The Truth Is To Be Shouted, Not Kept A Secret!

The Wisdom of Solomon was and is the knowledge of Wisdom to triumph over evil given to Solomon by God! And it isn’t a secret… it is the TRUTH!

Many have sought to learn the so called “secrets” of Solomon in vain. Without the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, they never come to the knowledge of the truth. They open up a pandora’s box of evil, only to gain a false imitation of conjurings and spells of lessor things that are void of God and filled with the lies of the darkness of Satan’s underworld. Never go into Satan’s realm without the seal of God, or his hosts of evil spirits will lure you into their darkness.

That being said… Solomon writes of Wisdom… and there is no secret to it. So who wrote the Secrets? Who put Solomon’s name on a book of secrets?

image 117

In this quest for truth, we ask, “If such wisdom could have been given by the ruler of this world… why was it not given to the children of Cain by their Satan? Or was it? But, then again, would Satan give out his secrets to the flesh that he is seeking to devour? I doubt it, do you? His games, even with the seed of Cain were, and yet are, delved out to aid in his own corruption of flesh doing harm to flesh and sending his own spirit realm hosts to assist in the process. Be it an apparition, or shapeshifting, or entering into the flesh to possess it and speak through it as though it were that flesh itself. To give those secrets away of whom is in command of whom, would not serve him well. This is why there is an heirachy of secrecy among his own hidden hands of evil in the flesh of this corrupt world of which Satan is the ruler of. The ones that desire to bring him out into the light! They don’t give away their secrets.

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It is said that the secrets over the demonic realm were given to Solomon so that he might know and learn the deception and order of the command of the evil spirits of darkness and its order of demons in the realm we can not see. Yet, it was not simply handed to him, it was given to him to learn of their order in a series of dealings … beginning with the lessor to the greater and little by little so that he would know and understand all things as God granted him his request for wisdom. At least that is how it sounds like it was given to him. Ponder it a moment.

The wisdom in this world is not of mammon… it is of knowing how to triumph over the evil of mammon and be one with the Father and Word of God. That is true wisdom. And wisdom to be cherished over all that can ever be spoken or said.

So what is said in the book titled, “The Testament of Solomon” and the scrolls of the “Secrets of Solomon”? How did such wisdom of the underworld come about that was given to Solomon? Why was this book hidden after much time of it being read? Is it for our edification or is it a book of illusion? Let us explore this…


(Translated from the codex of the Paris Library, after the edition of Fleck, Wissensch. Reise, bd. ii. abth. 3). Read: Full text of “The Testament of Solomon” (

In the testament of Solomon, he learns the order of the demons and who is over who and the purposes each demonic spirit performs and by whose order they perform their wicked deeds by sending a demonic afflicted servant out with his seal (signet ring) to capture the demon who keeps afflicting him in his signet ring (seal) and return it to him. From this King Solomon learns the demons order and rank and continues to send out his servant to capture the demons one by one in his signet ring, the seal of Solomon.

The question is this…. Is the Testament of Solomon a riddle and or a parable that has a very different meaning other than the story we hear on the surface?

Is the seal of Solomon in the testament a metaphor, a parable, or symbolic of the Seal of God given to His children who follow His commands and the Word of God? Is it the divine protection against the wickedness of Satan and the evil demonic realm? Does it portray a deep message? Does it reflect the story of the fallen state of Adam after the Serpent’s deception with the tree of knowledge between good and evil in the garden? Does it give insight to the fallen heavenly host told to Adam in the beginning and to Enoch? Does it tell a story of a coming Messiah in five and a half days? And a final coming of the Day of The Lord?

Let us read the last half of the Testament of Solomon and see what it sounds like to those with eyes to see and ears to hear…

image 119

122. And I said to him : “By what angel art thou frustrated?” And he answered : “By the only-ruling God, that hath authority over me even to be heard. He that is to be bom of a virgin and crucified by the Jews on a cross. Whom the angels and archangels worship. He doth frustrate me, and enfeeble me of my great strength, which has been given me by my father the devil.”

And I said to him : “What canst thou do?” And he answered: “I am able to remove *mountains, to overthrow the oaths of kings. I wither trees and make their leaves to fall o£f.” And I said to him: “Canst thou raise this stone, and lay it for the beginning of this corner which exists in the fair plan of the Temple?

