Sound The Trumpets…We’re At War- Good Versus Evil!


Crimea as seen by locals is not the communistic hammer that NATO, EU, and US politicians tell you. What Russia has done is allow them protection so they can live their lives by their own governing. Had they not voted to return to “THE FATHERLAND”, of Russia, they would undoubtedly not have such beauty. They, being Russian would have met the same fate as the Donbass Region. It is a shame that the world has been bombarded with lies and propaganda about the truth in Ukraine and the region.

The real evil stems from those who have toppled Ukraine’s government and made it their own little bioweapon labs, child trafficking hub, and money laundering facility. Tell Klause and Harari that those days of Lizard nation toppling are all but over. Payback is coming!

This is a typical propaganda film. The truth is Ukraine was destroying Crimea on purpose and they shut off their fresh water supply. Russia has corrected that terrible act and now they have fresh water again along with freedom to live their lives.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian KM NAZIs are always seeking an opportunity to kill, steal and destroy the happiness anywhere it may bloom in Crimea and world wide! They send over their Ukrainian NAZI (equal to ANTIFA) terrorists to create mayhem and turn that into a propaganda story that these ones were treated poorly by communistic Putin and his dictates. The truth is, this is Ukraine’s heavy fist and wickedness and Crimea is not allowing it, not any of it!

In the video above they show how Ukraine took back their Othodox Church separating it from the Fatherland, Russia. The Ukrainan people celebrated such a thing as that. And now, today Zelensky has arrested monks and priests and closed it down! See the step by step of this type of liberation? It is sheer NAZI PLAY BOOK!

Another Zelensky lie exposed that the Russians allegedly destroyed the childrens camp in Crimea. Here is the camp and the children. It is in Russian, but the pictures tell the story and the performance at the end is a wondrous production!

Special thanks to our friend LJ for sharing this video…..what an insight!!

The world needs more such programs for our youth. The KM Oligarchs seek to destroy any and all of such good things. Their desire, if they could have it is to control and program with chips, destroying creativity and expression of love for life!

It is way past the time to stop the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, and the RESET triune of USA, Inc., Vatican. Inc., and London, Inc., from their nasty communistic plans to kill, steal and destroy the world.

Yellen has no power over the treasury nor the future…

It is sad to look at America today with the cities in disarray, the roads filled with pot holes, and the attack on creativity and copyrights due to A.I. apps. The wickedness plotted is off the charts as they try their best to move the US into SMART CITY open air concentration camps that spy on your every move and their desire for social credits with priviliges for only those who obey them?

The western world of UN, EU, NATO, and Biden’s stolen seat have perpetuated the KM Oligarchs RESET global world imprisonment and they have been pushing it out fast. To their dismay, the Russian Nation and the BRICS have strengthened and thrived even through all the sanctions. They now have a strong gold backed dollar and have gained Saudi Arabia and African Nation Support along with many European NATO nations. They are falling apart at their RESET seams and that can’t happen fast enough!

Meanwhile, Biden in Japan speaks hot air and cuts his trip short.

Begging for dollars appears to be the only reason he went. Maybe he can ask Zelensky for some billions? How about if he tries that one?

Trump’s win with the verdict in the Durham Report is a real game crusher for the entire Joey Avatar Biden Regime…. they are falling, falling and with that goes the last hope for Ursula Von Der Leyen, and all the lizards at DAVOS!

The desperate attempts to survive and reverse their fate is now in full throttle! They will throw every thing they have left at America within to crush it fast… but they will never win for this battle belongs to the Lord and the Lord is moving mountains to crush the enemy by their own grubby hands. Many cannot see this and many can. That is neither here nor there, the cold hard truth is the beast kingdom they have made for themselves is falling apart.

The modern day Babylon the Great is falling and the interlocking systems will all fall down. One of those systems is the World Council of Churches who have created cold, lukewarm MEGA congregations who know not Joseph. These have been led astray by false shepherds and visionaries who say thus saith the Lord and the Lord never said it!

Brace yourself as this leaning tower falls…for it is part of the world system and when it falls it will crash. Be not disillussioned, but open your eyes and see what it is that is falling… for the beast system has attacked God’s true followers and made them enemies of the state and of the world system. God said this would happen and it is right before your eyes. Open them and see.

When the dust settles you will see things you never knew and you will marvel at how God has built an army of white knights to battle the enemy behind the veil of darkness that has caused his people to be drunk off the wine of propaganda and mind wash programming.

There is a lineage of David that will be unveiled and you will see the annointed one who was preserved to reign over the new Kingdom that is coming… and you will see nations taking back their sovereignty and humanity shall rejoice for those who sought to destroy them are now removed.

For there is much left to be done… and the truth shall be known by all nations. This war is not just about the United States, this is about God’s children in all nations. This is about God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and to YOU who believe on the Lord’s promises and believe in Him!

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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