel.

6 But Seth and his children did not like earthly work, but gave themselves to heavenly things; for they had no other thought than praises, doxologies, and psalms unto God. 7 Therefore did they at all times hear the voices of angels, praising and glorifying God; from within the garden, or when they were sent by God on an errand, or when they were going up to heaven. (God let them see the Angels in their praising. Ponder it. Have you ever had a heavenly sign or vision?)

8 For Seth and his children, by reason of their own purity, heard and saw those angels. Then, again, the garden was not far above them, but only some fifteen spiritual cubits. 9 Now one spiritual cubit answers to three cubits of man, altogether forty-five cubits.

(Spiritual cubits? I have never heard that identification before; have you? There is a reference to 15 cubits in Genesis 7:19-20, ” 19And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. 20Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.” Is there a connection with this verse?)

10 Seth and his children dwelt on the mountain below the garden; they sowed not, neither did they reap; they wrought no food for the body. not even wheat; but only offerings. They ate of the fruit and of trees well flavoured that grew on the mountain where they dwelt.

11 Then Seth often fasted every forty days, as did also his eldest children. For the family of Seth smelled the smell of the trees in the garden, when the wind blew that way. 12 They were happy, innocent, without sudden fear, there was no jealousy, no evil action, no hatred among them. There was no animal passion; from no mouth among them went forth either foul words or curse; neither evil counsel nor fraud. For the men of that time never swore, but under hard circumstances, when men must swear, they swore by the blood of Abel the just. (This reminds me of the promise of a thousand years of peace… as described to be like for the children of righteousness who prevail in Revelation Chapter 20 when Satan is bound. Do you see that comparison?)

13 But they constrained their children and their women every day in the cave to fast and pray, and to worship the most High God. They blessed themselves in the body of their father Adam, and anointed themselves with it. 14 And they did so until the end of Seth drew near.

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Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. IX.CHAP. XII.

Seth’s family affairs. His death. The headship of Enos. How the outcast branch of Adam’s family fared.

1 THEN Seth, the just, called his son Enos, and Cainan, son of Enos, and Mahalaleel, son of Cainan, and said unto them: 2 “As my end is near, I wish to build a roof over the altar on which gifts are offered.”

3 They hearkened to his commandment and went out, all of them, both old and young, and worked hard at it, and built a beautiful roof over the altar. 4 And Seth’s thought in so doing, was that a blessing should come upon his children on the mountain; and that he should present an offering for them before his death.

5 Then when the building of the roof was completed, he commanded them to make offerings. They worked diligently at these, and brought them to Seth their father who took them and offered them upon the altar; and prayed God to accept their offerings, to have mercy on the souls of his children, and to keep them from the hand of Satan.

6 And God accepted his offering, and sent His blessing upon him and upon his children. And then God made a promise to Seth, saying, “At the end of the great five days and a half, concerning which I have made a promise to thee and to thy father, I will send My Word and save thee and thy seed.”

7 Then Seth and his children, and his children’s children, met together, and came down from the altar, and went to the Cave of Treasures–where they prayed, and blessed themselves in the body of our father Adam, and anointed themselves with it.

8 But Seth abode in the Cave of Treasures, a few days, and then suffered–sufferings unto death.

9 Then Enos, his first-born son, came to him, with Cainan, his son, and Mahalaleel, Cainan’s son, and Jared, the son of Mahalaleel, and Enoch, Jared’s son, with their wives and children to receive a blessing from Seth. (Jacob on his deathbed comes to mind. Where also the future of the children are foretold and warnings are given. What do you think of here? There are so many thoughts this can bring forward.)

10 Then Seth prayed over them, and blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just, saying, “I beg of you, my children, not to let one of you go down from this Holy and pure Mountain. (That Holy and pure Mountain is that not a way of life with love and blessings in commune with God our Father? Not a place but a WAY of living in the Word of God in order to be with God. We have seen how sin against fathers and brothers brought separation, sorrow and death, to Adam, in both spirit and in flesh. Whether spiritual lives or in the flesh… death comes to us by the same separation. Ponder it…teaching your children the way to go and knowing the wages of sin is death… is truly the way of life.)

11 Make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer and the sinner, who killed his brother; for ye know, O my children, that we flee from him, and from all his sin with all our might because he killed his brother Abel.” (It’s not out of hate, but out of self preservation …. it has so much packed in this…. describe what this means to you?)

