Trump Speaks To Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting

Tonight, President Trump received a standing ovation at the Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting!

Trump was introduced as the best friend Israel ever had in the White House and was well received in his opening remarks receiving a standing ovation. It was obvious the people knew all that he has done for Israel, even if the press doesn’t talk about any of the accomplishments and never credits the historic hallmark of the Abraham Accords and the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem in an act that proclaimed Jerusalem as the Jewish Capital of Israel. Trump pointed out tonight that he pushed for the embassy in Jerusalem even though his Secretary of State and Department of Defense advised not to do it. He pointed out that they had worked on this for 52 years and he got it done in one day.

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After thanking Matt Brooks and Norm Coleman, hosts of the Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting, Trump gave a introduction and then went into a very informative speech showing the accomplishments between Israel and the United States under his presidency and the present situation under the Biden regime.

“Our country is in grave, grave trouble, it’s in big problemville, I’ll tell you that…it’s like never, what we’ve never seen before in my opinion, and trouble like we’ve never seen before. Joe Biden and the radical left democrats have unleashed runaway inflation, and imposed crushing tax hikes.” – President Trump

Trump stated that Biden and his administration was destroying this nation and winning the congress back was a great thing. He reminded the people that we’ve always known that 2022 was not the end, it was only the beginning of the battle to save our country.

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Trump stated, “Now we have to take the fight straight to Joe Biden and his radical and incompetent administration- and it is grossly incompetent and very dangerous. We have to push back hard on every over reach and call out every single failure which are so many. And then we have to take back the White House in 2024, that’s imperative. With victory we will end Joe Biden’s inflation nightmare and rapidly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world. We will launch an all out campaign to bring manufacturing out of China and back to America where it belongs. We will secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration once and for all. We will end Joe Biden’s war on American energy and become energy independent as we were just two years ago and we will in fact become energy dominant.

“We’ll restore America’s strength and standing on the world stage and finally we will realign our alliance with our close friend and allie the state of Israel. The alliance is not strong now, not even strong by a little bit. Under my administration we fought for Israel and Jewish community like no president in history, you both know that and everybody in the room knows that. I was proud to be the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the White Houseworking together with all of you, kept my promises, officially recognized the eternal capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem. I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, something that most people didn’t even ask me to do because they thought it was impossible. 52 years they were working on that and I got it done in one day.

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“I withdrew the United States from the corrupt, hypocritical Human Rights Council which had allowed the world… the world, I mean the most horrific human rights abusers and to attack the United States and to attack Israel. I withdrew from the one sided Iran nuclear deal and imposed the toughest ever sanctions on the Iranian regime. And I would never allow the state of Israel to be threatened with nuclear destruction like is happening right now.

Working with our Israeli allies we destroyed the ISIS territorial caliphate 100% of it. I appointed a special envoy to combat the scourge of antisemitism world wide and here in the United States I took strong action to stop antisemitism on college campuses. And we succeeded. And last but not least with the historic Abraham Accords we created peace in the middle east. Something that nobody thought would be possible to even say, let alone get it done.

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“Tragically, Joe Biden has betrayed Israel and the Jewish community and squandered our amazing success. From the very beginning he sold out Israel’s security and began begging to reenter the Iran nuclear deal on even worse terms than before. It was a disaster before, but these would be even worse terms. He unilaterally lifted key sanctions, he appointed countless anti Israeli extremists to government positions and he disgracefully smeared Israel for defending itself, even as the country was under attack and violent attack, including missiles being shot all over the place.

“When we win in 2024, the year of backstabbing and betrayal will end and the United States will stand with Israel once more and just as it did in my administration two years ago, we were a great nation. And soon with the help of the Republican Jewish Coalition and patriots all across this land, we will be a great nation again. Thank you both, and thank you everybody and God bless you, God bless Israel, and God bless America.”

Listen to the full speech of President Trump at three hours, fifty three minutes and 40 seconds in, or the time mark of (3:53:40). At the end he takes questions and answers.

Once again President Trump had to wade through listening to some RINOS spout off like dems as he waits for his time slot to speak, specifically Chris Christie who definitely proved to be more of a RINO COMBO of Mitch McConnell, Ryan, Cheney and Pelosi only bigger. Much bigger. Christie spent the majority of his time speaking out on how Trump was not a good fit to lead as president nor the Republican party because he didn’t do what the rest of the party wanted him to do.

Well, that’s kinda the point Chris… people were and are sick of RINOS.

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Those words got some cheers and I’m sure from fellow RINOs…however, when President Trump spoke that RINO was wearing all the mud he had slung earlier trying to smear Trump. Christy was shameful in his remarks and sounded more like Liz Cheney than Cheney does… I guess we now all know what side that RINO is on and it is not for America First. And if you are not for America strong again, safe again, great again, what is left is not a republic but a precious democracy that belongs to big fat globalism.

Christie reminded us all what RINOism is all about for him. It is about doing what he is told by WEF, and RESET Oligarchs who rule the world so he gets to feel important when they use him up like toilet paper. But, then again… it appears that is what he knows and does the best. Or shall we just say, he is good at doing what he is told to do by a committee chair who rules a party.

More and more dots are connecting. Remember all the things that took place in four years with President Trump. Imagine what he could have done with a real patriotic congress and senate and justice system. We will see just that in 2024 or before!

And today, now more than ever, we need a God given leader who is brave, bold and loves all people and respects cultures and nations. Trump hasn’t left and he’s still fighting the wicked ones who seek to destroy us all. We must continue to stand with truth and those who are leading according to what is right in God’s eyes. The only one I see who can lead in this dragon’s pit is Trump but he needs all Americans united with him. Stay strong… we are in the torrent of the storm! Discern all things and keep your head on a swivel for danger is at every turn. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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