Hey Trump, What’s Coming Next?

It’s Season 3, Episode….667…. and just like a soap opera… the saga continues and we pick up where we left off last. Even though we missed a lot, everything is still the same.

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It’s not just the Democrats…it is the RINOs, the Bankers, the Wallstreet Crooks, and the Oligarchs… the ones who put their hands up the backs of the rubber masked puppets and make them walk, fall, poop, talk stupid, and go mentally ill at the drop of anything lawful.

Which brings us back to Liz Cheney.  Who is taking time out from the J6 Cheney show… not sure where they are at or if they will continue or what the heck any of that hearsay, perjury fiasco accomplished other than making them all look like loons, lawless treasonous creatures from a Simpsons show with bits of Beavis and Butt Head and a little bit of Days of Our Lives.

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It was all cringing to watch, and a waste of tax payers money. It accomplished far more than they wanted. It made sure Liz Cheney would never get re-elected, and reminded everyone what took place in all the Kangaroo courts prior and this time it was all a public joke. In order to get a conviction, the committee would have to convince the Justice Department to bring criminal charges against Trump, which that would require proving that Trump had acted with “corrupt intent.” But they came up empty handed, and did more to prove the crime was manufactured by Pelosi et al more than anyone else. They had to distract from the sudden mysterious death of Michael Stenger, Senate sergeant-at-arms on June 27, 2022.

What they ended up manufacturing was a star witness that most all who watched claimed had committed perjury and when she wasn’t doing that, she was repeated what now appears to be… made up hearsay. As the two secret service agents have said her report was not true and would testify that it was not true. Cassidy may find herself in another trial…one that involves herself. I wonder if her lawyers will tell her she can say things like, “she heard and she was told”, at her trial? If so, it will be fun to hear who told her to say what she said.

Meanwhile Liz left DC to attend her closed rally in Wyoming. I guess she is doing the Joe show thing and having a few guests over to  hopefully get some check books opened up.  I still say the real Liz has been taken somewhere she didn’t want to go and we are looking at a double.  The first double was terribly awful and a dead give away. The new double is much more convincing but still looks so much better than liz ever did.  We will just deal with it and yell at the double for doing bad things. That is how this psyop seems to work???

So, what’s up next?

I suspect it is time to get ready for “The Hunter Lap Top From Hell” Season 3 Episode 667 to start up.

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Yep, that is coming. It makes perfect timing. Especially with the Supreme Court taking a break.

So remember they will show you all types of photos that are not Biden. It is a double. Just like a lot of these people are doubles.

So let’s do our prep work….

image 47

So, will we now bring in (maybe) Tucker Carlson?  Remember there was an email from Hunter’s laptop that he left at the computer store in 2019 that revealed that Tucker had asked Hunter for help getting his kid into Georgetown University in 2014.

image 37

Now the photo on the right is the real Hunter Biden, maybe? He looks nothing like the cleaned up new and improved version they are showing you everywhere, but those hands are iffy and not sure about the forehead, but it is more believable. So, we’ll say 99% sure, but nothing is as it appears. This just appears more real.

They really believe you will accept the younger version of Hunter if you see it over and over. They think they know how your memory works… well for those who know how to do critical thinking, we use all of our memory…and we remember what people looked like before they started their psyops.  Thank God for our memories!!!!  And thank God these global psyop scientists are so stupid to believe their own psychology! It can and has been used against them by a free thinking people. That is why they fear free thinkers the most.


image 38

That being said, the younger version with a fuller head of hair, smoother softer skin, different nose, ears, eyes, and chin is not Hunter Biden. The older version is more believable…but those dang young looking hands? The young version is the double that came on the scene when the laptop from hell was so troublesome. Just because they put this picture by Trump’s photo does not mean it is the real Hunter.  How many times did Trump ask us all “Where’s Hunter?”  It was a LOT!!!

The emails are coming…the laptop from hell episode is about to start up.

On Thursday Greg Gutfield said-  The Hunter Biden laptop story was a ‘bombshell’ that got covered up. Well, that means it is coming.  They are refreshing your memory of the laptop and what a mess of evidence it has on it. Evidence that will put all the Biden Burisma, Ukraine, China, and all the dirty deals in the GITMO limelight.  The writers of the show saved this part until later in the show because people weren’t ready for it yet…they would not have understood half of what was in it…now after all the Ukraine mess… and Putin exposing the bioweapon labs, and all the human and child experimentation and trafficking… money laundering, etc., hopefully they will.  Read:https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/greg-gutfeld-the-hunter-biden-laptop-story-was-a-bombshell-that-got-covered-up


image 41

Below is a recent photo of Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, attending the Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, April 18, 2022. This was rather like a perp walk…or something?  Plea bargain walk? Double that looks more authentic with smooth hands?


image 42

READ: Hunter Biden and the Press: Who’s the Real Degenerate? – WSJ

This is the real Hunter.

On June 30, 2022 an article expressed the new interest in Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell. Hunter Biden’s New Email Scandal: Demanding Millions to Influence Joe Biden on Libya.

In the Article titled: Russian Escorts? Hunter Biden’s Laptop Stirs Conversations Again, it showed the previews of what was coming based on what was circulating in social media.

Some Excerpts:

“Reports varied from Hunter Biden’s alleged emails with several politicians around the world over the political influence he can push his father for, in UkraineLibya, and other countries, to claims that Hunter Biden had ‘pedophilic tendencies’, citing child pornography found on the said laptop.

Most recent reports have suggested that Hunter Biden’s email included information on several affairs he has had with Washington, DC-based Russian escorts, which has alerted fears of him being linked to Russian spies in the US capital.

“According to the conservative magazine Washington Examiner, Hunter Biden spent over $30,000 on escorts, many of whom were linked to email addresses ending with (.ru)”, suggesting ties to Russia. The magazine also claimed that these escorts had “worked with an “exclusive model agency” called UberGFE during a 3 1/2 month period between November 2018 and March 2019″.

The magazine linked test messages to an escort named “Eva” and monies transferred for services.

image 43

In October 2020, a Fox News interview hinted that content found of Hunter Biden’s laptop included child pornography. So, as far as we know if you are not teaching this stuff in the school system (sarcasm intended), it is highly illegal.

Read: https://www.albawaba.com/node/hunter-biden%E2%80%99s-laptop-stirs-conversations-again-over-%E2%80%98russian-escorts-1482472

Here is one of the scathing videos from the lap top as seen on Twitter…


You won’t want to miss Season 3, Episode 667!

image 40

It appears that we are about to look at the Laptop from Hell, in the mix of watching naked people in parades marching for causes and a light chance of some burnings of things like pro-life women’s health centers, etc.

So far, no official statements have been made by the Bidens or the US administration over Hunter Biden’s possible involvement with Russian-linked escorts. 

Below video from Twitter Tweet: I’m sure this was doctored up…but it is believable…. so just view it as you would view the J6 Unselect Committee and their style of authentic legal BREAKING NEWS type information. Common sense, and or discernment is required.

image 44

I’m all for an answer to this question…When does the impeachment begin? Will we find out who is behind the rubber mask or will we have two versions of history?

image 45

July is here and August is coming! Here is a stock tip if it’s not to late….

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Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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