12 After having said this, Seth blessed Enos, his first-born son, and commanded him habitually to minister in purity before the body of our father Adam, all the days of his life; then, also, to go at times to the altar which he, Seth, had built. And he commanded him to feed his people in righteousness, in judgment and purity all the days of his life.

13 Then the limbs of Seth were loosened; his hands and feet lost all power; his mouth became dumb and unable to speak; and he gave up the ghost and died the day after his nine hundred and twelfth year; on the twenty-seventh day of the month Abib; Enoch being then twenty years old.

14 Then they wound up carefully the body of Seth, and embalmed him with sweet spices, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures, on the right side of our father Adam’s body, and they mourned for him forty days. They offered gifts for him, as they had done for our father Adam.

15 After the death of Seth Enos rose at the head of his people, whom he fed in righteousness, and judgment, as his father had commanded him. 16 But by the time Enos was eight hundred and twenty years old, Cain had a large progeny; for they married frequently, being given to animal lusts; until the land below the mountain, was filled with them. (This is sounding like the song “One Tin Soldier”. Just thinking out loud here. Smile.)

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XIII.

Among the children of Cain there was much robbery, murder and sin.”

1 IN those days lived Lamech the blind, who was of the sons of Cain. He had a son whose name was Atun, and they two had much cattle.

2 But Lamech was in the habit of sending them to feed with a young shepherd, who tended them; and who, when coming home in the evening wept before his grandfather, and before his father Atun and his mother Hazina, and said to them, “As for me, I cannot feed those cattle alone, lest one rob me of some of them, or kill me for the sake of them.” For among the children of Cain, there was much robbery, murder, and sin. (Who was this young shepherd?)

3 Then Lamech pitied him, and he said, “Truly, he when alone, might be overpowered by the men of this place.” 4 So Lamech arose, took a bow he had kept ever since he was a youth, ere he became blind, and he took large arrows, and smooth stones, and a sling which he had, and went to the field with the young shepherd, and placed himself behind the cattle; while the young shepherd watched the cattle. Thus did Lamech many days.

5 Meanwhile Cain, ever since God had cast him off, and had cursed him with trembling and terror, could neither settle nor find rest in any one place; but wandered from place to place.

6 In his wanderings he came to Lamech’s wives, and asked them about him. They said to him, “He is in the field with the cattle.” 7 Then Cain went to look for him; and as he came into the field, the young shepherd heard the noise he made, and the cattle herding together from before him.

8 Then said he to Lamech, “O my lord, is that a wild beast or a robber?” 9 And Lamech said to him, “Make me understand which way he looks, when he comes up.” 10 Then Lamech bent his bow, placed an arrow on it, and fitted a stone in the sling, and when Cain came out from the open country, the shepherd said to Lamech, “Shoot, behold, he is coming.” (Who is the shepherd?)

11 Then Lamech shot at Cain with his arrow and hit him in his side. And Lamech struck him with a stone from his sling, that fell upon his face, and knocked out both his eyes; then Cain fell at once and died.

12 Then Lamech and the young shepherd came up to him, and found him lying on the ground. And the young shepherd said to him, “It is Cain our grandfather, whom thou hast killed, O my lord!” (Both jumped the gun. What do you think? But, in the land of lawlessness that’s what it comes down to. We see it today. Ponder it.)

13 Then was Lamech sorry for it, and from the bitterness of his regret, he clapped his hands together, and struck with his flat palm the head of the youth, who fell as if dead; but Lamech thought it was a feint; so he took up a stone and smote him, and smashed his head until he died. (The youth, the shepherd is Tubalcain. In the Bible, in Genesis 4:22, it says, “22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.” So the shepherd was Tubalcain, also a “forger of all instruments of bronze and iron”. The scriptures in Adam and Eve, give the same information as Genesis and the Book of Jasher.)

The Book of Jasher speaks of this same event in more details with the very same facts. Watch the video below.

(I find it that in the same way we learn more of the ministry of Jesus by reading the other gospels together (Luke, John, Matthew and Mark) we glean more information. We find the same holds true in the other stories of the Bible. The facts are here a little and there a little and we can put them together to get a fuller understanding. The forbidden books go into details that are both in and not in, the scriptures we are allowed to read. Have you noticed this?)

