RBS (Rubber Mask Syndrome) In Our Face!

Many have heard me use the phrase Rubber Mask Disorder (RBD) and pointing out Joey Avatar and his bad case of it… and along the way finding others who caught the same disorder… of which then it became a Syndrome as it became a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and had characterize a particular abnormality or condition pertaining to many others and not just Joey and Pelosi.

You see for as long as a set of symptoms remains mysterious, it may be referred to as a specific syndrome. But now it appears we can just call it what it is… and that is a rubber mask disguise. The CIA has long used a disguise to protect the true identity of their spy agents and now it appears that our government politicians have adopted the policy of wearing rubber masks for some odd and strange reason. I have had many people who can see it and many who can’t even imagine any politician doing such a thing, therefore… I must be disinforming and dis-suggesting. Diss, dissing and dissed???

So, today allow me to introduce Jonna Mendez!

image 145

Jonna Mendez, is the former CIA Chief of Disguise! She’s been speaking out about the Art of Disguise since 2018 and even in that there are still many people who have no idea of how far advanced the spy disguise industry has become.

In her position as Chief of Disguise, Mendez, oversaw the equipment used by spies to conceal their identities, including a five-second mask, which she said was inspired by Hollywood. This technology, developed over a period of 10 years, allowed for facial movement—and did not require hours in the makeup chair. The mask could be put on and removed at a moment’s notice. Listen to Mendez explain the ins and outs of this unique piece of spy technology. 

“It was a big challenge to come up with something that  finally, actually animated and worked to really fool a person closer than three or four feet from you….but we did.” Jonna Mendez.

Mendez stated that they have advanced this technology since she was in charge and one can ONLY IMAGINE what it is like today! Well, those who are watching the rubber masks on parade… can see how good it is and how convincing! In fact unless you hold up a before and after side by side… it is very hard to tell… and sometimes one can not, at least not at first. It will take a while but the clues will surface in things as subtle as something in the ears, or something in the voice and hands.

Jonna’s most incredible story to tell was when she fooled President Herbert W. Bush in the early 90s.

image 146

Mendez said Bush and the other officials in the room had no idea she was in disguise. Using the face of one of her female colleagues Mendez entered a meeting with the president and other officials. Mendez said about the meeting, “I was sitting in my chair when I was talking to him. I said I’m actually wearing the disguise that we’re talking about and I’m going to take it off and show it to you.  

“He lit up like a Christmas tree. I had always thought George H.W. Bush was kind of very contained but he was really interested in this. 

“He said don’t take it off, nope, and he got up from the Resolute Desk, came around and he walked around me and he’s looking, looking, looking and then he went back to his desk and he said, okay, take it off.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mendez likened the moment to Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible. “I did the Tom Cruise peel before Tom Cruise did. I think they should call it the Jonna Mendez peel”.

image 147

The photos taken of their meeting were classified for years but at least one of them is on display at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C.  

Mendez was recruited to the agency in 1966, and retired in 1993 from her role as the Chief of Disguise in the CIA’s Office of Technical Service.

How she was recruited: Mendez said her first husband, who she believed was a U.S. army officer, only revealed his true identity to her just three days before their wedding.  She joined her husband in Germany and started working as a CIA secretary. 

Mendez would later switch to the operation side – no small feat in the 1970s when that was considered men’s work – and became a photo operations officer with the Office of Technical Service, which she described as being to the CIA what ‘Q’ is to MI6 in the James Bond movies. Later she moved into disguises and was the chief of disguise when she eventually retired from the CIA in 1993.

They told you in 2018 and they kept showing you. Most weren’t paying attention and some refused to look. Many spent more energy attacking those who told the truth than they did trying to find out what was taking place.

Jonna Mendez has been showing the secrets she knew and telling you that advances have been made since she was last in charge of disguises. The lions share of videos and interviews began in 2018. Who was listening? Why were they letting the world know during the Trump administration? What was the prep work being laid out for? Who was paying attention?

Real TRUTH tellers aren’t motivated by having everyone believe what they are saying. Not at all. They are used to being the only one who sees and knows. The goal for real truthers is always to find one or two who will open their eyes and see and get that one or two to seek to find more truth and show others. Real TRUTH tellers value the truth more than money, and more than popularity for they are most often subject of ridicule and not applause.

Then there are the ones who tell 98 percent truth and 2 percent disinformation. These are the ones that are hard to spot… at least at first. These are not to be confused with the truth teller who sometimes gets things wrong based on lacking a puzzle piece or two or jumping the shark before they go down one more rabbit hole. That is the normal process of any detective work… in those cases… you adjust and keep on digging for more truth. 

image 148

When you begin to find a lot of pieces that is when you see multiple directions in how a scene can play itself out. When you are learning the art of sniffing out the actors from Central Casting, it can be tricky. Especially since this new rabbit hole is so illusive and different.

Barely is there a corner that any of the masters of disguise paint themselves into. That being said…those who do, don’t mind at all walking over the wet paint and finding another pair of shoes or spy mask.

Those ones who seek the truth will shout about the foot prints in the wet paint and few will listen, but they shout it anyway and keep on going. They stay focused and learn to avoid the wet paint shouts all together… and keep those to themselves. Until the timing is better, at least eventually they expect it to, for the pattern is clear. It is all in the timing.

