Why Does Everyone Use The Trump Brand?

It’s because the “T B” sells!

And because it sells, everyone from “Never Trumpers” to the GOP RINOS use it to raise money to push their own idea of what is a conservative...which has now been exposed as globalism and a one world United Nations, EU, NATO World RESET progressive disorder agenda!

They use the “Trump Brand” to raise money to pad their pockets in return for rigging elections to appoint the ones their KM Oligarch Lizard overlords tell them to. It’s always the ones they can control and for a price they will support the progressive agenda. Even CNN has succumbed to using the “T” brand after its flaming ratings finally turned to ashes for trashing and bashing Trump. There is no party, there is only those who want sovereignty of nations and those who desire a progressive globalism RESET new world disorder.

Who knew that God would use the KM Oligarchs own greed for money and ratings to bring them down? What a PERP WALK the beast kingdom is taking for all the world to see!

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Who arranged the new Speaker of the house? It sure wasn’t Pelosi. And the new book of letters… real letters. What story does that tell us?

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Strange thing about the Trump Brand, “TB” sells…. it reminded me that in biology there are powerful cancer fighter cells called “T” cells that God put inside our bodies to fight off FREE RADICALS which are floating atoms looking to attach to a healthy cell to destroy it! Ponder that one. And the Brand “B” sells! There is another wonder that biologists call B lymphocytes or “B” cells that God put in our body to build antibodies to fight off pathogens and foreign toxic substances that enter into our bodies like a virus! It is a very good allegory for the sick condition of our nation and the cure that moves within the body of people under the right God fearing leadership! The “T” and “B” Trump Brand! “B” cells can also recruit other cells to help destroy an infected cell and stop the spreading of destruction!

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So when people refer to the KM Oligarchs as a cancer on society… remember the Trump Brand is what gives oxygen to the nation… and cancer can’t survive in an oxygenated enviornment… only in a dark low oxygenated one. And that is the best allegory for what is taking place across America and throughout the world. They are taking the breath out of humanity, robbing oxygen out of every living thing with their fear based propaganda and their toxic jabs designed to attack cells and alter God’s DNA branding, and their oxygen robbing 5-G and A.I. devices!

The Truth is… the biggest take down of Biblical proportions is taking place! So let the grifters dole out the fear porn all they desire, it will not change a thing. God is moving in His ways which are not man’s ways. Just know he is mindful of his children and has heard your prayers!

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Click link to see videos in tweet above: https://twitter.com/i/status/1662475009238110208

So today’s oxygen robbing fear porn is off the charts with fake news and even podcasters spreading ideas of everyone in total darkness and no banking systems as though it was money that was going to save us all? Isn’t that what this war is being fought over? Who gets to own the banking system? The one that no one can survive without? And the A.I. that can kill us all by the same frequencies we all have connected to in our phones and homes? How far can a person run when they are running from the invisible frequencies and you are being watched from the street cams and drones in the sky?

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Ponder it. Can you stop the cloud seeding by prepping? Can you dodge the microwave frequencies by taking all your money out of the bank? Can you halt the corrupt RESET plans when you don’t even know who in your own municipality is working to turn your town into a “SMART” city? Can your guns shoot the bioweapons released into the air? How far can you flee on one tank of gas when they shut down all things digital which includes gas pumps?

AMOS 9:2

“Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down…”

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Are you really prepared for the worst case situation that they paint for you to see? Do you hear them laughing behind your back and too your face? I have and still do. But let them laugh for as for me and my family we shall serve the Lord. I am doing what is needed to prepare for lean times, but more than that I am leaning on the Lord and calling on the Holy Spirit for understanding and discernment.

When we do that, the Lord will show you what is true and what is false taking place behind the veil… you will see in part and know in part, that is how it works. The same as the prophets saw in part and knew in part. Together we learn from each other in what they have discovered. That being said, much has been done and it is almost finished and next will be the fall of the systems. When these systems fall that is when the separation of the wheat and the tares shall be seen at a rapid pace. We are to seek God for our understanding and not be given to every rumor made by failable man. The hope, truth, and the way forward is found in God’s Word.

And the Holy Spirit within you shall be the comforter in these times and the shield against the storm, and the wisdom in knowing what to do and what is taking place. The skys will roll up as a scroll is rolled up…. and when that takes place… it is all over for the wicked ones. It is done, finished for them. For all of their devices are plugged into their A.I. systems…. from money, to communications, to weapons of destruction. When they have no help from their space stations and satelites… they are done.

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All of their frequencies operate by waves and frequencies to track and spy and blast. None of that can be traced and directed with A.I. on analog systems. And none of their UNICORN magic can be done without their sky bots …. when the 5-G sky bots go down, so will their microwave toys, and all their CERN magic … it will be replaced by Satelite systems that cannot be touched, nor traced by the A.I. KM Oligarch UNICORN techies. Gone is their ability to burn trees inside out and gone is their hologram magic, all of it! No more man made asteroids being shot off, and no more A.I. war games. Their computers will all crash! Their weather wars will be disarmed and Cyber Space Command will rule the skys!


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So fear not, when God is ready he will pull the plug! Every eye shall see it! And when it is pulled we will move into a new system, one run without the electromagnetic radiation fields robbing us of our health. We will be in a full spectrum lighting generation that heals the planet and nourishes every living cell! That will heal the waters and all living creatures.

Again, as the prophets were told by God, these ones know the lessor things, not the greater things!

In fact man still doesn’t know how anything really works! Not the body, not the earths atmosphere, they can not even get through the dome! They can not go beyond the ice walls! They can not stop free will! They can not tell what a person is feeling and that drives the enemy crazy! They can only lie, kill, steal and destroy and that is what they do and always have done. They can not leave the circle of the earth and they can not enter the heavens, nor will they enter into the KINGDOM OF GOD on earth as it is in heaven!

So pray unceasing and be patient as God does a new thing… a marvelous thing. When He is done… the first shall be last and the last shall be first exactly as His Word has so stated.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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