And he said : “Not only raise this, king ; but also, with the help of the demon who presides over the Red Sea, I will bring up the pillar of air’, and will stand it where thou wilt in Jerusalem.” 123. Saying this, I laid stress on him, and the flask became as if  depleted of air. And I placed it under the stone, and (the spirit) girded himself up, and lifted it up top of the flask. And the flask went up the steps, carrying the stone, and laid it down at the end of the entrance of the Temple.

And I Solomon, beholding the stone raised aloft and placed on a foundation, said : “Truly the Scripture is fulfilled, which says : ‘The stone which the builders rejected on trial, that same is become the head of the corner.’ For this it is not mine to grant, but God’s, that the demon should be strong enough to lift up so great a stone and deposit it in the place I wished.”

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124. And Ephippas led the demon of the Red Sea with the column. And they both took the column and raised it aloft from the earth. And I outwitted * these two spirits, so that they could not shake the entire earth in a moment of time. And then I sealed round with my ring the faith which removes mountains. 125. And I Solomon questioned the other spirit, which came up with the pillar from the depth of the Red Sea. And I said to him : ” Who art thou, and what calls thee? And what is thy business? For I hear many things about thee.” And the demon answered: “I, King Solomon, am called Abezithibod. I am a descendant of the archangel. Once as I sat in the first heaven, of which the name is Ameteouth—l then am a fierce spirit and winged, and with a single wingplotting against every spirit under heavenI was present when Moses went in before Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and I hardened his heart. I am he whom Jannes and Jambres invoked homing” with Moses in Egypt. I am he who fought against Moses ‘ with wonders * with signs.”

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126. I said therefore to him: “How wast thou found in the Red Sea ? ” And he answered : ” In the exodus of the sons of Israel 1 hardened the heart of Pharaoh. And I excited his heart and that of his ministers. And I caused them to pursue after the children of Israel. And Pharaoh followed with (me) and all the Egyptians. Then I was present there, and we followed together. And we all came up upon the Red Sea. And it came to pass when the children of Israel had crossed over, the water returned and hid all the host of the Egyptians and all their might. And I remained in the sea, being kept under this pillar. But when Ephippas came, being sent by thee, shut up in the vessel of a flask, he fetched me up to thee.”

127. I, therefore, Solomon, having heard this, glorified God and adjured the demons not to disobey me, but to remain supporting the pillar. And they both sware, saying : ” The Lord thy God liveth, we will not let go this pillar until the world’s end. But on whatever day this stone fall, then shall be the end of the world ‘.”

128. And I Solomon glorified God, and adorned the Temple of the Lord with all fair-seeming. And I was glad in spirit in my kingdom, and there was peace in my days. And I took wives of my own from every land, who were numberless. And I marched against the Jebusaeans, and there I saw a Jebusaean, daughter of a man ; and fell violently in love with her, and desired to take her to wife along with my other wives. And I said to their priests : ” Give me the Sonmanites (i.e. Shunammite) to wife ^.” But the priests of Moloch said to me : ” If thou lovest this maiden, go in and worship our gods, the great god Raphan and the god called Moloch.

I therefore was in fear of the glory of God, and did not follow to worship. And I said to them : ” I will not worship a strange god. What is this proposal, that ye compel me to do so much ? ” But they said : ” by our fathers.”

129. And when I answered that I would on no account worship strange gods, they told the maiden not to sleep with me until I complied and sacrificed to the gods. I then was moved, but crafty Eron brought and laid by her for me five grasshoppers, saying : ” Take these grasshoppers, and crush them together in the name of the god Moloch; and then will I sleep with you.” And this I actually did. And at once the Spirit of God departed from me, and I became weak as well as foolish in my words. And after that I was obliged by her to build temple of idols to Baal, and to Rapha, and to Moloch, and to the other idols.

130. I then, wretch that I am, followed her advice, and the glory of God quite departed from me ; and my spirit was darkened, and I became the sport of idols and demons. Wherefore I wrote out this Testament, that ye who get possession of it may pray, and attend to the last things *, and not to the first. So that ye may find grace forever and ever. Amen.

