Life Is Like Parallel Parking…

Watch this close….then think about it. The ending is special. Wait for it.

Some days are just like trying to parallel park. Oh, bless each one’s little heart who keeps on trying until they get it. But, there is a better way then to sit back and point out how funny and or bad the person’s struggle is. How about those rolling their eyes stand up and step out to show the person how to do it? That should solve the problem, right?

With a good example, we can SEE how OTHERS DO IT. But, that only gives us the directions. There is always more to a thing than just showing someone how it’s done and then sitting back down. The next step is to develope a level of skill in doing it. That can take some time…especially if you don’t want to hit the cars that are parked. So instructions first, observing how others do it second…then comes the practice.

It is always best to practice something new with some leeway. The video below shows how to try the new thing with less obstacles in the path.

So as we learn how to maneuver in our vehicle to do what others find simple…like parallel parking… with practice, we can become good at it.

So in our new positions as warriors for American Freedom and our constitutional rights. Let’s keep the lesson of parallel parking in mind. We are now asking people to step out and do something they have not done before. And they can have a list, but the list contains different things and many things the person has never done before and needs some help in developing the skill set to achieve it. We can’t just show up at a council meeting and start yelling how unhappy we are. Or put ourselves at a risk of getting arrested for wrong behavior. So, let us first know what our rights are and how to go about exercising those.

Let us read these list of rights and understand what the perimeters of these rights are. Once we know what these are, and what the perimeters are…we can now begin to exercise them and remember, just like parallel parking…DON’T HIT THE CURB…BUT IF YOU DO HIT IT…DON’T FREAK OUT. Simply turn the wheel and go forward and realign. And if you get in a real bind….don’t be afraid to ask someone more skilled to take the wheel and help you out.

As you read the constitution and bill of rights it is a good idea to find a group of others who also want to know what these are and learn together. As you learn together you can brainstorm how these rights are being breeched. Write down a list of all the ways your rights are presently being violated, and or endangered of being violated. Make a list of how you can overcome the issue and in what order to do so.

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We have been watching brave, experienced legal teams standing up, such as Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and others, who are calling out the rights that have been violated in our elections. Sidney Powell stepped up and represented WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES in a legal LAW SUIT. Thank God for that.

Cartoonist's Take | Trump election fraud  Santa Cruz Sentinel

The illegal election was a grave violation of our right to vote in a fair election, but it is also more complicated than just being violated and frauded. Powell and her team now have to prove that it was violated and illegal, even though the proof is in everyone’s face, complete with real time election fraud on film and on Dominion servers. In spite of what is known, seen, and true, that proof has to go through what we now know to be a corrupt judicial system and somehow be proven in the same corrupt courts. The same corrupt system that stole the election is the corrupt system we have to prove our rights have been violated to. Therein, lies the problem and the issue requires skilled attorneys and experts who know how to deal with a corrupt government system.

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Therefore, to yell at citizens to fight back…sounds good, but has little value in resolving the real issue other than arrousing people that there is indeed a problem. So, let’s look at the car example again. Do we put a person inside the car who has never driven or parked before or do we put a driver in the car who has experience? To yell at a group of inexperienced drivers to start parking cars now…can lead to a lot of fender benders…so we must show these people how to maneuver their vehicles. Because this takes time and skill sets….when the clock is ticking…what makes more sense is to access the mass of people and find the experts. As Frontline Dr. Simone Gold says, “I am not looking for the sheep, I am looking for the lions.”

Whereas, sheep can be of good use, but it is the lions that are needed when you are going into battle. Meanwhile, for the sheep….they can help a lot.

First: Find the experienced people that can do the task needed to do.

Second: Find the people who can support and do leg work for those that can do the task.

Third: Access your team of people. What are their skillsets and how can they be used effectively?

Fourth: What is the goal and what tasks need to be done, first, second, third to achieve the goal? What projects need completed to do the task to achieve the goal? Build project teams and divide out the tasks to those who have skillsets to complete them. Always put a task with someone who has the skill set, experience and confidence to get it done.

  • Find supportive tasks for others to do that are needed. Such as gather data, type data, hand out hard copies of data that inform others of how to go about presenting their complaints effectively at public meetings.
  • When attending local council and board meetings, find out what the protocols are for such public meetings. For example, what are the protocols for presenting your concerns at a school board meeting? What can be expected? How much time do you have to speak? What are the most effective words to use in a short length of time? What else can be done to voice your concerns? Are letters affective? If so, how do you write a letter, what goes in a letter? How long should the letter be?
  • How do you get other parents and people involved? What are methods to create awareness? How do you voice your concerns legally? How do you overcome negativity from others? What are skillsets you need to acquire? Who is the best in your group to represent your voice?
  • How do you keep people involved and how do you support others who are actively pursuing the task and get discouraged by hitting brick walls and closed doors? What ways can you help to help others to stay motivated to keep going forward?

Remember in the midst of the war to stop and reknew your strength and energy in the Glory of God’s creation. Fear not and hold onto your faith. Nature has a way of making one pause, if even for a moment, in wonder of God’s goodness.

Keep pressing forward and stay focused on the task at hand.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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