The Propaganda War Rages On and On!

One day, those who ride out the Maelstrom will sit and tell their truths to future generations…

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We are way into the war… it started long ago…but for now we will look at the regimes that led to this point. The US regimes who never thought Hillary would lose. Propaganda of who is good and who is evil was laid out with a pounding fist starting with Bush and his “War on Terror”. The same terror he doled out starting with the inside job of 911. But, let’s move forward and see the boogie monster nations we are all supposed to hate… like Russia, Iran and Syria.

Remember when you take a stick and hit a hornets nest… chances are you will get stung. So when you do the same to a nation…don’t expect them to be nice after you do such things.

In 2012 Vogue Magazine did an indepth story on the First Lady of Syria and how the people loved her there along with the leadership of her husband President Assad. This must have angered Hillary et al. Read: First Lady Asma Assad of Syria: English Rose; Desert Rose; Fashionista | Al Bawaba They had no time for such things as they had begun their Arab Spring and Syria was on the list of nations that had to go.

One thing is sure, the Obama administration followed in the Bush administration’s façade of failed foreign policy based on faux justice …you know the world view of, “You are either with us or against us”. Well, this world view is no longer sustainable on the world stage and the BRICS plus nations are showing you this. It is obvious that the Obama regime, along with DNC campaign darling, Hillary, have a history of their own deluded reality. It is continued under the Joe show where they stole the election and placed a puppet in a slot and continued to operate from the shadows. All reason had and has been replaced with their own deranged idea of self indulged power, importance, and  self serving authority.

But let’s go back to the nasty team of Western thugs called NATO. They are trying to repeat the same chain of events that worked so well in the past. But, this time Putin and the “BRICS plus” aren’t allowing it to just take place. Remember when NATO and the US made airstrikes, murdering Syrian Soldiers in broad daylight – which was an Act of War? I do!

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Syria….was attacked and today as well as then to justify their evil, they said Syria is evil empire????

I wrote on this when it happened. Excerpt, The US conducted airstrikes on behalf of ISIS murdering Syrian soldiers in the light of day, thus an act of war on Syria and presumably on Russia! In an emergency UN security meeting to discuss the matter with Russia and members of NATO, the US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, had the gall to scowl and storm out of the emergency UN Security Council meeting instead of answering questions from her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin.

“This backroom western new world order contrived foreign policy allowed Bush to blast the heck out of Afganistan and Iraq. The shock and awe and massive push killed over half a million innocent children and an untold number of women, elderly and other citizens.  The ones Hillary now says she loves, yet she still supports the same policy that will kill more innocent women and children – the ones she loves.  Any deplorable person who questions any of the madness is called Islamaphobic.

“One thing is very clear. The entire war on terror house of cards has carried over into the Obama regime with the addition of the “drone wars” card that gives the holder a double whammy when also holding the Bush “do what we say or else super power card.”

“It is clear there are names for those who are ordering these mass murders of innocents and arming the enemy ISIS. ‘War monger’ is rather a soft ball phrase to use concerning the events. Better fitting would be “terrorists”! But we are the good guys right? We used to be….our president has committed treason and sadly our government has been infiltrated.  Our congress and senate are blind and the tyrants are getting away with murder at home and abroad.

“Hillary is correct about one thing….Trump doesn’t have the same failed foreign policy plans.Read: NATO- US Airstrikes Murder Syrian Soldiers In Broad Daylight – An Act of War ! – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

This was before Q so many podcasters are clueless to these events.

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But why bring this up now? Perhaps to take a deeper look into the V.P. Cheney war crimes and Haliburton along with the entire Industrial Complex? The actions of President Trump when he appointed Miller as Secretary of Defense and signed into law the JFK act that took the independent power to do whatever they wanted out of the hands of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all such defense bodies. Remember Miller’s first acts were to oust 13 members including Kissinger and Albright out of the Pentagon and off of the Foreign Advisory Board?

These were all the signs and signals that the Military was now in charge. No president would ever take the actions taken leaving a presidency unless some sort of military action had been declared. It is unheard of.

So the left is screaming and shouting and Cheney is having a faux head hunting episode in the Kangaroo third world court, while the fake news is shouting Iran, Iran, Iran….Putin is giving them nukes and mean Syria is intercepting the bombs fired at them by good Israel. (What part of infiltrated do the paytriots need to learn? Maybe it is time to play a game again?)

The smokescreens have come down and the propaganda is sounding like what it is…and that is a lot of bull!

The mental illness is on full display… and people have had enough of being fill in acters for the live theater (without pay) Joe show Season 3 episode 666, “Invasion of the Mentally Ill In America!”

It’s time to look at why they wanted rid of certain Supreme Court Justices…like Justice Scalia….