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XIV.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears away another generation of men.

1 WHEN Enos was nine hundred years old, all the children of Seth, and of Cainan, and his first-born, with their wives and children, gathered around him, asking for a blessing from him. 2 He then prayed over them and blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just saying to them, “Let not one of your children go down from this Holy Mountain, and let them make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer.

3 Then Enos called his son Cainan and said to him, “See, O my son, and set thy heart on thy people, and establish them in righteousness, and in innocence; and stand ministering before the body of our father Adam, all the days of thy life.” 4 After this Enos entered into rest, aged nine hundred and eighty-five years; and Cainan wound him up, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures on the left of his father Adam; and made offerings for him, after the custom of his fathers.

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XV.

The offspring of Adam continue to keep the Cave of Treasures as a family shrine.

1 AFTER the death of Enos, Cainan stood at the head of his people in righteousness and innocence, as his father had commanded him; he also continued to minister before the body of Adam, inside the Cave of Treasures.

2 Then when he had lived nine hundred and ten years, suffering and affliction came upon him. And when he was about to enter into rest, all the fathers with their wives and children came to him, and he blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel, the just, saying to them, “Let not one among you go down from this Holy Mountain; and make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer.”

3 Mahalaleel, his first-born son, received this commandment from his father, who blessed him and died. 4 Then Mahalaleel embalmed him with sweet spices, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures, with his fathers; and they made offerings for him, after the custom of their fathers.

(The warning has continued to be to not go down and mingle with the children of Cain. There is no attempt to minister nor to teach them anything? Why is that? What do you consider?)

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XVI.

The good branch of the family is still afraid of the children of Cain.

1 THEN Mahalaleel stood over his people, and fed them in righteousness and innocence, and watched them to see they held no intercourse with the children of Cain. 2 He also continued in the Cave of Treasures praying and ministering before the body of our father Adam, asking God for mercy on himself and on his people; until he was eight hundred and seventy years old, when he fell sick.

3 Then all his children gathered unto him, to see him, and to ask for his blessing on them all, ere he left this world. 4 Then Mahalaleel arose and sat on his bed, his tears streaming down his face, and he called his eldest son Jared, who came to him.

5 He then kissed his face, and said to him, “O Jared, my son, I adjure thee by Him who made heaven and earth, to watch over thy people, and to feed them in righteousness and in innocence; and not to let one of them go down from this Holy Mountain to the children of Cain, lest he perish with them.

6 “Hear, O my son, hereafter there shall come a great destruction upon this earth on account of them; God will be angry with the world, and will destroy them with waters. 7 “But I also know that thy children will not hearken to thee, and that they will go down from this mountain and hold intercourse with the children of Cain, and that they shall perish with them. (So Mahalaleel knew the most important thing and task was to preserve the children on the mountain. Ponder it. What else do you see? If he is foretelling the children going down to the children of Cain…what signs might he be seeing to show him this time is coming?)

8 “O my son! teach them, and watch over them, that no guilt attach to thee on their account.” 9 Mahalaleel said, moreover, to his son Jared, “When I die, embalm my body and lay it in the Cave of Treasures, by the bodies of my fathers; then stand thou by my body and pray to God; and take care of them, and fulfil thy ministry before them, until thou enterest into rest thyself.”

10 Mahalaleel then blessed all his children; and then lay down on his bed, and entered into rest like his fathers. 11 But when Jared saw that his father Mahalaleel was dead, he wept, and sorrowed, and embraced and kissed his hands and his feet; and so did all his children. 12 And his children embalmed him carefully, and laid him by the bodies of his fathers. Then they arose, and mourned for him forty days.

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XVII.

Jared turns martinet. He is lured away to the land of Cain where he sees many voluptuous sights. Jared barely escapes with a clean heart.

1 THEN Jared kept his father’s commandment, and arose like a lion over his people. He fed them in righteousness and innocence, and commanded them to do nothing without his counsel. For he was afraid concerning them, lest they should go to the children of Cain.

2 Wherefore did he give them orders repeatedly; and continued to do so until the end of the four hundred and eighty-fifth year of his life. 3 At the end of these said years, there came unto him this sign. As Jared was standing like a lion before the bodies of his fathers, praying and warning his people, Satan envied him, and wrought a beautiful apparition, because Jared would not let his children do aught without his counsel.

