“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 11

We get lots of half truths. That’s why it sounds believable… for a little while anyway.

When you don’t know what’s in God’s Word, you believe what you are told by the so called experts. When you know what it says, that is when you can call them out for what they are… either in error of the truth or wolves in sheeps clothes! What else will they tell us that we are supposed to believe?

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So often the so called scholarly experts are nothing more than walking servants of satan, (knowingly or unknowingly) many set out and put their opinions into words that kill, steal and destroy God’s Word, in both thoughts and deeds, (the head and the hand). The world is one big battle field and we are at war 24/7.

There are temptations all around us and devil, Satan, that dragon of old is alive and real and does go about as a ravenous lion to see whom he can devour. But fear not, for the Word of God tells us all the truth. Start this day to read it slowly and ponder what it says.

It is like in the book of John, it opens with “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God….and they knew what “The Word” was for they read and were taught about the “Word”. They knew the story of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, King David, King Solomon, Daniel’s prophecies and all the books.

Today we see in Adam and Eve He is called “The Word”… and God would hear his calls and send His Word to do this or that for Adam et al. The Word consoled Adam, was firm with him, and had great patience with Him. He couldn’t decide for Adam, Adam had to think, feel and choose for himself and it was a learning process, the same one each of us must learn to do. And every time Adam needed God He was there. Same with us…that is our example and such a great one it is for us all.

The scholars of Satan give us mechanical rule books that have only feeling of rebellion or compliance and obey in them. No love…just rules. They love their dogma of rules and their own interpretations of thus saith the Lord when he never said it. They truly are as little Satans sitting and deciding for us and leave no free will, little patience, and no real direction except to look down their noses that are stuck in the air most of the time. I am referring to a certain class of experts here, not all scholars, nor all teachers and not all pastors. I am talking about the debaters who rely on their own intellect, their own Oxford type wisdom, who sit as the deciders of their own thoughts and opinions which are generally based on lies.

The video below is the world of psychology and mind over matter. Do you really want to battle Satan with psychology? It’s sad that Satan has developed his own hospital for those afflicted in the mind by his own whispers.

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Watch how mind over matter without God is supposed to work. What it has done is make a Billion dollar industry for intellectuals and big pharma via prescriptions for drugs to drive Satan out of your head and we know that drugs leave an open door for him to enter, see how it works? Click: https://youtu.be/IeSXHijY5n4

Did you know that personality testing alone is a $2 billion dollar a year industry? Read: The $2 Billion Question of Who You Are at Work – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

The children of Satan still sit in the seat of Moses making all manner of opinionated laws, interpretations, and are forever altering meanings and debating the Word as though they are in their own little world. And that is indeed where they are…their own little world filled with dead men’s bones and gathering many to go to hell with them. Jesus spoke plain… and we hear his words to the disciples through His Word to the disciples and to the prophets, and to the first child born of God who is Adam… whom all the promises were first given to…. and it all comes to a big completion the way God has promised and not by man influenced by Satan.

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That being said, we continue our series “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 11.

The Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XIX.

The children of Jared are led astray.

1 THEN God revealed to him again the promise He had made to Adam; He explained to him the 5500 years, and revealed unto him the mystery of His coming upon the earth. 2 And God said to Jared, “As to that fire which thou hast taken from the altar to light the lamp withal, let it abide with you to give light to the bodies; and let it not come out of the cave, until the body of Adam comes out of it.

3 But, O Jared, take care of the fire, that it burn bright in the lamp; neither go thou again out of the cave, until thou receivest an order through a vision, and not in an apparition, when seen by thee. 4 “Then command again thy people not to hold intercourse with the children of Cain, and not to learn their ways; for I am God who loves not hatred and works of iniquity.” (This is our message too. Jesus said we are in the world but not of the world. In Revelation he said to come out from her my people.)

5 God gave also many other commandments to Jared, and blessed him. And then withdrew His Word from him. 6 Then Jared drew near with his children, took some fire, and came down to the cave, and lighted the lamp before the body of Adam; and he gave his people commandments as God had told him to do. 7 This sign happened to Jared at the end of his four hundred and fiftieth year; as did also many other wonders, we do not record. But we record only this one for shortness sake, and in order not to lengthen our narrative.

