President Trump MAGA- New Hampshire to South Carolina!

President Trump made his way to New Hampshire for the first of two rallys, back to back, on Saturday January 28, 2023! Immediately following he went to South Carolina!

Trump addressed the serious issues facing America and how the Dems need to know that MAGA means “Make America Great Again” and that’s a good thing!

President Trump is still fighting for America and calling out the “Marxists” who he stated are trying to take us over but they will not on his watch! He came right out and said, “They’re Marxist and communists”. Listen to his rally!

Trump pointed out the RINOs are more dangerous then the Democrats. He is not mincing words. He is calling out all of the horrible things that have been taking place over the last two years and laying the cold hard truth on the table as he compared the progress America was making against the downward spiral under Biden over the last two years.

Trump addressed the open borders and the onslaught of criminals, and MS 13 gang members coming across our borders. Trump said the last two years have been like every day is “April Fools Day” pointing out the many different unbelievable things that could only happen on “April Fools Day”… but, sadly, it is happening. These are serious times and we the people have to turn America back around before it is too late.

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“They are going Marxist. Skip socialism… that train has already left.” President Trump.

President Trump tells the crowd in South Carolina we are taking back America and are going to take their “Marxist Hands off our children!”

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, welcomed by Governor Henry McMaster in South Carolina!

On another note… here is the release of the Paul Pelosi footage and the 911 call.

It’s not April Fool’s Day, just another one of those “odd” things that we aren’t supposed to know about.

And when the Marxist left is getting caught… they simply do another April Fool’s stunt (which is their new normal) and the people are once again distracted. But, now that we are aware of the “April Fool’s” game… we know to look behind, and to the left, to the right, and up above! The Lord then shows you the the truth, the way, and the life!

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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