Lied To Way Before Covid…

Was it advocating or was it sounding the Alarm?

Before COVID I had the honor of running up and down the Florida coast lines and in the mangroves looking at the toxic waste and dead birds, fish and mammals with those who sought to find out why? I had the honor of exploring Mosaic another gem like Monsanto, this one mines phosphate. That is an entirely different beast in and of itself. During this time in my activism, we learned that Gates had invested heavily in the newly owned Monsanto phosphate mining business in Idaho. So this toxic beast is of particular interest to these sorts.

Those days seem like ions ago, but it was just in 2018 and the events have not gone away. That type of an issue doesn’t disappear by not looking at it. As much as we try to look the other way…or sticking our head in the sand…those techniques don’t make the problem go away. Which brings to light the fact that you can catch the culprits red handed as in the election of 2020 and that still does not mean, you will have ended any of the evil that great merchants of the earth do in lockstep that is designed to destroy the planet and all creation.

Today, we have more people aware of the evils of chemicals – the same Mosaic that mines phosphates makes the Round up that Robert Kennedy Jr. won a huge lawsuit in proving it was cancer causing and a killer. Yet, Mosaic is still mining phosphates and gypsum stacks of radioactive materials are still sitting in the open for all to see and as the wind blows…children who attend a nearby school can breathe it in. Not to mention the contaminated water they are told is safe to drink.


Excerpt from the report in the link above:

And the real problem that they certainly don’t tell you is this: United Nations New World Order Sustainable Development for the 21st Century Wildlands Project is designed to uproot the echo systems and drive people off their property into SMART living zones. The only way they can achieve this is to make your home and community unlivable.  Like what is taking place right now in Florida. It’s radioactive beaches, acid rain, toxic water killing birds, mammals, fish and humans.  It will all lead to a state emergency where evacuation is necessary for YOUR safety. No more beach front property, no more freedom to choose where you are going to live and say good bye to your homestead and family acres. While you are at it, say good bye to all the humans on the planet except around 550 million of ya. That’s what past President Clinton said, remember he’s the one that signed the USA up to the New World Order’s Sustainable Development package and turned us over to their global mandates in 1993. So, with that in perspective – how do you feel about sustainability now?

They don’t want you to know that: Just before Obama left office in December of 2016, he snuck in an executive order that allowed all industries, which include Mosaic, to decide their own safety rules with the corrupt EPA with only a few states allowed to help decide.  In fact, some states are not to be involved in these decisions that will affect their state at all.  Why? Because, they say, too many people make it hard to come to agreements.  In other words, they can’t lie as easily.  But, you can thank President Trump for removing us from their unsustainable U.N. Global mandates and their Climate Change (which had nothing to do with the climate, only sharing the wealth and making America poor.)  Meanwhile the globalist are shouting – Trump has torn apart their precious EPA.  This misinformation is fed to those who have no clue that Trump is their only hope for clean water.”

Other articles written by the Dianne Marshall Report that reveal hard truths related to the topic as we traveled and exposed much of what the fake news would never report and the government ignored:



Standing Up, Downwind… – The Marshall Report (

What You Don’t Know – Will Kill You! – The Marshall Report (

One of the most alarming road trips was the one that revealed the blue shell crabs. We found the clean up crew dumping full garbage bags of blueshell crabs into the dumpster with a special lable for pick up. All other sea life was to be dumped in another row of dumpsters. This led to some good investigative work and uncovered a nice little market that brought each Horseshoe blue blood crab a price tag of $15,000 each. I doubt the men collecting them knew that the Horseshoe blue blood crab was a $50 million dollar a year business dead or alive? Nor that they are a protected species.

And who wants these rare ancient Horseshoe blue blood crabs? Bio research companies. These protected species are a longtime contributor to biomedical research. The arthropod’s milky-blue blood is revered by medical researchers because it is the only known natural source of limulus amebocyte lysate —a substance that can detect dangerous endotoxins in drugs and vaccines.

