Do you believe everything you see because they showed you a photo of it… especially if it is from someone like Musk and he said, Here I am doing such and such?

Pictured here is Musk, the Pope and his four sons each from another mother. What people comment on are the sons and how great it is for Musk to meet the Pope.

image 24

Elon Musk said, “Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday”.

This brought a slew of critiques…. important ones such as…. why with all those billions can’t Musk get a better tailor? Which brought a lot of comments of people defending why he doesn’t need a tailor…from being confident to who cares with all that money?

image 25

One of my favorite comments defending his pants was this one…(I withheld the name of the commenter, for various reasons such as not wanting to embarrass the person further.)

“Some rich people don’t wear expensive, tailored clothes and it is because they are confident in themselves and don’t feel a need to prove that they are rich to anybody. And usually, they have more important things to do.”

Then… just like that after all have been duped and are still commenting, defending, attacking and applauding the stupid dupe….here comes a critical thinker and rains on the parade. Showing just one interesting fact…then come the arguments from those who know what they saw so shut up.

That one little fact is…. height.

image 26

So, I fact checked it.

image 27
image 28

Which is a five inch difference. Does that appear like five inches or more?

So here we go… I read Trump was 6’3″ so I compared Trump with the Pope. I learned also that if Trump is lucky he is 6’2″… could be 6’1″ but it is written on his medical report that he is 6’3″. But, I did the test…with a line to see what the height truth was.

image 29

What ever the correct height is, Trump and Musk appear to be the same. Within hair lengths no more than an inch.

image 30

What this entire exercise did was show us all just how much of a waste of time we can get into… by quibbling over the propaganda. You know the fake news and lie creators have to be laughing their butts off. That right there is why America is in the propaganda pushed to the curb lane and why they use it over and over and over again. This is their truth, not yours.

This is why they believe their kangaroo court will work. It will serve their purpose, for many will believe it who don’t take boosters the same as many will believe it who do. And some, with eyes to see will call it all out for the facade it is.

But the bigger question is why use his kids in this? What is he getting at here? Why this photo? These distractions are for mental exercise and it sure beats watching naked people marching and hearing Biden’s latest in his “forever you shall fear campaign”.

image 31

So we leave you with the latest Twitter quandry. And the useless photo that may or may not be the real deal. And that may or may not mean anything more than Musk shared a photo.

The truth is, unless we are supposed to look at ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD DOES AND TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHY THEY DID IT AND IF IT’S TRUE… that is as bad as being sheep. It is a time waste. There comes a point where we need to cut some slack and if someone wants to show a photo let them show it without taking a magnifier and checking to see if it’s real. Or if someone shows some part of being human… that doesn’t mean they are a communist threat to you. Witch hunts go both ways.

The point is … when things are put in your face and they are not true and will affect us and our lives, pay attention and call it out. If it is no big deal…. it’s no big deal stay focused and don’t get pulled into distractions.

image 32

The bottom line is….this photo could be legitimate…who in the world really cares? It meant something to Musk…but so do electric cars and living on Mars.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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