McCarthy Gets The Gavel- The Voting is Over.

Kevin McCarthy finally received the votes to be elected! Everyone was sworn in and now the work begins!

McCarthy elected House Speaker after last-minute call from Trump to Gaetz on the 15th vote.

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Keven McCarthy raised his right hand to be officially sworn in as Speaker of the House.

So on with the show and hopefully enough back deals for votes were made to insure a fair deal for We The People and our congress persons and a new Speaker of the House who proudly proclaimed that Congress sessions are now OPEN TO THE PEOPLE… IT IS ONCE AGAIN THE PEOPLES HOUSE!

I am sure we are going to hear all sorts of opinions on this entire display of selecting a speaker and hopefully we will get attention pushed at the border and end some of the upside down lawlessness. One thing is certain, all eyes are on McCarthy.

So Gaetz and his 15 minutes of fame is over. It is one thing to take a stand and do what is right for the people in truth… but a personal vendetta is not good to harbor at any time, and especially wrong when it is dealt out at the cost of others. A person can lose sight and destroy the house to catch the rat.

Tonight when I heard Gaetz tell Laura Ingraham that President Trump had poor judgement when it came to HR, it wasn’t his strong suit. That’s when I remembered why I was done with him a long time ago. You see, he has had a bad habit of sticking his big fat foot in his mouth. And arrogantly believes he is correct and virtuous or something in saying things like that. I actually gasped for him in his folly and pitied him a bit. Sad.

Now I remember why I said he had a pea brain. I recalled many of the same type of statements along the way that I ignored at those times because he was insignificant and green, or so that is what I thought at the time. Until this historical Speaker of the House vote, he was just comical (eye roll type) and irritating. Saying the right things some of the time and snide things the rest of the time and campaigning all of the time. We all know people who have that habit. He had a way of saying things that impress you, but in a very negative way.


But the most irritating of all, because I was trying so hard to like the guy, was when Mr. Smarty Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), said former President Trump is wrong to support McCarthy, adding that “HR wasn’t always his strong suit.” Now, I wasn’t for McCarthy either, but hearing him judge Trump the master negotiator, Art of the Deal # Best Seller, first to be welcomed to North Korea, Big Chocolate Cake with Chi of China type negotiating….. and to hear that… ouch. Not to mention how many he fired… in real time, and not just on the Apprentice! He was draining the swamp. Keeping his enemies closer… and we all now know how deep, the deep state is. It was pretty much way over half of them!

Gaetz, went on Fox News’s Laura Ingraham and snidely stated in an interview on Thursday that she “should not bet” on him casting his vote for McCarthy under “almost any circumstance” despite the concessions McCarthy has given. Laura called him out on him having a personal issue with McCarthy, not liking him, therefore his virtue statement was actually worthless.

Laura said, “No, no wait. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say I’m a man of principle and I believe in X, Y, and Z but if you give me X, Y, and Z… I’m not going to vote for him. What? How does that make sense? “

I totally agree with Laura. Listen to the interview:

“I love President Trump, I defended him a great deal in Congress, but HR wasn’t always his strong suit,” Gaetz said.

These are the types that just don’t have the sense to know what loyalty and love is. You don’t go on world news and publicly slap the President you so call love in the face with opinionated character judgement remarks that are down right wrong. What he did was show the world he knew nothing about negotiating and nothing about the art of war, nor diplomacy. Gaetz totally exposed his shoot from the hip, tic tac toe game level. It is now obvious he has no knowledge of the 5-D chess moves or what that even is.

We all know how President Trump feels about those who aren’t loyal. And Trump doesn’t take stupidity as a quality he seeks in others. No one would like done to them what Gaetz just did to Trump on world news. Yes, he was that stupid… or he’s a RINO! That was what I first said about it. Always stick with your gut feeling. It always ends up to be the right thing… even when you can’t quite see it all yet.

He pointed out former Trump appointees like Attorney General Jeff Sessions and William Barr and former Defense Secretaries Jim Mattis and Mark Esper as examples of people who did not “always advance an America first policy.” But he failed to point out that these were deep state that he was flushing out and because of the flushing he was able to catch a lot of them. Remember the cleaning out with Esper…he nailed Albright, Kissinger and 13 others.

You have to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt first, then go through a legal process. That is the law. We don’t just get to go in and remove who we don’t like. Something Gaetz needs to learn. Hopefully he will learn fast. As for Sessions or “Mr. Recuse Myself”, that was a surprise to many, but, I’m sure that entire process gave Trump a lot of information he needed, and Barr… he knew all about that big rabbit hole, always follow their trails and you find the nest. Trust me, Trump found it all. And he has it all. We covered that a long time ago and all along the way. Sorry he didn’t get the memo. It was podcasters saying “Trust the plan with Barr”. Not me. Smile. Trump gave Barr all the rope he needed to tie himself up in. Trump likes to do that.

But tonight… Gaetz got a call from President Trump and the votes came in to get McCarthy elected. Read: BREAKING: McCarthy elected House Speaker after last-minute call from Trump to Gaetz | The Post Millennial |

President Trump…. President Trump…President Trump!

The problem with Gaetz isn’t that he stood up to get concessions… it was his arrogance and lack of diplomacy and his arrogant and some stupid remarks that had people against him.

But, the good thing about the Gaetz, Boebert coup…. and the 15 no votes are the concessions this allowed to be made that were very much needed.

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McCarthy agreed to make the following concessions to gain the speaker votes.

#Lower threshold to begin process to remove speaker

#Separate approvals process for earmarks

#Allow floor votes on term limits for members

#Allow floor votes on specific border policy legislation

#McCarthy aligned PAC will stay out of primaries

#More Freedom caucus members on house rules committee

#The chamber is now once again open to all Americans to watch debates

#Ending all COVID mandates and funding

#Term limit vote

#72 hours to read a bill

There are more… but these are the ones that we know of for certain.

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So now it’s down to business and pray the Lord guide the ones in congress to do the right thing and put the quarrals, and divisions aside. We are all Americans and there is a nation that needs to be saved. The things that were revealed were not a surprise but to many there were things that needed to be confirmed that were happening because fake news never said a peep about most all of it. Hopefully, the blue democrats will support America first. Trust me, this is just beginning. So pray for the members of congress that they do what is just and right in leading God’s nation.

Philippians 2:3, KJV: “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

The house cleaning isn’t over. All that happened was we saw some of the stuff that was under the bed. There are still a list of those who have done the lions share of making bad side deals. And many who we now know are working for the deepstate. Some are very well seasoned and on board for RESET. This is just beginning… clean up on aisle nine hasn’t even begun yet. But remember, there were rubber masks voting and nothing is as it appears.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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