What’s The Most Important Thing To Know?

The entire world is fighting a great evil that was set lose to kill, steal, and destroy governed by liar after liar, after liar and the author of it. Jesus our Lord called this one Satan, the devil, Lucifer, Belial, and the Dragon. Those who worship this and seek to bring the god of this world out into the open are called many names, but all are worshipers of Baal.

Decades ago when I first learned of the Knights Templar I wanted to know more about them and the crusades. I found a book on it and read. In the book it referred to the Morals and Dogma of Albert Pike, but not in a flattering way, in a more infiltrating suggestion, yet curiously it was said to explain the secrets of Solomon. So of course I wanted to read the book. I went to the book store and they had to order it for me as they didn’t stock it. So I waited and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to get home and read it.

As I sat down to read this big thick book… I began and as hard as I tried, I wasn’t understanding anything in it. My first thought was to return it, but the book store had a policy that any special orders were nonreturnable. So, I put it on the shelf and there it sat for a very long time (at least ten years). As I grew in understanding through various studies I had come to understand there were secret societies and heard about Albert Pike and his book on Morals and Dogma and I got the book out again. I checked a few references and found some things I thought I understood, but the book itself was like reading a foreign language. So, once again I put it back on the shelf.

Last week, I was looking at the infiltrations of secret societies and wondering when they were infiltrated. I had been making mental notations on how the infiltration into all of our systems from government to our food sources by lizard people had taken place, it is in everything. The sheer magnitude of any “White Hat” clean up operation to rid the world of it is in itself mind blowing to even think it could be done. When you are seeing it truly for what it is… it is mind boggling how they ever did it.

image 204

The 1980’s movie “They Live”, was so bizarre very few ever made any connection to our own mind controlled world at the time. We were so programmed it was beyond belief to even consider we were at that point already. Someday maybe…but not then. I never saw the movie until after I knew they were doing this. I still haven’t watched the entire film, only clips. I recently found out that when “They Live” opened at the box office it hit the number one spot and disappeared from the theaters very quickly afterwards because it revealed too much truth about how the KM Oligarchs control our reality through social programming our systems with what good citizens are to do and not to do, and baiting us with modern gadgets and fake news while getting us conditioned to sit in front of the TV and soak up all the daily programming.

We were all born into it and therefore we didn’t know any different. We followed the system, paid our bills, got our licenses for whatever licenses were required, paid our taxes, and obeyed. School councilers told us what our career choices were based on our SAT scores and what colleges our grades dictated we could attend, etc.

Back to last week, with all the infiltration mind sparks going off I kept connecting more and more dots of how they did it. A few nights ago I felt a tugging to go look at that Morals and Dogma book to check the wording on that Lucifer Son of the Morning quote. As I tried to find it I was reading in the back here and there looking for it… and I got intrigued with what I was reading. It seemed so vividly clear to me. I went to the front of the book and began reading there and again… I knew what it was saying very clearly. I was like, “How can this be? It always sounded so mumbo jumbo before??”

I got where I didn’t want to put it down as I was not only reading it, I was comparing it to what was taking place this very day. I saw the same patterns of infiltration in the book as I saw in 2023 KM Oligarch system infiltrations! The 90 percent truths and 10 percent lies and how the person has to figure out what is true and what is a lie. I saw where it explained that they use allegories and let the person figure it out, and how they change the meanings by putting the words where the person will believe it means one thing, when it means another. I read where it said they deceive the dull man without reason by false interpretations.

That took me to Darby the Jesuit and Illuminati member who wrote dispensations and infiltrated the church with his new interpretations that the church ate up and began teaching. The pulling scriptures out of context, all cherry picked to have it give a different meaning than the true one intended. My mind went into a rapid fire of associations to their propaganda system and gaslight games they play. Their gate keepers called pastors who are all programmed to preach the skewed views. The 40,000 denominations and the comparison to Marxism with the very same concepts in Morals and Dogma… such as the worker at the lower degrees of their pyramid to be fed and paid so they are happy and keep on working for the ones at the top. Benevolant to those who pay them.

image 206

Karl Marx told of such things as the proletarians or grubby little worker and the ruling classes, the Bourgeoisie that we now call oligarchs, as though communism was some sort of utopia to long for so no one would ever starve… all the while gaining his own pay by capitalism that in one breath he condemned and in the next he lusted to have for himself. Secret societies paid him well for writing such double minded words of contention that created strife and unrest.

image 216
Karl Marx… what secret society was he with?

