Sunday Connect The Dot Game – Find The Light In The World!

The way back machine is set… and trust me the way back is set to gather a few dots of truth data in order to continue going forward!

There is no returning to what some call normal, for normal was never normal. It was always a show and one with many actors and lies upon lies upon lies.

There was no going back for Adam and Eve, and there is no going back for us. But there is a beautiful future when we repent and follow the ways of the Lord. The world belongs to the fallen Lucifer and those who do his bidding. As Trump has said many times… the evils that we are fighting are ancient. Baal/Luciferian worship is not new and it requires human and child sacrifice which these blood thirsty ones have no problem in doing. We now all know this battle we are in is a spiritual battle between good and evil and a war on our minds.

They don’t hide a thing in this show. They throw us big fat dots in our face and laugh as though they will succeed for they believe there is nothing we can do about it. The wicked ones doing the devil’s bidding think they have powerful space based toys to achieve their end game. They believe they have the power over all nations to force the entire world into their submission. They believe by telling a lie over and over again that their hypnotic trance of confusion will drive humanity mad and they will grow fearful and angry and destroy one another. This, they believe, will make their efforts all the more easier to achieve. But it only works if you believe the lies.

So instead of lies… the wicked have decided to call it disinformation, and call us terrorists and resisters if we don’t believe them and especially if we call them out. They call it an information war. What is the truth they call a lie, and what is a lie they call the truth. The same as the serpent/devil did in the Garden of Eden.

We have said many times, it all started in the garden of Eden with the beguiling devil whispering in his cunning manner…”oh you shall not surely die.” And guess what… he lied and they were kicked out of the garden of Eden and they died, for their bodies were no longer of radiant light, but instead, they had become that of what Adam called “Animal flesh” and it could be harmed and grow old. They no longer had the beauty of paradise nor the heavens opened to see God’s Glory… they had chosen unwisely to listen to lies instead of truth and were thrust out into the earthly realm of imperfection.

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Connect the dots… know the nature of the game.

The rules are simple. Choose God… or choose the things of the devil, dragon, Satan, Lucifer’s world. Whatever name you call the dark lord… this is his world. The goal is not to be deceived by false words, propaganda, misinformation, lies, deceit, etc. And certainly make no deals with liars. It never turns out to be anything but bad.

Your mission is to decide with your own free will who it is that you shall follow. Choose God, whose Kingdom is not of this world who will reward you with blessings untold, or choose the devil, who is the ruler of this world who will do for you his specialty which is untold wickedness.

Now for some dots to connect with some of the backstory….

First understand that Adam and Eve had bodies of light before the Fall and in Paradise we will return to our former glory… a heavenly body, the same as the Lord showed Peter, James and John on the mount of transfiguration.

Matthew 17:1-3

1 And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain, apart, 2 And was transfigured before them, and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. 3 And behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

After they (Eve and Adam) ate the fruit, (the lies of the Serpent whatever they were, for there are many stories. We will leave those alone for now.) something happened to their bodies. The First Book of Adam and Eve picks up where the Genesis account ends. It tells how Adam and Eve became distraught when they left the garden and saw the “broad earth spread before them.”

Adam wept bitterly when he “looked at his flesh, that was altered.” (Ch IV: 2 “And, indeed, when Adam looked at his flesh, that was altered, he wept bitterly, he and Eve, over what they had done.”

He laments that their “eyes have become of flesh; they cannot see in like manner as they saw before.” (Ch IV:9 “But now we do not see as we did: our eyes have become of flesh; they cannot see in like manner as they saw before.”

God explains that their “bright nature was withdrawn” (Ch. VIII: 2 “Then God the Lord said unto Adam, “When thou wast under subjection to Me, thou hadst a bright nature within thee, and for that reason couldst thou see things afar off. But after thy transgression thy bright nature was withdrawn from thee; and it was not left to thee to see things afar off, but only near at hand; after the ability of the flesh; for it is brutish.”

Adam confirms, “thou madest us both with bodies of a bright nature.” (Ch.XXXIV: 16  “And of Thy goodwill, O Lord, Thou madest us both with bodies of a bright nature, and Thou madest us two, one; and Thou gavest us Thy grace, and didst fill us with praises of the Holy Spirit; that we should be neither hungry nor thirsty, nor know what sorrow is, nor yet faintness of heart; neither suffering, fasting, nor weariness.

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After the Fall, their bodies are different, and now they grow faint from hunger and cannot go back to the garden for the cherub and flame of fire would scorch their flesh. They know not what has happened to them, Adam moans and crys out about their lot — God hears and speaks to Adam…(Ch. XXXV: 1-2THEN God looked again upon Adam and his weeping and groaning, and the Word of God came to him, and said unto him:– “O Adam, when thou wast in My garden, thou knewest neither eating nor drinking; neither faintness nor suffering; neither leanness of flesh, nor change; neither did sleep depart from thine eyes. But since thou transgressedst, and camest into this strange land, all these trials are come upon thee.”

God had the Cherub gather two figs from the garden and the cherub obeyed, XXXV:4 “Then the cherub took two figs and brought them to Adam and Eve. But he threw them to them from afar; for they might not come near the cherub by reason of their flesh, that could not come near the fire.

It was an awful state for Adam and Eve, but God promised Adam a way back to their perfect bodies of light… through sending His Son to redeem them and all who were to come after them and Adam grew weary in waiting for that day to come. He had promised them in five and a half days. But Adam did not understand that a day with God was as a thousand earthly years and a thousand earthly years as a day.