8 And Jared continued to teach his children eighty years; but after that they began to transgress the commandments he had given them, and to do many things without his counsel. They began to go down from the Holy Mountain one after another, and to mix with the children of Cain, in foul fellowships. (Here we go… wandering into the way of the world of Cain. When did you first wander there or can you even remember? Better yet, when did you know it was time to come out from it?)

9 Now the reason for which the children of Jared went down the Holy Mountain, is this, that we will now reveal unto you. (Can you guess? Before we read on… ponder that reason…what could it be?)

(Does the video below give anyone a thought of COVID AND VACCINES AND OUR OWN CHILDREN? Does history repeat itself because it is the same source behind evil? Is the real source of the story from the days of Jared?)

The Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XX.

Ravishing music; strong drink loosed among the sons of Cain. They don colorful clothing. The children of Seth look on with longing eyes. They revolt from wise counsel; they descend the mountain into the valley of iniquity. They can not ascend the mountain again.

1 AFTER Cain had gone down to the land of dark soil, and his children had multiplied therein, there was one of them, whose name was Genun, son of Lamech the blind who slew Cain. 2 But as to this Genun, Satan came into him in his childhood; and he made sundry trumpets and horns, and string instruments, cymbals and psalteries, and lyres and harps, and flutes; and he played on them at all times and at every hour.

3 And when he played on them, Satan came into them, so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds, that ravished the heart. 4 Then he gathered companies upon companies to play on them; and when they played, it pleased well the children of Cain, who inflamed themselves with sin among themselves, and burnt as with fire; while Satan inflamed their hearts, one with another, and increased lust among them.

5 Satan also taught Genun to bring strong drink out of com; and this Genun used to bring together companies upon companies in drink-houses; and brought into their hands all manner of fruits and flowers; and they drank together. (Is anyone thinking of Superbowl halftime or is it just me?)

6 Thus did this Genun multiply sin exceedingly; he also acted with pride, and taught the children of Cain to commit all manner of the grossest wickedness, which they knew not; and put them up to manifold doings which they knew not before.

7 Then Satan, when he saw that they yielded to Genun and hearkened to him in every thing he told them, rejoiced greatly, increased Genun’s understanding, until he took iron and with it made weapons of war.

8 Then when they were drunk, hatred and murder increased among them; one man used violence against another to teach him evil taking his children and defiling them before him. 9 And when men saw they were overcome, and saw others that were not overpowered, those who were beaten came to Genun, took refuge with him, and he made them his confederates. (As all things can be used for good or for bad… Music and dance can be used to praise God as David did play all stringed instruments and danced before the Lord. Upon God parting the Red Sea and saving the Hebrew led by Moses, Miriam and the women played the timbrels, dancing before the Lord praising and sang the song of Moses. It is Satan that turns a thing into evil and leads astray putting lust in the heart. Those who know the Lord know the difference when they see and hear it. )

10 Then sin increased among them greatly; until a man married his own sister, or daughter, or mother, and others; or the daughter of his father’s sister, so that there was no more distinction of relationship, and they no longer knew what is iniquity; but did wickedly, and the earth was defiled with sin, and they angered God the Judge, who had created them. (Once the earth was populated laws of wedding were changed. The question is… when did this change? Why did God allow incest in the Bible? | GotQuestions.org)

11 But Genun gathered together companies upon companies, that played on horns and on all the other instruments we have already mentioned, at the foot of the Holy Mountain; and they did so in order that the children of Seth who were on the Holy Mountain should hear it. 12 But when the children of Seth heard the noise, they wondered, and came by companies, and stood on the top of the mountain to look at those below; and they did thus a whole year.

13 When, at the end of that year, Genun saw that they were being won over to him little by little, Satan entered into him, and taught him to make dyeing-stuffs for garments of divers patterns, and made him understand how to dye crimson and purple and what not. (These satans entering in are called fallen angels in the Book of Enoch, who was the son of Jared, the seventh born of Adam, and tell the same story in more detail.)