The light bulb went off that all of anything that was ever good had been infiltrated by the very same formula, the very same pattern, the very same systematic approach! Infiltrate, befriend, then betray. Tell the dull man the truth, entwined with the lie, and let him reason for himself if his own glass is half full or half empty. Oh how they laugh at him scratching his head as it is all in his own imagination. Half full or half empty… the truth is… it is not full! Half is always half… and as long as they can short you and tell you it’s all in how you choose to see it… you will forever believe whatever they tell you. The difference is learning to reason.

They have done this in our face with climate change, COVID, big pharma, big food, Wall Street, Central Banking, FDA, WHO, you name it … they own it and they control it. You are none of their concern. As long as you are fed and able to work and consume. Or be the object of someone elses working and consuming. Such as you are when you fall ill, or are maimed. They do not care. It is all part of their system. And we are in it and will pay the last dollar to it.

So, today when I hear those shouting for people to wake up as though they are ????? And calling others normies and sleepers as thought they had the answers?????? Hearing them ready to hold hands of others reminds me of how little I know and how humble I must ground myself in order to be worthy to even ask the Holy Spirit to show me the reason of lessor things, let alone the greater. For each is in the process of coming to the knowledge of the truth. Each learning at different levels, each of the same or equal portion, lest any of us should boast. Of which if any of us, be it a man or a woman, knew all that was in the world’s largest computor… it would yet still be a drop compared to the wisdom of God.

For even Lucifer and the fallen angels were puffed up and ready to usurp the throne of God …. only to find that they knew only the lessor things and were quickly stripped of their heavenly glory and cast out from before God’s Throne forever. He without his former glory is bound to this earth.

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Luke 10:18

image 219

Satan, now accursed and bound to this worldly realm, is ruler only over the dead and that which is dying, the least of things. Angry he is, for he knows his time is short.

That being said, I was able to see the truth in the Knights Templar and the truth in the infiltration by cunning men who set out to kill, steal and destroy. For you see, there was a noble knighthood who swore an oath to serve and protect God’s people. That is what the original brotherhood intended and set out to do. God blessed them with great wealth and victory after victory against their adversaries.

They had acquired land and wealth in such abundance the papacy and King Edward II and the Papacy (Church and state) devised a wicked plan to infiltrate their camp with spys and set a trap to frame the Knights and accuse them of deeds they did not do… such as heresy and witchcraft. Upon setting their trap, they raided the Knights Templar whose headquarters had been under the Temple grounds, where once stood Solomon’s stables. They made their charges and arrested and killed the Templars and confisicated their land and property.

It was in 1312, by order of a Papal Bull, Vox in Excelso, that all assets of the Order of the Temple were seized and given to the Knights Hospitaller or Order of St. John except for Spain where they were succeeded by the Order of Montesa the Order of Calatrava, from which its first recruits were drawn, and Portugal where they became the Order of Christ and it has been claimed that in Scotland the Order combined with the Hospitallers and continued as The Order of St John and the Temple until the Reformation. When Sir James Sandilands, Preceptor of the Order converted to Protestantism in 1553, the Order is thought to have ceased.

When the Knights Templar were accused, arrested and killed by Edward II their property was given to the Knights of St. John. Now in service to the Church and State.

This was the first infiltration. Many Templar Knights who were away on missions heard the terrible news of the raid and slaughter of their fellow knighthood and that death warrants were issued for them all and went underground to avoid arrest.

Backstory on the Knights of St. John

The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (LatinOrdo Fratrum Hospitalis Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani), commonly known as the Knights Hospitaller (/ˈhɒspɪtələr/),[b] was a medieval and early modern Catholic military order. It was founded in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th century and was headquartered there until 1291, thereafter being based in Kolossi Castle in Cyprus (1302–1310), the island of Rhodes (1310–1522), Malta (1530–1798), and Saint Petersburg (1799–1801).

The Hospitallers arose in the early 12th century during the height of the Cluniac movement, a reformist movement within the Benedictine monastic order that sought to strengthen religious devotion and charity for the poor. Earlier in the 11th century, merchants from Amalfi founded a hospital in Jerusalem dedicated to John the Baptist to care for sick, poor, or injured pilgrims to the Holy LandBlessed Gerard, a lay brother of the Benedictine order, became its head in 1080. After the conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade, a group of crusaders formed a religious order to support the hospital. Some scholars consider the Amalfitan order and hospital to have been distinct from Gerard’s order and its hospital.

It appears that this was the first infiltration into the Knights Templar and the taking over of the brotherhood. And the secrets they were guarding. From that point on, as you can read from the time frames above, other knighthoods and their orders emerged. Over the years with every new emergence the various Knighthood Orders little by little formed deeper degrees of secrecy.