4 Satan then appeared to him with thirty men of his hosts, in the form of handsome men; Satan himself being the elder and tallest among them, with a fine beard. 5 They stood at the mouth of the cave, and called out Jared, from within it.

6 He came out to them, and found them looking like fine men, full of light, and of great beauty. He wondered at their beauty and at their looks; and thought within himself whether they might not be of the children of Cain. 7 He said also in his heart, “As the children of Cain cannot come up to the height of this mountain, and none of them is so handsome as these appear to be; and among these men there is not one of my kindred–they must be strangers.” (So they came shapeshifting to do what? Can you guess the plot?)

8 Then Jared and they exchanged a greeting and he said to the elder among them, “O my father, explain to me the wonder that is in thee, and tell me who these are, with thee; for they look to me like strange men.”

9 Then the elder began to weep, and the rest wept with him; and he said to Jared: “I am Adam whom God made first; and this is Abel my son, who was killed by his brother Cain, into whose heart Satan put to murder him. 10 “Then this is my son Seth, whom I asked of the Lord, who gave him to me, to comfort me instead of Abel. 11 “Then this one is my son Enos, son of Seth, and that other one is Cainan, son of Enos, and that other one is Mahalaleel, son of Cainan, thy father.” (Is Jared going to believe this? These days were so much like the Lord of the Rings. And yet it is like the days we are living in where nothing is as it appears. What do you think?)

12 But Jared remained wondering at their appearance, and at the speech of the elder to him. 13 Then the elder said to him, “Marvel not, O my son; we live in the land north of the garden, which God created before the world. He would not let us live there, but placed us inside the garden, below which ye are now dwelling.

14 “But after that I transgressed, He made me come out of it, and I was left to dwell in this cave; great and sore troubles came upon me; and when my death drew near, I commanded my son Seth to tend his people well; and this my commandment is to be handed from one to another, unto the end of the generations to come. (He sure sounds convincing… like a wolf in sheeps clothes. Do we still get imposters telling us lies that we believe in order to get sucked into snares that entrap us?)

15 “But, O Jared, my son, we live in beautiful regions, while you live here in misery, as this thy father Mahalaleel informed me; telling me that a great flood will come and overwhelm the whole earth. 16 “Therefore, O my son, fearing for your sakes, I rose and took my children with me, and came hither for us to visit thee and thy children; but I found thee standing in this cave weeping, and thy children scattered about this mountain, in the heat and in misery. (Oh here it comes…one of those come follow me and unaware it is danger and not gonna be good.)

17 “But, O my son, as we missed our way, and came as far as this, we found other men below this mountain; who inhabit a beautiful country, full of trees and of fruits, and of all manner of verdure; it is like a garden; so that when we found them we thought they were you; until thy father Mahalaleel told me they were no such thing. (I feel the first ministry to the sinners in the Days of Noah coming into focus here? Or is it a big lesson in why not to be unequally yoked?)

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18 “Now, therefore, O my son, hearken to my counsel, and go down to them, thou and thy children. Ye will rest from all this suffering in which ye are. But if thou wilt not go down to them, then, arise, take thy children, and come with us to our garden; ye shall live in our beautiful land, and ye shall rest from all this trouble, which thou and thy children are now bearing.” (Today it reminds me of getting on the FEMA bus, or come you need this vaccine? That sort of thing??? What do you see coming?)

19 But Jared when he heard this discourse from the elder, wondered; and went hither and thither, but at that moment he found not one of his children. 20 Then he answered and said to the elder, “Why have you hidden yourselves until this day?” 21 And the elder replied, “If thy father had not told us, we should not have known it.” 22 Then Jared believed his words were true. (If the very elect can be deceived by the lies… even one such as Jared who is so close to God, and guardian over the people… why do many today think we are not subject to the same?)

23 So that elder said to Jared, “Wherefore didst thou turn about, so and so?” And he said, “I was seeking one of my children, to tell him about my going with you, and about their coming down to those about whom thou hast spoken to me.”

24 When the elder heard Jared’s intention, he said to him, “Let alone that purpose at present, and come with us; thou shalt see our country; if the land in which we dwell pleases thee, we and thou shall return hither and take thy family with us. But if our country does not please thee, thou shalt come back to thine own place.” (Jared why are you listening? When someone gives this type of advice that you do not know… why do we listen to them instead of calling on God! We truly are made to love and trust and for that reason, we are prey to these sort of set ups.)

