President Trump 45 – 47…

President Trump won in 2016, again in 2020 and he will win again in 2024. That’s what drives the Marxist global agenda followers crazy!

Does anyone ever stop and wonder why the number of what appears to be secret service and other protections are always with President Trump? And why all the protocols of government authorized protection are with him everywhere he goes? Just asking for a few friends…

The lizard appointees hate the fact that Trump stands behind a Constitution and Bill of Rights for We The People and NOT A GLOBAL UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA!

image 305

Dan Scavino @DanScavino·17h shared highlights of President Trump’s Rally in South Carolina.

“As the famous saying goes, ‘South Carolina picks presidents’. In 2016, this state did exactly that, giving us 44 out of 46 counties—and I can’t wait to win ALL 46 in 2024…This will not be MY campaign—this will be OUR campaign—and together, we will complete the unfinished business of Making America Great Again!”

image 286
image 287

MEANWHILE … as the real MAGA people are praying for their president and so proud to be able to meet him… we have casting central staging an EVENT!

Why does this look like ANTIFA FIGHTING ANTIFA? Asking for a friend.

This sure doesn’t look like MAGA so don’t blame them. Who are these characters?

image 288

What do you think? Look, see, assess… ???

image 289

Think, look, listen and think again. What does the Marxist Globalist playbook say? Look at Brazil. What did they do in Brazil? Infiltrate, imitate, create an uprising if one doesn’t exist. Then…. call martial law? Make it appear to be patriots when it is central casting?

image 290

Why are they egging on a fight. Listen to their foul language… these sure look like they are paid agitators…

Note how they shout “F … ANTIFA” over and over and then aggress then hold their own people back? Agitate and infiltrate and look at them… look at what they do. Then recall how do patriots act? Who are these ones?

image 291

“Make America Great Again” red hats and defund the media hat? Flag masks? Flags hanging out of pockets? Read the t-shirts and look at the staged body stances~ makes me think they are going to shout ‘BOO’!!

image 292

J-6 central casting type patriots from acting central?? Real patriots don’t egg on for video fanfare, and real veterans don’t disrespect the flag and act like goons.

image 293

Oh looky…. 45 MAGA hat guy punches someone that looks just like him… only no red hat… oh my head hurts….

image 294

It’s important to know what they are doing here so we don’t have more false accusations against good people. This is a staged event just like Brazil where they destroyed government buildings and blamed it on the peaceful protestors and J 6 where paid actors pretended to be Trump supporters.

image 296

Because Real Patriots who love their country show restraint, and are not out in the streets causing a color revolution, the Marxist commies have to stage it so it appears to be patriots out of control fighting ANTIFA. The infiltration playbook is one of the oldest ones used and commie Marxists use it in every color revolution they start! How many are FBI and how many are CIA agents? How many are crisis actors and how many are civilian army?

image 295

The only difference between the central casting paid crisis actors and ANTIFA are the red MAGA hats and junk written on their T Shirts and flag decorations. All the other is the same. Same stances, same hard faces, same disarray and same fake punches.

image 297

This is a seriously controlled for photo op brawl. All the signs of staged crisis actors and fake punches. Good grief we know the drill and yet so many look at this and actually believe what they are told without asking ANY QUESTIONS!

So who is Derrick Evans who shared and commented on this video? He is the same one who livestreamed himself on Facebook storming the U.S. Capitol, cheering on what he described as a “revolution”.

In an article titled:

U.S. Derrick Evans, former West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself storming the U.S. Capitol, gets 3 months in prison“.

Excerpts:Later, the former West Virginia lawmaker  Derrick Evans, pleaded guilty to a felony civil disorder charge, and told the judge that he regrets his actions every day and is a “good person who unfortunately was caught up in a moment.”

“I will forever bear the reminder that I made a crucial mistake. I’ve let down myself, I’ve let down my community and most importantly I’ve let down my family,” stated Evans to the judge.

The Republican from Prichard, West Virginia, was sworn in as a member of the state’s House of Delegates just weeks before the Jan. 6, 2021, riot that halted the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory and left more than 100 police officers injured. Evans was arrested two days after the riot and promptly resigned a month before the start of the legislative session, so he never served a day in the legislature.

Prosecutors had sought the three months behind bars, describing Evans as a leader in the riot who escalated the chaos at the Capitol by enthusiastically egging on the rioters around him.

image 298

So we are to believe that Evans was a good guy who just had a bad deal in his zeal? We now know, and it has been proven, that the first batch were allowed in and they waited for the arrival of the real MAGA voters who were still assembled peacefully listening to President Trump speak.

Why wasn’t he with the Trump rally people listening to the President’s speech? Why did he come in a helmet? Why were there no MAGA people with helmets at the speech with President Trump?

image 299

More excerpts….

“In a cell phone video that was widely shared online, Evans gleefully narrated the riot for his Facebook followers, cheered on the crowd and fist bumped rioters as he and the rest of the mob swarmed the Capitol and jammed inside.

“Guys, oh my gosh, I can’t even explain what is happening right now, how amazing this is to see in person. I am in awe. The revolution has started. The revolution has started!” he said, according to court documents.

“After pushing inside the Capitol, he shouted: “We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

A cell phone recording of a portion of now-deleted video. “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

Read full article: Derrick Evans, former West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself storming the U.S. Capitol, gets 3 months in prison – CBS News

It’s time to think about what is really going down!~

President Trump is kicking off his 2024 rallys and it appears infiltrators from Marxist Central Casting are kicking off their crisis acting false flag events to blame on patriots and Trump supporters.

image 300


image 301

He gets up and now they all attack him. Wow…just wow. How many cameras are on this group? How many onlookers? How many not sure what to do so they’ll just stand there and wait to be directed?

image 302

And then… just in time…here come the police. Gee… what took them so long?

They don’t arrest anyone… they just make their cameo appearance and look important?

image 303

Call them out or be dupped. This is all in the Commie Marxist Globalist – “How To Topple A Nation” playbook!

Well, well… it looks as though someone else has seen the same pattern here. @silly SaltyAFVet caught the duping too!

Expose the lies and show the truth! Open your eyes and see. Crisis actors are so lame they make lousy film footage when you know the drill. The question is… how many of these are C.I.A. AGENTS?

The next question is… is this even a current film footage? But, hey… “Look a squirrel!”



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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