14 And the sons of Cain who wrought all this, and shone in beauty and gorgeous apparel, gathered together at the foot of the mountain in splendour, with horns and gorgeous dresses, and horse races, committing all manner of abominations.

15 Meanwhile the children of Seth, who were on the Holy Mountain, prayed and praised God, in the place of the hosts of angels who had fallen; wherefore God had called them “angels,” because He rejoiced over them greatly. 16 But after this, they no longer kept His commandment, nor held by the promise He had made to their fathers; but they relaxed from their fasting and praying, and from the counsel of Jared their father. And they kept on gathering together on the top of the mountain, to look upon the children of Cain, from morning until evening, and upon what they did, upon their beautiful dresses and ornaments.

17 Then the children of Cain looked up from below, and saw the children of Seth, standing in troops on the top of the mountain; and they called to them to come down to them. 18 But the children of Seth said to them from above, “We don’t know the way.” Then Genun, the son of Lamech, heard them say they did not know the way, and he bethought himself how he might bring them down. (Here we go… Satan is always ready to show you his way… better yet for him when you ask him for it. Can you recall a time when you went out of your way to find the way into something that looked good and wasn’t?)

19 Then Satan appeared to him by night, saying, “There is no way for them to come down from the mountain on which they dwell; but when they come to-morrow, say to them, ‘Come ye to the western side of the mountain; there you will find the way of a stream of water, that comes down to the foot of the mountain, between two hills; come down that way to us.'” (Something wicked is about to happen. Wonder what it is? Do you?)

20 Then when it was day, Genun blew the horns and beat the drums below the mountain, as he was wont. The children of Seth heard it, and came as they used to do. 21 Then Genun said to them from down below, “Go to the western side of the mountain, there you will find the way to come down.”

22 But when the children of Seth heard these words from him, they went back into the cave to Jared, to tell him all they had heard. 23 Then when Jared heard it, he was grieved; for he knew that they would transgress his counsel. (Remember in previous chapters, Jared had known this day was coming.)

24 After this a hundred men of the children of Seth gathered together, and said among themselves, “Come, let us go down to the children of Cain, and see what they do, and enjoy ourselves with them.”

25 But when Jared heard this of the hundred men, his very soul was moved, and his heart was grieved. He then arose with great fervour, and stood in the midst of them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just, “Let not one of you go down from this holy and pure mountain, in which our fathers have ordered us to dwell.”

26 But when Jared saw that they did not receive his words, he said unto them, “O my good and innocent and holy children, know that when once you go down from this holy mountain, God will not allow you to return again to it.”

27 He again adjured them, saying, “I adjure by the death of our father Adam, and by the blood of Abel, of Seth, of Enos, of Cainan, and of Mahalaleel, to hearken to me, and not to go down from this holy mountain; for the moment you leave it, you will be reft of life and of mercy; and you shall no longer be called ‘children of God,’ but ‘children of the devil.’(What would you have done if you were there wanting to go down? Would you reason in your mind, that you are only going to check it all out and then return. What harm is there in that? Would you believe you could return or would you believe Jared that you would be banned?)

28 But they would not hearken to his words.

29 Enoch at that time was already grown up, and in his zeal for God, he arose and said, “Hear me, O ye sons of Seth, small and great–when ye transgress the commandment of our fathers, and go down from this holy mountain–ye shall not come up hither again for ever.” (And Enoch wrote about this. The Book of the Cave of Treasures – The Second Thousand Years (sacred-texts.com)

Excerpts: “And Enoch stood up to minister before God in the Cave of Treasures. And the children of Seth turned aside from the right path and willed to go down [to the children of Cain on the plain]. And Enoch and Methuselah, and Lamech and Noah mourned over them. And Enoch had ministered before God for fifty years in the three hundred and [sixty] fifth year of the life of Noah.

