Biden Gets Told He’s Not Driving!

Joey’s not even allowed to open the driver’s door and he has no mobility to lunge at anything! He won’t be grabbing any wheel!

Now that was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. This is why they don’t let Joey wander off from the rest of the group by himself without a white card?

Has anyone ever stopped to ponder what Trump has told us about when people cross him? He said he gets even. That being said, what type of public shame would be affective in a “time to get even” public display?

How many walks of shame have we seen so far? Would it be fair to say the same number of years one did this or that…back at’em… or something that equaled the number of years? Would it be fair to say public shame on steroids…? At least in this show that appears to be what is coming first before you get into the good part called removal and punishment for high crimes.

I was telling a friend… think about it like plot arcs in a major film production. Plot arcs in the film always pop up later in the film, everything is the same as it was… with some type of narrator or overhead tag lines…even if it’s only- “2 years later…somewhere in DC.”

You can have a narrator that speaks as the scene comes into view, “After two years of thinking they had gotten away with the biggest voter fraud undertaking that has ever been committed, the tangled unseen web of Khazarian Mafia puppet masters continue their evil plans to create their soylent green food shortage.”

In this show we have an untold amount of plot story arcs taking place at the same time. It is hard to keep track of what has been solved and what is ongoing…pretty much it is all ongoing to our eyes. We must figure it out like an Alfred Hitchcock movie to know where we really are. But there are clues and plot arcs always return to let the viewer know what is taking place while you were watching another plot arc.

For example: The scene opens up and Bill Gates is buying land in North Dakota… to help feed Americans. Or so, that is what the KM want the people to believe. The people watching the live theater know it is coming and gasp as they chew their popcorn and whisper to each other… “When will they wake up. Oh my gosh I can’t stand to watch this. Why can’t they see this coming?”

And then the scene shifts to a tag line that reads, “The Lap Top(s) From Hell”… and we see the FBI sitting in a dark room analyzing data on multiple computer screens. Each one has a list of names scrolling down. Some of the same names appear on all of the screens. The camera zooms in on the computer screens, one at a time. Durham is sitting back with his arms crossed. The scene begins…. Durham says, “And that’s just Epstein.”

And consider the social media memes as the trailers to what the show is about. These entice you to want to watch the movie.

image 57

So as the show moves into the other major plot arcs… get ready for the final plot arc where all of this comes together in the climax. But, don’t get in a hurry… there are some major plot arcs to be completed before the story reaches the final 25% and reaches the climax. When that happens it will be like a roller coaster ride…. imagine being at the top….and all of a sudden you coast over the arc and BOOM! NOW YOU ARE HAVING THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! THIS IS WHERE THE GASPS AND SCREAMS COME IN….and those watching from below HOLD THEIR BREATH!

image 56

In my book titled, “Book Writing Simplified”… I show people how to have exciting plots that lead to a big climax and a powerful ending… The ending can lead to victory or defeat, but always leaves room to begin a new life and a new world for the characters. But, in this book of life, we must be patient and remember all has been written in the heavenly tablets and this show has a “spoiler alert”…. God’s people win in the end. The battles are daring…but the war has already been won…for it is written. Have faith and keep on pressing forward.

And now for some of what they won’t tell you….”

image 52
image 48
image 49
image 50
image 53
image 54
image 55

Joe Biden’s answer to July 4th Food Prices. Just learn to cook smaller meals.

And around the World we are seeing …

Ukrainians are so thankful for the Russian Soldiers…some say…we have been waiting for you to come since 2014! What was happening in 2014? Biden and Obama et al set it on fire, started an Orange Revolution with sniper fire in Maidan Square, toppled it, made it their piggy bank, trafficked children, created more bio-weapon labs and the Ukrainian Gov. has been bombing and killing their own citizens ever since.

image 51

So where some call what is taking place “Devolution”… I see it more as “A Movie”… Donald Trump Jr. has called it a Show. He smiled when he said it over and over…he said, “Enjoy the Show.” Now this is one that is not so enjoyable…depending where you are and what decisions family and friends are making. But..never-the-less, it is a show (what military calls live theater). And all the acts have been written (laid out like 5 D chess)… but the adlib parts may cause the show to go on longer than previously thought.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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