XXXVII:4-10 4 But Adam began to pray to God and to beseech Him to give him of the fruit of the Tree of Life, saying thus: “O God, when we transgressed Thy commandment at the sixth hour of Friday, we were stripped of the bright nature we had, and did not continue in the garden after our transgression, more than three hours. 5 “But on the evening Thou madest us come out of it. O God, we transgressed against Thee one hour, and all these trials and sorrows have come upon us until this day. 6 “And those days together with this the forty-third day, do not redeem that one hour in which we transgressed!

image 302

This Holy Dot connects to the exact time that was written in the books demanded to be inspected by Pontius Pilate to read and see of the rumors were true of the 5,500 years to the promise given to Adam to be sent a savior and be returned to the garden in his heavenly body. Written in the book of Nicodemus XXII: where it is written that he asked for the books and they gave him the books and it was true. For Jesus died at the sixth hour of the day, at exactly 5,500 years after, as the record of days showed. Jesus cried out and gave up his last breathe on a Friday before the Sabbath at the sixth hour of the day….5,500 years after. Exactly as God had said he would do it.

Book of Nicodemus Chapter XXII

AFTER these things Pilate went to the temple of the Jews, and called together all the rulers and scribes, and doctors of the law, and went with them into a chapel of the temple. 2 And commanding that all the gates should be shut, said to them, I have heard that ye have a certain large book in this temple; I desire you therefore, that it may be brought before me. 3 And when the great book, carried by four ministers of the temple, and adorned with gold and precious stones, was brought, Pilate said to them all, I adjure you by the God of your Fathers, who made and commanded this temple to be built, that ye conceal not the truth from me. 4 Ye know all the things which are written in that book; tell me therefore now, if ye in the Scriptures have found any thing of that Jesus whom ye crucified, and at what time of the world he ought to have come: shew it me.

image 301

5 Then having sworn Annas and Caiaphas, they commanded all the rest who were with them to go out of the chapel. 6 And they shut the gates of the temple and of the chapel, and said to Pilate, Thou hast made us to swear, O judge, by the building of this temple, to declare to thee that which is true and right. 7 After we had crucified Jesus, not knowing that he was the Son of God, but supposing he wrought his miracles by some magical arts, we summoned a large assembly in this temple. 8 And when we were deliberating among one another about the miracles which Jesus had wrought, we found many witnesses of our own country, who declared that they had seen him alive after his death, and that they heard him discoursing with his disciples, and saw him ascending unto the height of the heavens, and entering into them;

9 And we saw two witnesses, whose bodies Jesus raised from the dead, who told us of many strange things which Jesus did among the dead, of which we have a written account in our hands. 10 And it is our custom annually to open this holy book before an assembly, and to search there for the counsel of God. 11 And we found in the first of the seventy books, where Michael the archangel is speaking to the third son of Adam the first man, an account that after five thousand five hundred years, Christ the most beloved Son of God was come on earth,

12 And we further considered, that perhaps he was the very God of Israel who spoke to Moses, Thou shalt make the ark of the testimony; two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof, and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof. 13 By these five cubits and a half for the building of the ark of the Old Testament, we perceived and knew that in five thousand years and a half (one thousand) years, Jesus Christ was to come in the ark or tabernacle of a body;

14 And so our scriptures testify that he is the son of God, and the Lord and King of Israel.

15 And because after his suffering, our chief priests were surprised at the signs which were wrought by his means, we opened that book to search all the generations down to the generation of Joseph and Mary the mother of Jesus, supposing him to be of the seed of David; 16 And we found the account of the creation, and at what time he made the heaven and the earth and the first man Adam, and that from thence to the flood, were two thousand, two hundred and twelve years.

17 And from the flood to Abraham, nine hundred and twelve. And from Abraham to Moses, four hundred and thirty. And from Moses to David the king, five hundred and ten.

18 And from David to the Babylonish captivity, five hundred years. And from the Babylonish captivity to the incarnation of Christ, four hundred years.

19 The sum of all which amounts to five thousand and half (a thousand).

20 And so it appears, that Jesus whom we crucified, is Jesus Christ the Son of God, and true and Almighty God. Amen.

And now the Kingdom is within each of us who repent, and believe on the Lord and the Holy Spirit dwells within each one who seeks and does the will of God our Father in heaven and follow his commandments to love him with all of our heart, mind and soul and love our neighbor as ourselves.

We pause for a moment and ponder this great and marvelous wonder of wonders.

Our calling is to prepare the way of the Lord, and our assignment is to set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed by being a light unto the world by following the way of the Lord. Presently that kingdom is within us. It is here, we are to know this and to bring it out upon the earth as it is in heaven.

Our light of the Lord and the Power of the Holy Spirit is greater within us than anything in the world. Through wisdom, divine protection and direction, faith, love, and truth we shall fear not and our anger shall not overtake our emotions and direction. We shall remain focused on the mission to restore and have compassion and love for all humanity for all life has been given a soul created by God and God only can judge and condemn. Our mission is to defend the innocent and to stand up for the weak. Follow God’s commandments and abhor the wickedness God abhors. Come out from her my people is the watchman’s cry, lest you suffer in her plagues. (Her is Babylon the Great, Satan’s world order).

When you know what they are, you will begin to see and hear with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

God is not slack in fulfilling his promises… even Adam grew impatient waiting to be delivered, and in the timing of God… Adam was delivered, and so… in the timing of God, all things shall be delivered to all of his children and each promise shall be kept for God changes not. All things are written. Our answers are in the word of God the sword of the Lord that we are to wield. Put on the whole armor of God and stand for God is with us and nothing can be against us. Rejoice for we are called and chosen to be the light of the world in these periless days.

We are a chosen generation. It is good to know what the enemy is doing and share truth as watchmen, but the most important of all is to share truth of the Word of God and in so doing those with eyes to see shall see, and ears to hear shall hear. Speak up loud and expose the truths….in so doing you are answering the call to “Prepare ye the way for the Lord”. Amen.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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