“And when Enoch knew that God was about to remove him [from the earth], he called Methuselah, and Lamech, and Noah, and said unto them, “I know that God is wroth with this generation, and that a pitiless judgment hath been decreed for the people thereof. Ye are the chiefs of this generation and the remnant thereof, for no other man shall be born on this mountain who shall be the chief of the children of his people. But take ye good heed to yourselves, and see that ye minister before God in purity and holiness.”

“And when Enoch had given them p. 96 his commandment in these words, God removed him to the Land of Life, and to the [Fol. 14a, col. 1] delectable mansions which are round about Paradise, and to that country which is beyond the reach of death. (The reason God took up Enoch who walked with God. Genesis 5:23.) And of all the children of Seth there remained only these three Patriarchs in the “Mountain of the Triumphant Ones,” viz. Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah, for all the others had betaken themselves to the encampment of the sons of Cain.

(Ponder that for a moment or and hour or a week?)

30 But they rose up against Enoch, and would not hearken to his words, but went down from the Holy Mountain. 31 And when they looked at the daughters of Cain, at their beautiful figures, and at their hands and feet dyed with colour, and tattooed in ornaments on their faces, the fire of sin was kindled in them.

32 Then Satan made them look most beautiful before the sons of Seth, as he also made the sons of Seth appear of the fairest in the eyes of the daughters of Cain, so that the daughters of Cain lusted after the sons of Seth like ravenous beasts, and the sons of Seth after the daughters of Cain, until they committed abomination with them.

33 But after they had thus fallen into this defilement, they returned by the way they had come, and tried to ascend the Holy Mountain. But they could not, because the stones of that holy mountain were of fire flashing before them, by reason of which they could not go up again.

34 And God was angry with them, and repented of them because they had come down from glory, and had thereby lost or forsaken their own purity or innocence, and were fallen into the defilement of sin.

35 Then God sent His Word to Jared, saying, “These thy children, whom thou didst call ‘My children,’–behold they have transgressed My commandment, and have gone down to the abode of perdition, and of sin. Send a messenger to those that are left, that they may not go down, and be lost.”

36 Then Jared wept before the Lord, and asked of Him mercy and forgiveness. But he wished that his soul might depart from his body, rather than hear these words from God about the going down of his children from the Holy Mountain. 37 But he followed God’s order, and preached unto them not to go down from that holy mountain, and not to hold intercourse with the children of Cain.

38 But they heeded not his message, and would not obey his counsel.

(When we see the time of Enoch play out in the days of Adam…we suddenly see that this is not a fantastical time, nor is it a mysterious set of preflood days of fallen winged angels like that out of a story book…but we see the very same Satans, the very same temptations, and the manner in which it all plays itself out.

( Everything we are seeing today has its roots in Adam and the days of Noah. The very same Satan that Jesus said it was and the very same tribulations and trials that Jesus said they were only greater. Let man debate this issue and let man call it all psychology and let man chatter his message to itching ears for it is all the mouth of Satan and his minions who do his bidding in this world of mammon for coins, power, influence, control over others and every perversion in his lusts to do. It all comes down to the very same words to choose this day whom ye shall follow… God or Mammon.)

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The Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XXI.

Jared dies in sorrow for his sons who had gone astray. A prediction of the Flood.

1 AFTER this another company gathered together, and they went to look after their brethren; but they perished as well as they. And so it was, company after company, until only a few of them were left. 2 Then Jared sickened from grief, and his sickness was such that the day of his death drew near.

3 Then he called Enoch his eldest son, and Methuselah Enoch’s son, and Lamech the son of Methuselah, and Noah the son of Lamech.

4 And when they were come to him he prayed over them and blessed them, and said to them, “Ye are righteous, innocent sons; go ye not down from this holy mountain; for behold, your children and your children’s children have gone down from this holy mountain, and have estranged themselves from this holy mountain, through their abominable lust and transgression of God’s commandment.

5 “But I know, through the power of God, that He will not leave you on this holy mountain, because your children have transgressed His commandment and that of our fathers, which we had received from them. 6 “But, O my sons, God will take you to a strange land, and ye never shall again return to behold with your eyes this garden and this holy mountain.

