Here We Go – Ready Get Set…

President Trump is not going to let America go to the enemy. He is leading as a man, being tested as each one of us are being tested, and going through the fire, each one being refined as fine gold. Who will past the test and who will fall by the wayside? Let each be…Continue readingHere We Go – Ready Get Set…


WHAT’S RIDING BABYLON THE GREAT? “I need you to be my apostles. Go out and tell others…Jesus taught us to love. God gave us this vaccine and all must do the Christian thing and take it,” says Kathy Hochul New York’s first female governor replacing Governor Cuomo, who holds the trophy for the most nursing…Continue readingVEXED NOT VAXED!

Loaded Ships & Shortages

We have Cargo Ships Backed Up…What’s the Problem? Someone is messing with something and it looks like it’s coordinated. There are hundreds of cargo ships waiting to be offloaded. Some have been waiting for days or weeks.This is why there are shortages. The stuff is out there, it’s just not moving. They say that a…Continue readingLoaded Ships & Shortages

Freedom Over Fear?

MOMMA BEARS FIGHT BACK AND WIN!  John Di Lemme interviews Emily Peterson and Kimberly Reicks, now known as the Iowa Mama Bears, who fought against mask mandates in their children’s schools and won! They won statewide after getting a law passed banning mask mandates in all public schools on all students, staff and visitors. Hear…Continue readingFreedom Over Fear?

Kim Clement Prophesy

Breaking strongholds, who is called for such a time as this! Listen closely to Kim Clement and hear the truth. For the truth shall prevail. The evil stronghold cannot be pulled down by Joe Biden, nor the President, nor the politicians, it can only be pulled down by spiritual leaders that have set their hearts…Continue readingKim Clement Prophesy

The Followers of The Way…

The story of the chosen Apostles and the first followers of the way of Jesus. When we read in the book of Acts we follow along and witness the way the first followers of the way taught the people. In paying close attention to the words they used and the way they bore their testamony,…Continue readingThe Followers of The Way…

What’s In A Word?

Translating the Word of God, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, if it is done correctly. Everything if words are deceptively or foolishly chosen. So what did Jesus say to the disciples before he ascended? We know he spoke Aramaic, and we know the main language of the Jews was Hebrew. It would not make…Continue readingWhat’s In A Word?

Powell Counter Attack –

Sidney Powell is pushing back in a big way. She has sued Dominion right back.  Every single day we see examples of Big Tech, or some other “big”, censoring, harassing and intimidating regular American citizens for writing or saying something that the elite left does not approve. There are many, many stories of this, but…Continue readingPowell Counter Attack –

Now Comes The Truth!

You know the globalists have gone too far when Russell Brand, who is loved by the left, comes out and says…”Hey Trump was RIGHT about Clinton and Russia Collusion! And we’ve been fed propaganda. They actually lied to us all.” Russell is a big influencer and has made a right about turn. That’s what happens…Continue readingNow Comes The Truth!

Leaked Darpa Document

A leaked DARPA document titled: DRASTIC analysis confirms an attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin’ penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins. In an article by: Mike Adams , link below, EcoHealth Alliance and Fauci conspired to release aerosolized, skin-penetrating spike protein nanoparticles into wild bat populations in China which would immediately leap to humans as planned. The article…Continue readingLeaked Darpa Document