Follow the different sects of Masonic sects of Knighthood and you will see an increasing pattern of elevated secrecy when you deep dive them.

image 210
Knights of Malta

You will see the military arm of the Vatican. A very strong and secretive one at that.

In 1530, after seven years of displacement from Rhodes, Pope Clement VII – himself a knight – reached an agreement with Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain and Sicily, to provide the knights permanent quarters: In exchange for providing Malta, Gozo, and the North African port of Tripoli in perpetual fiefdom, Charles V would receive an annual fee of a single Maltese falcon (the Tribute of the Maltese Falcon), which they were to send on All Souls’ Day to the king’s representative, the Viceroy of Sicily. 

In 1548, Charles V raised Heitersheim, the headquarters of the Hospitallers in Germany, into the Principality of Heitersheim, making the Grand Prior of Germany a prince of the Holy Roman Empire with a seat and vote in the Reichstag. The knights would stay in Malta for the next 268 years, transforming what they called “merely a rock of soft sandstone” into a flourishing island with mighty defences, whose capital city, Valletta, would become known as Superbissima, “Most Proud”, among the great powers of Europe. However, the indigenous islanders were initially apprehensive about the order’s presence and viewed them as arrogant intruders; they were especially loathed for taking advantage of local women. Most knights were French and excluded Maltese from serving in the order, even being generally dismissive of local nobility. However, the two groups coexisted peacefully, since the Knights boosted the economy, were charitable, and protected against Muslim attacks.

image 211
Prince Oskar of Prussia,

Prince Oskar of PrussiaBailiwick of Brandenburg of the Chivalric Order of Saint John of the hospital at Jerusalem Herrenmeister since 1999

Main articles: Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg)Order of Saint John in Sweden, and Johanniter Orde in Nederland

During the Reformation, German commanderies of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg (located chiefly in the Margraviate of Brandenburg) declared their continued adherence to the Order of Saint John even as their knights converted to evangelical Christianity. Continuing to the present day as the Order of Saint John of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg, this forms an order of chivalry under the protection of the Federal Republic and with its Herrenmeister (“Lord of the Knights”) almost always a scion of the House of Hohenzollern (currently, Prince Oscar of Prussia). From Germany, this Protestant branch has spread by membership into other countries in Europe (including Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Italy), North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Chile), Africa (Namibia, South Africa), Asia, and Australia.

The commanderies of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg in the Netherlands (which originated in the Middle Ages) and Sweden became independent of the Bailiwick after the Second World War and now are independent orders under the protection of their respective monarchs; King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is an Honorary Commander of the Order of Saint John in the Netherlands, and the Order of St John in Sweden is protected by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

All three Protestant orders, the German, Dutch, and Swedish, are in formalised co-operation as members of the Alliance of the Orders of Saint John of Jerusalem, founded in 1961 by the Order of Saint John of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg. (As well as originating with the mediaeval Knights Hospitaller, these three orders meet the traditional conditions for dynastic orders of chivalry under the legitimate fount of honour of each nation, and thus enjoy recognition by the privately operated and funded International Commission on Orders of Chivalry as of 2016.) The Protestant orders remain independent of, though co-operative with, the Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

These orders are collaborators of today’s strategic workings behind the veil. Which are the ones who also added secretative degrees little by little.

There are yet masonic orders of the Scottish Rite who maintain the original order of knighthood of two degrees. Those being “Entered Apprentice” and “Fellow Craft“. Who generally dedicate their duties to serving God and his commands in their work, family, and conscious. There are no secret degrees of knowledge forbidden to be spoken. Some masonic Scottish Rite orders have 32 degrees of which the Entered Apprentice and all Fellow Craft can reach the level of 32 degrees.

An interesting book to read is by Thomas Paine, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America titled, “Origin of Free Masonry”.

image 212

You can read the full book here: Thomas Paine – On the Origin of Free-Masonry – [PDF Document] (vdocument.in)

image 213

My quest into the Free Mason Societies was to determine whether the Founding Fathers were a part of a Secret Society that had motives other than honorable and in my diligent search, I not only was satisfied that their intentions were honorable and designed to serve God with their lives and work, but that Thomas Paine also received accused by some to be guilty of wicked and seditious writing in his book, “The Rights of man” that called to revolt against the monarchy stirring the French Revolution. Read: ‘Wicked and seditious writings’ – Thomas Paine, Rights of Man and treason – The National Archives blog

It was definitely not welcomed opinion, and the truth is, I doubt one man caused the entire French Revolution… he just stirred up the cause based on his support for rights. Using some rife words.