For example… now that the old conspiracies are seen front and center as actually having happened… and those who spoke them are vindicated… there are new truths being discovered and of course to most they are considered new conspiracy theories. So, once again there are shouts of “that’s not so” and “no way” and the return of the “prove it to me’s” and lots of other sort of things along that line emerging…

Today, people are saying… they can’t all be wearing masks… well, one would say that is true. But, what if a lot were wearing masked disguises and those around them did not know it? Like, in the senate and congress? How else would a bill get passed that would not normally get passed in the senate? I have heard in the last few days how it doesn’t matter what they do in congress for Schumer and McConnell will kill it in the senate. Yet President Trump believes things will be passed. That got me to thinking of a new theory… how many have been McCarthied in the senate? Could it be…????

Is there a new and improved Schumer?

image 149

And a new and improved or at least more comical McConnell (below left) And Joey… poor Joey. What happened to that one?

image 150
Left is 2019, Right is 2022 Check out the skull shape (back of head), jawl, ear, chin, eyes, mouth and nose.
image 160

Check out Schumers skull structure. The width of his head and length. Even when his hair is cut short…his skull is prominent in its unique shape. So don’t say it looks different because he got a shorter hair cut. Nothing is as it appears. What if during that military national guard lock down… what if they took the opportunity to bring to the house a lot of new oldies? What if they were replacing these all along the way in swoops? One at a time? Remember the lockdowns lasted months. Guards and fencing and masks were worn…. It was a time of dark secrets.

image 156

Above 2019 and below 2022 look at the hands above and the nice smoother hands and the new hairline Schumer has below. Compare McConnell’s boney hands and prominent boney knuckles to smooth hands below. Hairlines??

image 155

As the old dish soap commercials used to say…. Look at the hands and you show the age. And trust me these new hands are not as boney, not as veined, not as aged as the new hands. Madge in the Palmolive dish soap commercial would want to know what they are using to make them sooo smooth.

Have you ever seen Chucky look so …??? I guess happy? With nice smooth hands?

image 154

Now the photo below just might be the angle…but it raises many questions:

image 161

From 4-7-2021. Look at neck and ears… mask needs redone? Terrible likeness deep set dark eyes and mouth deep set and dark. From the lines in face, funny ear, hairline, brows, mouth, chin… something is not quite right.

Below Schumer pointing older looking finger, defined skull, ear etc. From of course 2019.

image 158

WATCH THE VIDEOS OF JONNA MENDEZ AND LEARN WHAT TO LOOK FOR! There are many masked walking among us in many places world wide!

image 162

You can not change the skull structure of your head.  But somehow Schumer did or did he? Above 2022 below 2018.

image 163

The Schumer of the days of Trump just looks a lot older than the Schumer after 2021.

Any new staff coming in have no comparison of the old versus the new. After all they did such a very good job… and if you never met someone in person…it is as they say… “Gee, you look so much different in person. I thought you were taller, or shorter or something???” And as some have noticed…gee “you sound different in person.”  Or something.

And so this leads to the new and improved or whatever it is …McConnell. He sure looks like he’s been replaced too. No one is as they appear. They are all a new thing. If I were to use my imagination just one teeny bit and forget what I am seeing with my little eyes… I would say these people are acting so squirrely and they never appeared to do that before the magic of 2021.

And then President Trump puts this message out on Truth Social…

image 164

The key phrase is “WITH THE “RIGHT” NEGOTIATORS, LIKE ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED THE OTHER NIGHT (ON BOTH SIDES!) FOR SPEAKER”….. would that help all the new bills get passed? Stay tuned to see what happens in the next episode! How many had rubber mask syndrome?

So what if in this fairy tale… we start with capital hill and we have a new thing. What if we are watching a very long perp walk where nothing is as it appears and we have all the drama of a soap opera and the lurking dangers of a Matrix with a comical flare of exaggerated characters and they pull it off by mandating all the actors wear masks long enough for the feared down public to forget what they all looked like. Or get central casting in place? Or whatever prep work?

I mean… who eyed any of them that closely before anyway?  Unless they were from your district or you knew them… who would look that closely? And now we know that even if you know them personally, the disguise is so perfected and advanced that even a president who was also head of the CIA has been fooled in the past.

Today the advancements are far greater and actors and impersonators are a dime a dozen at Central Casting who has a lot of talent who are masters at voice overs. With what they can do with Hollywood make up artistry and rubber masks, it wouldn’t take a whole lot to find doubles who can pull these yo yo’s off.

image 159

What if we have been watching an entire fake congress with a fake senate? What if this has been a big fat show? Or what if bad players have been removed and now we have everybody on the same page? What if we never know the truth? What if they tell us outright instead of dropping all the hints? Something took place when the national guard locked down the entire DC area. They weren’t afraid of grannys and happy people holding Trump signs who don’t even litter!

image 165

When President Trump said they had everything… and when he had access to the real information and more than what we have been able to gather… do we really believe nothing was taking place to make arrests and find the real truth?

Which brings us to The Pentagon is Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantanamo Bay

image 167

The expansion will allow two military judges to hold proceedings simultaneously starting in mid-2023. Gee why on earth would they need that done?  I thought Biden was going to close down GITMO?  What happened to all those earlier campaign promises?

Why would the military be continuing on with the Trump Administrations ideas of expanding GITMO and now, why is the Pentagon (of all the systems in the government) building a new courtroom? Why is the Pentagon also relinquishing its stronghold on In-Q-Tel communications like Twitter?  Why did they sell it or put Musks face on it? Read: The US is building, rather than tearing down GTMO prison facilities – Responsible Statecraft

Also Read: US military plans for future at Guantanamo because of Trump (militarytimes.com)



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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