25 And the elder urged Jared, to go before one of his children came to counsel him otherwise. 26 Jared, then, came out of the cave and went with them, and among them. And they comforted him, until they came to the top of the mountain of the sons of Cain. (Does this happen because we want so much to believe that what we are told is true? Ponder it.)

27 Then said the elder to one of his companions, “We have forgotten something by the mouth of the cave, and that is the chosen garment we had brought to clothe Jared withal.” 28 He then said to one of them, “Go back, thou, some one; and we will wait for thee here, until thou come back. Then will we clothe Jared and he shall be like us, good, handsome, and fit to come with us into our country.” (Hmmm? Where is this going?)

29 Then that one went back. 30 But when he was a short distance off, the elder called to him and said to him, “Tarry thou, until I come up and speak to thee.” 31 Then he stood still, and the elder went up to him and said to him, “One thing we forgot at the cave, it is this–to put out the lamp that burns inside it, above the bodies that are therein. Then come back to us, quick.” (OH NOOO!!)

32 That one went, and the elder came back to his fellows and to Jared. And they came down from the mountain, and Jared with them; and they stayed by a fountain of water, near the houses of the children of Cain, and waited for their companion until he brought the garment for Jared.

33 He, then, who went, back to the cave, put out the lamp, and came to them and brought a phantom with him and showed it them. And when Jared saw it he wondered at the beauty and grace thereof, and rejoiced in his heart believing it was all true. (What is going to happen? This is bad, sad, and suspenseful…don’t you think?)

34 But while they were staying there, three of them went into houses of the sons of Cain, and said to them, “Bring us to-day some food by the fountain of water, for us and our companions to eat.” 35 But when the sons of Cain saw them, they wondered at them and thought: “These are beautiful to look at, and such as we never saw before.” So they rose and came with them to the fountain of water, to see their companions.

36 They found them so very handsome, that they cried aloud about their places for others to gather together and come and look at these beautiful beings. Then they gathered around them both men and women. (This reminds me of the stories of time travelers and ET’s. It’s the devil’s lies. Sorcery. They have fun doing the same thing to us today.)

37 Then the elder said to them, “We are strangers in your land, bring us some good food and drink you and your women, to refresh ourselves with you.” 38 When those men heard these words of the elder, every one of Cain’s sons brought his wife, and another brought his daughter, and so, many women came to them; every one addressing Jared either for himself or for his wife; all alike.

39 But when Jared saw what they did, his very soul wrenched itself from them; neither would he taste of their food or of their drink. (It looks like Jared sees he was tricked and this was all a trap. How does he feel? Will he call on God?)

40 The elder saw hint as he wrenched himself from them, and said to him, “Be not sad; I am the great elder, as thou shalt see me do, do thyself in like manner.” 41 Then he spread his hands and took one of the women, and five of his companions did the same before Jared, that he should do as they did. (So welcome to the first night club scene or public orgy Jared…. these fallen ones will show you how it’s done. Is this how they went into the daughters of men?)

42 But when Jared saw them working infamy he wept, and said in his mind,–My fathers never did the like. 43 He then spread his hands and prayed with a fervent heart, and with much weeping, and entreated God to deliver him from their hands. (Yes Jared, Yes!!!)

44 No sooner did Jared begin to pray than the elder fled with his companions; for they could not abide in a place of prayer. 45 Then Jared turned round but could not see them, but found himself standing in the midst of the children of Cain. (Have you ever went to an event and suddenly found yourself in a place where you did not want to be? Did you try to figure out how to get out on your own and make the mess worse? Or did you pray for God to lead you out? Can you recall the feelings you had?)

46 He then wept and said, “O God, destroy me not with this race, concerning which my fathers have warned me; for now, O my Lord God, I was thinking that those who appeared unto me were my fathers; but I have found them out to be devils, who allured me by this beautiful apparition, until I believed them.

47 “But now I ask Thee, O God, to deliver me from this race, among whom I am now staying, as Thou didst deliver me from those devils. Send Thy angel to draw me out of the midst of them; for I have not myself power to escape from among them.” (Reminds me of being in the midst of ANTIFA or a jungle tribe of cannibals? Hunger games on some island? Something like that?)