I don’t know who is winning the FEAR propaganda war whether it be the progressive left Dem infiltrators or the paytrioic podcasters.  Listening to either side…if you can’t bear a gun and get on the front line like Brave heart, then you are useless and may as well commit suicide now for they are coming to slice your throat and take your last bit of cooking oil and rice.   If you are the left and won’t strutt naked down the street chanting my body my choice you will be smoked out by their ANTIFA thugs…. And if you dare try to stay out of it…you will be the first to get smacked around in the store or parking lot… fear, fear, fear for they know you have to get out of the house sooner or later.

That being said…I am so thankful that God has another plan that does not include the plans of the people lost in the world system. Greed abounds and both sides have lost their way cha-ching, cha-ching buy your survival food and a thousand back up generators along with a T-Shirt and get your Trump coin now while supplies last as they are limited and one day after all hell breaks loose they will be worth $10 thousand dollars each!  Wow…go ahead and vax a neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend…you can do it in the name of heaven and justify it in the end…there won’t be any trumpets blowing come the judgement day… but on the bloody morning after… the Trump coin walks away.

It makes you want to shout…kick your heals up and shout!

This could very well change everything!

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Both sides have lost their minds… it’s Biblical… we are now watching the infiltrated mess in the Church get exposed and go down, down, down!  They are the most shameful of all. Why?  Because they do their evil in the name of God and shout thus saith the Lord and have no guilt while they do it. It is shameful to even watch them….!! Especially a once unknown man named Mr. Clark, who  if you read his resume now, he is everything in the Bible and then some more. He even wrote his own on sale for $49.99 where he tells you how to live it…or was that how to read it? Either way he’ll have to work that out with his own struggle with the Lord. He’ll have to explain how he did all these things that he never did. And why he did it like he did. And maybe sell some trinkets to some angels….fallen ones of course.


As far as those shouting collateral damage in regards to all who got jabbed and were disabled and those who died… and those who lost everything during the essential versus non essential corporate BlackRock and Vangard shut down scandals who manipulated everything… and bought up every piece of real estate they could during the entire COVID propaganda, stolen election wars – the day those saying this get their own collateral damage will be one heck of a payback to see.

And for all those who are still shouting  they know what you don’t know and they know it had to be this way for you to take it all serious… and go fund me while you’re at it….well screw every one of those mouths and they too shall have a very interesting day of their own collateral damage on the day they have to answer for such rhetoric when people were needing help and direction.

Tell every one of those asking for funds that the world is crashing all around and the last thing on your mind at this point…is funding them.  Especially when your loved ones are losing everything and being forced and tricked into mind control perverted  mind filth and garbage from nursery school to college age and they are dying to do sports… literally!  Tell them to shove their Monster Inc. Scare factory reports. No coins today nor tomorrow. Scare them back by cutting them off from your money IV drip.

 Rant of truth over… and that brings us to the other irritating and ridiculous stuff in the show.

And here is the truth….everything you are now watching and living was laid out in a plan by Maurice Strong for the Khazarian Oligarchs in 1972 and reorganized in 1992 and implemented.  All of it.

So don’t be bamboozled by podcasters who had to follow a letter to learn how to tie their keyboard shoes.  They simply are waiting for the next drip…drop or crumb so they can add their leaven and raise up a few new loaves of their own.

That is not to say that to be informed of what is taking place is not needed. It is to say to know what is taking place so you are tricked and bamboozled by the psyops and self serving podcasters who just all of a sudden popped up during COVID to become a super pod star and ask for donations.

The birth of the Green New Deal…brought to you by Maurice Strong and the KM controlled UN. Nothing has changed it has only manifested in your faces.

There have always been plenty of these false ones… there simply became some organized infiltrators EVERYWHERE LIKE COCK ROACHES and they survive the Nukes.  Watch them…they just morph into something else if you stomp on them.

Read: Rio Summit 1992(Earth Summit): Summary, Declarations & Agenda 21 (

Remember Hillary’s shameless boast, “We came, we saw, he died”.

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The leader of the nation of Libya, Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi had called out their schemes, he read the Maurice Strong roadmap to their hell on earth and said….NO, Libya will not be a part of this. He set out to put African nations on a gold backed dollar and end the wicked things thrust on their sovereign nations by KM Oligarchs and central banks. He was guilty only of not wanting to be a part of their evil destruction of humanity to control the entire world. He was murdered and drug through the streets. The plot was to topple the nation he loved and take it over. They did and to this day it is still in a shambles. They told you he was evil and corrupt. The real evil and corrupt ones are the ones who are doing all the bad to you that they had planned to do all these years. Read their plans, they were written out at the UN conferences. Then let’s have a discussion. But not until you read all of their plans first. Otherwise you waste time stuck in the propaganda and it will be obvious you don’t care about truth. Move along and get a booster.

They hated al-Gaddafi because he spoke the truth about their evil plans against nations and all humanity!

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And now remember what President Trump said….”It’s not me they are after, it is you!”

The KM and their puppets are after anyone who speaks out against the evil they have done, the evil that they do and the evil they yet plan to do!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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