There are many interpretations and stories of the Testament of Solomon, and there are stories that this information was used for evil by those who serve the dark realm of Satan and Lucifer. There are many names for the books of the mystical properties of the secrets of Solomon and the demonic books of how to summon the underworld and or the realm of demonic powers of the fallen heavenly hosts of Lucifer. Sorcery, conjuring demons and witchcraft was used well before the days of Solomon as we see in the Old Testament in the book of Exodus speaking of the Pharaoh’s sorcerers Jannes and Jambres and their magician tricks and spells. As well as other places in the Bible that speak of such things such as the priests of Baal, and Balaam. Recall how King Saul summoned the witch of Endor to conjur the dead prophet Samuel.

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The point to be made is that evil spells and conjuring magic were taught way before the time of Solomon… and these were taught by demonic influences of the fallen hosts to the seed of Cain and to any flesh who sought them in ancient days and it does continue on to this day. Evil is very real and so is God who is more powerful and who places His mighty hand of protection upon all of His children. We too have a seal… the seal of God upon our foreheads just like the Lord has told us!

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In another book forbidden, and one that resurfaced in the Dead Sea Scrolls there is a Book of Secrets.

From the fragments of the scrolls that were deciphered, there are messages hidden within parables and riddles in the Book of Secrets, as well as other scrolls found in urns in caves at Quamran. They appear to say they were written for those who would be able to penetrate the origins of knowledge or have eyes to see and ears to hear and understand the every activity of the deeds of humanity. We see in the texts that there are ways of those who seek God and there are ways of those who seek another spiritual host. We see also that the key to finding Wisdom of truth are given to those who seek it by the heavenly light of God and NOT the illuminated false light of darkness.

To me it addresses the tree of knowledge of good and evil and exposes the same Satan who tricked Eve and Adam in the garden. It tells the same story of how to take all things before the Lord and try the spirits for in this world it is wicked and the ruler of it is Satan.

Quote from the Book of Secrets below, “What nation wants to be oppressed by another that is stronger? Or who wants his money to be stolen by a wicked man? Yet what nation is there that has not oppressed its neighbor? Where is the people that has not robbed the wealth of another …what should we call a man who … his) deeds (…) but every deed of the righteous has been judged impure. And what shall we call man who (… call no one on earth) wise or righteous, for it is not a human possession.”

Adam and Eve learned that the day they ate of the tree of Knowledge, was the day he did indeed die. He was dead in his sins and cast out of the Garden and God in His mercy promised to redeem him in 5 and a half days (5,500 years) for he in his dead state could not reenter the garden. The Word of God would take on his sin in the flesh and conquer that death. And Jesus did just that. We are now entering into the end of the era of wickedness.

image 124


The Book of Secrets

1Q27, 4Q299-301

4Q301 F1

(…) I shall speak out freely, and I shall express my various sayings among you (…) (.. those who would understand parables and riddles, and those who would penetrate the origins of knowledge, along with those who hold fast to the wonderful mysteries …) (…) those who walk in simplicity as well as those who are devious in every activity of the deeds of humanity …) those with a stiff neck, a hard pate, and all the mass of the Gentiles, with (…)

4Q301 F2

the customs of the fool and the inheritance of the wise (…) Now what good is the riddle to you, you who search for the origins of knowledge? Why is the heart honored, for it is the dominion (…) a parable? Why is it splendid to you, for it is (…) Why is a prince (…) ruler? (…) without strength, and he dominates him with a whip that cost nothing. Who could say (…) who among you seeks the presence of Light and Illumination (…) the plan of memory without (…) (…) by the angels of (…) (…) those who praise (…)

4Q300 F3

so that they would know the difference between good and evil …..)

1Q27 col 1

secrets of sin (…) but they did not know the secret of the way things are nor did they understand the things of old and they did not know what would come upon them, so they did not rescue themselves without the secret of the way things are. This shall be the sign that this shall come to pass : when the sources of evil are shut up and wickedness is banished in the presence of righteousness, as darkness in the presence of light, or as smoke vanishes and is no more, in the same way wickedness will vanish forever and righteousness will be manifest like the sun. The world will be made firm and all the adherents of the secrets of sin shall be no more. True knowledge shall fill the world and there will never be any more folly. This is all ready to happen, it is a true oracle, and by this it shall be known to you that it cannot be averted.