Note: Within areas subject to the occurrence of marine toxic algae or cyanobacteria, it is important to carry out adequate monitoring activities and surveillance programs. In affected areas, it is appropriate to provide health information to general practitioners and the general public, in particular recreational water users. Precautionary measures include avoiding areas with visible algal concentrations and/or algal scums in the sea as well as on the shore, avoiding sitting downwind of any algal material drying on the shore and showering to remove any algal material. /Cyanobacteria and toxic algae/  READ ALL THE FACTS ABOUT THIS TOXIN HERE.

So why aren’t the people being told to take these precautions?  This is not right. What we have is a government being dictated to by big corporations who are governing their own EPA and FDA standards who are telling people what is safe is dangerousand lethal, and what is dangerous and lethal is safe. People have no idea what they are touching in the enviornment, or what they are eating in their store bought food, what they are drinking in their water, nor what they are putting into their body for medicine. They need to know.  Who will tell them, and how many will listen?



We have watched the great merchants lack of regard for animal, and sea life, as well as human life. We have put our feet to the ground and shouted, we have gathered people and educated, screamed and cried out … but, as soon as the sun comes out and the toxic monster is hidden by the cares of the day, we have also seen how fast people are back to business as usual and all the complacency is back in check. This seems to be the way it is in Laodocea. Sad that the water issue is not just in Florida, it is throughout the entire United States of America and the entire world.


This is happening with bees, with birds, with all manner of wildlife and we are busy living our lives. All the while, those with their own climate agenda are pulling the levers destroying all of God’s creation. It has been a sad road to follow, to watch, to help record, to write about and to live. All the while yelling to wake up and see…look at what they are doing to all living things ….to me, to you, to your children and to all humanity’s future.

Other articles on the topic that were alarming and attracted Erin Brochovich to visit the area, as well as visitors from the Dutch News in the Netherlands (who came to visit us to find out what we knew and how we knew it) are listed below for those who are interested.

In this video, we see the men who are very quiet, who came from the Netherlands to find out what these people who have been exposing the water issues knew and how they knew it. They returned to the Netherlands and they put a 40 second clip out and nothing more was heard from them. Who were they and what were they really trying to find out? God has had his hand of protection over his people who have had sincere interest in saving the planet. Those who have been funded by great merchants of climate change to save it have not been such good keepers of the land. Not at all.

So what else has the sustainable crowd poisoned?

The more we learn, the more it appears it would be easier to list the things that the agenda pushers haven’t tainted in some way….if we can find what those are?

We have been bombarded with so many toxic things and most of us have no idea our grocery isles are filled up with things that are designed to make a sick. We have secret formulas that are trademarked just like our jab. We have a toxic array of munchies and a host of toxic waters, soups, canned goods, lots of high fructose sugar, and things both frozen, and fresh!

Toxic Ingredients in Kids Cereals

Cereal with pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, GMOs, high levels of sugar, and other harmful ingredients are unfortunately all too common in traditional kids cereals and can cause damaging health effects to the immune, reproductive, and nervous system and increase cancer risk. These are the biggest offenders in traditional kids cereals that you need to be aware of (and of course, steer clear of whenever possible). 

Toxic Food Additives to Avoid (That You’re Eating Right Now)

Read a list of food dyes, preservatives and what you need to avoid. Toxic Food Additives to Avoid (That You’re Eating Right Now) – Little Sustainable Steps

What we laughed and scoffed at five or six years ago…now raises some valid questions!

Do we really know how much our bodies have absorbed in their nano and other particles over the years? We all need to detox!!!!

It now appears that they have been experimenting on our kids and us for a very long time and now they are just jabbing whatever they can into us! It’s not about a mark of the beast people – it is all about poisoning our food supplies and depopulation!

We have to correctly identify and face the problem in order to solve it!

Keep on pressing forward and expose all of the truth!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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