The same as we now know how that is done as we have all watched the arrows slung at President Trump and every influential figure who sets out to do good for their fellow man with honest intent when it goes against the KM Oligarchs who rule behind the veil of secrecy. We have a J-6 trial for voicing our truth.

History does repeat itself, and this event looks like part of a play book.

Excerpt: “To try and quell the radical press, the government issued a Royal Proclamation on 22 May 1792 against ‘wicked and seditious Writings … endeavouring to vilify and bring into Contempt the wise and wholesome’ constitution.

Magistrates were charged with seeking out the authors and printers of such material, and reporting to government on radical activities. All subjects were instructed to, ‘guard against all such Attempts, which aim as the Subversion of all regular Government within this Kingdom’. Paine was not named, but he was implicitly the target.”

We are going through this right now. It is now dangerous to speak your mind and social media censors and reports you as dangerous. Everything we say if it offends or is truth that hurts someones feelings or government cause… well, that’s hate speech, racist or whatever name they want to give it. Like terrorist??

Remembering also, that all of the monuments and apotheosis paintings on the Capital Rhotunda was not done by the founding fathers, but by those who retained power after their deaths. It reaks of having Illuminati hands all over it… and I just had to know beyond any shadow of a doubt they weren’t a part of that. Mis and dis can be convincing at times. I can honestly say…whereas they were masons, they were not Illuminati.

That being said, during this stage of the show, I want to touch on America and Great Britain’s Destiny….

Remember that on Jacob’s deathbed, the birthright promise was given to the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh and their tribes, not to the other tribes or their descendants. These two birthright tribes were part of the northern kingdom of Israel. The original promise: “And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins.” (Genesis 35:11).

In passing on the birthright of Israel, Jacob, said of Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph, “… let my name be named on them …” (Genesis 48:16). Hence it is they—the descendants of Ephraim (the British) and Manasseh (Americans), who are referred to in prophecy under the names of Jacob or Israel. Continuing, Jacob added, “… and let them grow into a multitude ….” The Lord said this was the time of the Gentiles and when the time of the Gentiles is fufilled then the stick of Joseph will be joined with the stick of Judah as one. As it says in Ezekiel Chapter 37.

Ezekiel 37:19  “Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.”

image 215

Then, speaking of Manasseh and his descendants alone, Jacob said “… he also shall become a people [nation], and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother [Ephraim] shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude [a company, or commonwealth] of nations” (verse 19).

At the time the United States gained its independence from England, the United Kingdom was wealthy but not the most powerful, and the United States was small with 13 colonies. It wasn’t long and the two small nations began to expand and grow. Great Britain became the largest empire in the history of the world and America had become a great nation just as Jacob had prophesied that it would.

We are now entering into an exciting time where Mannesah is coming into a powerful brotherhood and even though we are infiltrated, God’s ways are not man’s ways. Remember God foretold the plan that the brothers would all come together at the end as one. The brothers also include Ishmael who also is a son of Abraham. God blessed Ishmael with many nations. Can you see where they are?

The world is coming together in an alliance to take down the KM Oligarchs who seek to kill, steal and destroy all of God’s people. This is the time shown to Ezekiel the valley of dry bones coming together a great and powerful army for the Lord. Get set as the Lord prepares to fight for His people as He did in the days of the kings.

As I said before, our assignment is to come out from her, the Babylonian Beast System and find our way back to the one true God and serving our Lord, the King of Kings and obeying all of God’s commands. It is time to read the Word with the Holy Spirit guiding and helping each one to discern. The truth shall set you free!

This is not a time to point and try to decide who is awake and who is asleep and be satisfied that you are red pilled and not like “normies”, whoever thought up that term??? This is a time to prepare ye the way of the Lord for your own self and those around you. Each are called for different purposes. Coming out and returning to serve God is the biggest step and that is the calling. Love God with all of your heart, mind, strength and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. That is what our Lord said that if we do those two, we shall have done ALL OF THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.

All things are in motion. As we understand the enemy we see the only way to win is with God leading us. We are as sheep… and Jesus is our Shepherd. Our flocks have been infiltrated by wolves in sheeps clothing and today they aren’t even putting on their sheep skin. They are just chomping their teeth at us telling us how they are going to devour us and we will be happy.

The biggest and most valuable news I can share with anyone on this day … is that God has this and all the answers are in His Holy Word. This is a time of returning and knowing the call is to serve the Lord by following the two great commandments. Pray unceasing and prepare ye the way of the Lord!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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