It is true that all the peoples reject evil, yet it advances in all of them. It is true that truth is esteemed in the utterances of all the nations – yet is there  any tongue or language that grasp it? What nation wants to be oppressed by another that is stronger? Or who wants his money to be stolen by a wicked man? Yet what nation is there that has not oppressed its neighbor? Where is the people that has not robbed the wealth of another …

4Q299 F2 (+ 4Q300 F5) Col 2

what should we call a man who … his) deeds (…) but every deed of the righteous has been judged impure. And what shall we call man who (… call no one on earth) wise or righteous, for it is not a human possession (…) and not (…) (…wisdom is hidden) except for the wisdom of cunning evil, and the schemes of Belial …) a thing that ought never to be done again, except (…) the command of his Maker ; and what shall a man do and live? … he who) has violated the command of his Maker shall have his name erased from the mouth of all (…) (…) So listen, you who hold fast to the wonderful secrets …) of eternity , and the plots behind every deed, and the purpose of  …. He knows) every secret and stands behind very thought. He does every (… the Lord of all) is He, from long ago He established it, and forever (…) (…) the purpose of the origins he opened up to (…) (…) for he tests His son, and gives as an inheritance (…) (…) every secret, and he limits of every deed; and what (…) (…) the Gentiles, for He created them and their deeds (…)

Don’t Be A Fear Driven Slacker!

image 125

4Q300 F1 Col 2

Consider the soothsayers, those teachers of sin. Say the parable, declare the riddle before we speak ; then you will know if  you have understood. (…) your foolishness, for the vision is sealed up from you, and you have not properly understood the eternal mysteries and you have not become wise in understanding (…) (…) for you
have not properly understood the origin of Wisdom;
 but if you should unseal the vision (…) (…) all your wisdom, for to you (…) Hear now what wisdom is.

4Q299 F5

(…light)s of the stars for a memorial of His name …)(…hidden) things of the mysteries of Light and the ways of Darkness (…) (…) the times of heat with the periods (of cold….) (… the breaking of day) and the coming of night (…) (…) the origins of things (…).

4Q299 F8

(…) How can a man understand without knowledge or hearing? (…) (…) He created insight for His children, by much wisdom He uncovered our ears that we may h(ear…) (…) He created insight for all those who pursue true knowledge and (…) (…) all wisdom is from eternity; it may not be changed (…) (…) He locked up behind the waters , so that not (…) (…) the heaven above heaven (…)

4Q301 F3

(…) and He is well known for His patience, and might in His great anger, and splendid (…) He in His numerous acts of mercy, and terrible  in His wrathful purposes, and honored (…) (…) and over the land He made him a ruler, and God is honored among His Holy people, and splendid among His chosen, yes , splendid (…) holy, great in the blessing of (…) (…) their splendor and (…) when the Era of Wickedness is at an end, and evil doing (…)

Again, from the fragments… we see the message is SURE that God loves us, is merciful, patient, and has given us His Holy Spirit to live in us and the Heavenly Host to fight for us. There indeed shall be an end of the days of Satan’s attacks on God’s children and to this evil age of Wickedness.

As for the books of all the magic, potions, sorceries, and enchantments… that is up for grabs as to where that all came from, why it was said to be associated with Solomon, and the question of… was it ever the truth? Sorcery was taught to the children of Cain and God never taught Adam how to use it. Why would he teach Solomon how to do magic, when the righteous are to obey God and let God do the mysteries and determine what is to be done?

On the other side of the mysterious, we have learned how man made councils removed books that were read and taught from by the prophets. We have also seen books removed out of the King James Bible.

It was decided in 1684 to remove the following 14 books from versions of the Bible:

  • 1 Ezra
  • 2 Ezra
  • Tobit
  • Judith
  • The rest of Esther
  • The Wisdom of Solomon
  • Ecclesiasticus (also known as Sirach)
  • Baruch with the Epistle Jeremiah
  • The Songs of the 3 Holy Children
  • The History of Susana
  • Bel and the Dragon
  • The Prayer for Manasseh
  • 1 Maccabees
  • 2 Maccabees

But that is the small list. All together there are at least 75 books that were removed and called unorthodox by men; no longer approved for our eyes to read.

Books that used to be studied and taught from. Scholars now are wanting to just rewrite the entire Bible and God only knows what they have in mind to put in it??? Here is the List: The List of 75 Books Removed From the Bible – Totally the Dream

Pray unceasing and rejoice that they Lord has given you such blessings to see these things and the Armor of God to keep you from the wicked one in these evil days.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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