Will Biden Still Go To Mexico?

Cartel’s are firing in the streets and in the air!

While all eyes are on the Speaker games, the world continues on doing its own thing for their puppet masters and the RESET goals.

Never let a crisis or a game go to waste.

Learn the KM Oligarch Globalist Games!

We talked about this before, and now you see how they have funded and equipped more chaos on the ground. So while they (Joey and his Global KM Oligarch puppet masters) are trying to disarm Americans and get rid of the second amendment for US citizens, it appears they are arming civilians to fight world wide. In an article titled, “Mexican cartel borrows brutal new tactics from Middle East terrorists” from the New York Post. This has been going on since the Ukraine war began and before. It isn’t anything new… there is just a lot more being sold and used against nations. Read: Mexican cartel borrows Middle East terrorists’ brutal tactics (nypost.com)

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It was reported earlier in the year by Intel Slava that dark web was selling western weapons to South Americans on the dark web. They have been showing up in Mexico in the hands of the cartel. Read: Up to half the NATO weapons shipped to Ukraine are being sold in black markets – Europe Renaissance

Prison break? Heck, here Joey just lets them out. It’s called lawlessness.

This war has been sponsored by the European Union, The United Nations, NATO, and Joey Avatar by the funding of the KM Oligarchs.


It is obviously a global coup to escalate and infiltrate as our government buses these cartel members across the nation. Hundreds arrived in Fort Myers, Florida last night. Who else got a few hundred?

But don’t worry Joey Avatar has this covered. In between burping and telling Jill his diapy needed changed he let us know the illegals get free cell phones to make appointments to see if they can stay or something like that??? Problem is solved.

Do you feel safe? Will NATO help in a proxy war with us? Will Zelensky send weapons or did he sell all of them to the cartel on the black market already? Thank NATO, Joey Avatar, Zelensky, and all the deep state international players for reigning hell down on Mexico so it can cross the border and start shooting in the streets of the USA. They really believe no one is awake to see what they are doing.

Alright… that isn’t Mitch. He now has rubber mask disorder. I know that turtle face like the back of my hand and that isn’t turtle face. This must mean the military has a lot going down. Congress and the senate just may be getting the dirt devil rolling over them and sucking a few up… as the days of using the Hoover are over!

Meanwhile in California…. it’s going up in flames as transformers explode leaving millions without power. The storm is raging.

The RESET cabal have been setting up illegals they call migrants throughout Europe and North America and now they have their civilian army in place and a new kind of war is taking off. God is watching all of this evil and the payback bombs are coming. I smell it in the air.

Scotland has their hands full and the citizens have had enough!

Not sure what’s going on in Ukraine’s Central Casting Show… but it looks like no one cares at the moment. But, fear not… Putin is watching closely and even though he had called a cease fire until Jan. 7th, Zelensky has been sending his troops out to attack. He has proven to be a cartel leader himself, and you can not reason with the cartel in Ukraine any more than you can in South America… look again at Mexico. That is Zelensky’s Ukraine…by his own people and his own doing for the same KM Oligarchs that are creating this mayhem world wide.

Meanwhile the ones who want to vote, vote, vote in the House have asked to adjorn again…this time until 10 o’clock tonight. Will anyone be watching if they continue? I say make them keep going like they claimed they would. So far they haven’t done at all what they said they were going to do. They are show boating now and having way too much fun.

Disclaimer: Nothing is as it appears in this show. To note, the cartels have been at war using western weapons since last February, and for years. To what extent this event is being used as a fear factor or real… is left up to discernment. Looking at the morning after photos… it could be Mexico versus Cartel wars as usual. One thing is sure, drugs are flooding across our borders and that also includes the human and child trafficking. Nothing has changed and Joey Avatar has not been protecting our borders nor the citizens.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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