7 “Therefore, O my sons, set your hearts on your own selves, and keep the commandment of God which is with you. And when you go from this holy mountain, into a strange land which ye know not, take with you the body of our father Adam, and with it these three precious, gifts and offerings, namely, the gold, the incense, and the myrrh; and let them be in the place where the body of our father Adam shall lay.

8 “And unto him of you who shall be left, O my sons, shall the Word of God come, and when he goes out of this land he shall take with him the body of our father Adam, and shall lay it in the middle of the earth the place in which salvation shall be wrought.”

9 Then Noah said unto him, “Who is he of us that shall be left?”

10 And Jared answered, “Thou art he that shall be left. And thou shalt take the body of our father Adam from the cave, and place it with thee in the ark when the flood comes. 11 “And thy son Shem, who shall come out of thy loins, he it is who shall lay the body of our father Adam in the middle of the earth, in the place whence salvation shall come.” (Is Shem King of Salem? By the order of Melchizedek? Ponder it.)

12 Then Jared turned to his son Enoch, and said unto him, “Thou, my son, abide in this cave, and minister diligently before the body of our father Adam all the days of thy life; and feed thy people in righteousness and innocence.”

13 And Jared said no more. His hands were loosened, his eyes closed, and he entered into rest like his fathers. His death took place in the three hundred and sixtieth year of Noah, and in the nine hundred and eighty-ninth year of his own life; on the twelfth of Takhsas on a Friday.

14 But as Jared died, tears streamed down his face by reason of his great sorrow, for the children of Seth, who had fallen in his days. 15 Then Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah, these four, wept over him; embalmed him carefully, and then laid him in the Cave of Treasures. Then they rose and mourned for him forty days.

16 And when these days of mourning were ended, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah remained in sorrow of heart, because their father had departed from them, and they saw him no more.

The Second Book of Adam and Eve, CHAP. XXII.

Only three righteous men left in the world. The evil conditions of men prior to the Flood.

1 BUT Enoch kept the commandment of Jared his father, and continued to minister in the cave. 2 It is this Enoch to whom many wonders happened, and who also wrote a celebrated book; but those wonders may not be told in this place. (Is this cave of treasures in Petra? Is it the treasury? Just thinking out loud and asking…?)

image 57

3 Then after this, the children of Seth went astray and fell, they, their children and their wives. And when Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah saw them, their hearts suffered by reason of their fall into doubt full of unbelief; and they wept and sought of God mercy, to preserve them, and to bring them out of that wicked generation.

4 Enoch continued in his ministry before the Lord three hundred and eighty-five years, and at the end of that time he became aware through the grace of God, that God intended to remove him from the earth. 5 He then said to his son, “O my son, I know that God intends to bring the waters of the Flood upon the earth, and to destroy our creation.

6 “And ye are the last rulers over this people on this mountain; for I know that not one will be left you to beget children on this holy mountain; neither shall any one of you rule over the children of his people; neither shall any great company be left of you, on this mountain.” 7 Enoch said also to them, “Watch over your souls, and hold fast by your fear of God and by your service of Him, and worship Him in upright faith, and serve Him in righteousness, innocence and judgment, in repentance and also in purity.”

8 When Enoch had ended his commandments to them, God transported him from that mountain to the land of life, to the mansions of the righteous and of the chosen, the abode of Paradise of joy, in light that reaches up to heaven; light that is outside the light of this world; for it is the light of God, that fills the whole world, but which no place can contain.

(Keep in mind that scholars give their opinions of God’s mysteries and that does not mean they are correct. It only means they said so. Take what is good and true and leave the opinions by the wayside. Look into the mysteries for yourself and ask questions such as… why is it that the Holy Annointing Oil made first by Enoch, of certain Herbs… are the same herbs that only grew in Petra? Once you begin to seek and search you will find many things such as inside the trearury are epitaphs to Seth and Enoch. And after entering the great hall at its entrance, why is the back of the treasury walled off? Many have wondered what could be behind it? Do you?)