48 When Jared had ended his prayer, God sent His angel in the midst of them, who took Jared and set him upon the mountain, and showed him the way, gave him counsel, and then departed from him. (Praise God!!!)

(We are beginning to see the boldness of the fallen shapeshifting angels and the way they created wickedness toward all of God’s children. They continue to this very day.)

Satan means adversary or enemy of God. Do you see it?

Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XVIII.

Confusion in the Cave of Treasures. Miraculous speech of the dead Adam.

1 THE children of Jared were in the habit of visiting him hour after hour, to receive his blessing and to ask his advice for every thing they did; and when he had a work to do, they did it for him.

2 But this time when they went into the cave they found not Jared, but they found the lamp put out, and the bodies of the fathers thrown about, and voices came from them by the power of God, that said, “Satan in an apparition has deceived our son, wishing to destroy him, as he destroyed our son Cain.”

3 They said also, “Lord God of heaven and earth, deliver our son from the hand of Satan, who wrought a great and false apparition before him,” They also spake of other matters, by the power of God.

4 But when the children of Jared heard these voices they feared, and stood weeping for their father; for they knew not what had befallen him. 5 And they wept for him that day until the setting of the sun. 6 Then came Jared with a woeful countenance, wretched in mind and body, and sorrowful at having been separated from the bodies of his fathers.

7 But as he was drawing near to the cave, his children saw him, and hastened to the cave, and hung upon his neck, crying, and saying to him, “O father, where hast thou been, and why hast thou left us, as thou wast not wont to do?” And again, “O father, when thou didst disappear, the lamp over the bodies of our fathers went out, the bodies were thrown about, and voices came from them.”

8 When Jared heard this he was sorry, and went into the cave; and there found the bodies thrown about, the lamp put out, and the fathers themselves praying for his deliverance from the hand of Satan. 9 Then Jared fell upon the bodies and embraced them, and said, “O my fathers, through your intercession, let God deliver me from the hand of Satan! And I beg you will ask God to keep me and to bide me from him unto the day of my death.”

10 Then all the voices ceased save the voice of our father Adam, who spake to Jared by the power of God, just as one would speak to his fellow, saying, “O Jared, my son, offer gifts to God for having delivered thee from the hand of Satan; and when thou bringest those offerings, so be it that thou offerest them on the altar on which I did offer. Then also, beware of Satan; for he deluded me many a time with his apparitions, wishing to destroy me, but God delivered me out of his hand.

11 “Command thy people that they be on their guard against him; and never cease to offer up gifts to God.” (Heed this truth. It is for us too.)

12 Then the voice of Adam also became silent; and Jared and his children wondered at this. Then they laid the bodies as they were it first; and Jared and his children stood praying the whole of that night, until break of day. 13 Then Jared made an offering and offered it up on the altar, as Adam had commanded him. And as he went up to the altar, he prayed to God for mercy and for forgiveness of his sin, concerning the lamp going out.

14 Then God appeared unto Jared on the altar and blessed him and his children, and accepted their offerings; and commanded Jared to take of the sacred fire from the altar, and with it to light the lamp that shed light on the body of Adam.

Come out from her my people!

With Adam and Eve, we see all the temptations they had were the same ones we have. We are no different today…when the dust (pun intended) settles, we are responsible for the choices we have made. Be it affairs, greedy gain, hurting someone – be it their feelings, or physical, playing out mental games to make others feel bad and act in deceit or anger is all of Satan. It is how he does all of us and he thrives on it. The satans are very real and they are the fallen of Adam and yet here this day.

Where our own feelings and temper can be triggered by pride and our own lack of turning to God first to help us to not feel and think that way leads us into a very bad place. We grow and learn that it is by ourselves alone in the flesh that Satan temps and pokes at us with a vengeance using others he can provoke … in this we learn we must ask God to help us tame our feelings that are provoked by words that are not good. The Word of God is love, patience, comfort, mercy, discernment and wisdom… to give in to evil brings death. Be it death in relationships, death in marriage, death in work, death in joy, death in what you put your mind and hands to achieve… death comes in many ways in the flesh and the choices to live or die in spirit begins with who we follow in our hearts. The Lord said, come…follow me, do as I do. Be then, a follower of the way of the Lord.

Where it was thought that this would be the conclusion to the series… there is yet more. Smile. To be continued… “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 11, coming….



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