9 Thus, because Enoch was in the light of God, he found himself out of the reach of death; until God would have him die.

10 Altogether, not one of our fathers or of their children, remained on that holy mountain, except those three, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah. For all the rest went down from the mountain and fell into sin with the children of Cain. Therefore were they forbidden that mountain, and none remained on it but those three men. (This is end of the second book of Adam And Eve. But just the beginning of the search for more of the truth that was forbidden to be read.)

In Summary of the series:

As we end our series of “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?”, we find ourselves with many more questions than we had at first. And so… the journey has just begun for some and is revving up to many confirmations for others. No matter where you are in your journey for the truth, it is exciting to find pieces that fit with questions we have had. To see how the puzzle fits together for those who seek and have eyes to see and ears to hear is priceless.

Today, many believe we are facing the final days in that last generation spoken of by the prophets and the Word of God in Revelation. We are watching the beastly global efforts of Babylon the Great throw out everything they have to create fear and doubt in the minds of humanity from kings to paupers.

The WEF is so reflective of the Sanhedrin at the time of Jesus. Which was made up of appointed priests that were not of the Levitical linage of priesthood and  the wealthy elite of the time, along with their trainees and those of superstitious indoctrinations. They had a King who was not an Israelite, nor a Jew, who was from Syria, and  appointed by the Caesar of Rome out of favor to Mark Anthony who was King Herod the Great. He received such honor because he was a builder and made a great coliseum for Julius Caesar, greater than the one in Rome it is said. And built many things in the newly conquered land of Jerusalem and Judea. He was the same King Herod who ordered the death of all children age two and younger, after the wise men came to give gifts for the newborn king (Jesus the Christ, the Word of God.)

The record of these accounts are found in the Books of Maccabees. They were later removed from the King James Bible because they were deemed historic and not divinely inspired, even though they showed the fulfillment of prophecies in Daniel of which they do NOT TELL ANYONE THIS AT ALL. Instead they told us we didn’t need to read them for they were not divinely inspired but history in nature? Well listen up, the entire Biblical account is a history to teach the way to go and proclaim the fulfillment of prophecy and to show the errors of those who did not obey God or love God.

Their debates hold little water, for the very gospels and the Bible itself are a historic record of the promise of the coming of the Word of God in the flesh. Scriptures tell us what will happen in the generations leading up to his coming, how to identify the life of Jesus in the flesh, and the fulfillment  of the prophetic visions foretelling his coming and what he would do and did as signs for us to know it is the Word of God in the flesh. The prophets knew from sources what would come and what would be the signs of His coming and were waiting for Him to come. We now await for Him to come again. The book of Revelation and the scriptures untainted… tell us how that shall be.

That being said, there are many books that have been removed that have resurfaced and the dogma of men not to read them is no longer working. People have found them, read them and are now asking many questions that has driven the scholars so mad that they now say there is no God and never was a God. They are now saying it was always aliens from outer space and other bla, bla. Just like we went to the moon.

This man pictured below, whose name I will not name… is teaching there is no God except the one we made up in our heads. Look deep into his eyes. Do you believe him? Sadly, many people do.

image 58

The book of Nicodemus tells us that Pontius Pilate asked for the records he had heard of  from others in questioning, that had stated their were records kept that counted and recorded the years to know when the 5,500 years would be and the time of the Messiah would come. And the Chief Priests presented him the book of records telling the report and authenticating it was so and it had been 5,500 years to the day of His death. The book of Nicodemus is accounted as pseudepigrapha. Yet, it holds much truth of historic value just as important as any of Paul’s books.

The entire book of Adam and Eve is a cherished oral account of  history, passed down and later written. I believe the words were scribed before the flood after man was taught writing at the time of Enoch. If not then, not long after as Noah was instructed to take the animal skins of Adam and other artifacts on the boat with him along with the teachings of Enoch which were the written words of instruction and prophecies of the coming eight ages. It tells of Adam, the sons of Adam, the fallen angels called the watchers and how they taught man all manner of evil things.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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