What You Don’t Know – Will Kill You!

Zach Manic speaks out, “People are still dying from the water here, and nothing is being done. Three years ago, I walked in Fort Myers Beach and this happened, I got a flesh eating bacteria. It changed my life beyond belief.”

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This story is not to scare you, it is to help open your eyes to see the real dangers that are in the waters, all the way up to Maine. The true reports are silenced and the only truth is coming through the real people who have and are being affected by the toxic dumps and the horrific side affects it is creating.  It is not natural.


Zack’s Story: “So to everyone that says this is fake, here is my story of the filthy water, behind the Lani Kai, on fort Myers Beach. I contracted a flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis within 11 hours after contacting the water.  They were cutting my foot off. Then they cut my leg off 8 times; a total of 14 operations. I spent five and a half months in the hospital fighting for my life.”  Here is the news report.”click here to see the news report.

Zack is a true water warrior- he survived the toxic war and lives to warn others.

As long as they can tell you this is red tide and give you a text book definition, nothing will be done and you or someone you love could be next to have this or something worse happen. The mining of the toxic phosphates and dumping toxic water into the ocean needs to stop.  It just needs to stop. The river way system that has been destroyed for sugar cane needs to be restructured.  Hopefully this can be done.


Zack, “The people won’t listen and stop going in the water until this happens to them or a loved one.”  Sadly, Zack is right. Three years ago when the water was cleaner than it is today, this happened to Zack.  What will it take to stop this?


PS – The news still doesn’t talk about this or people like Zack who live the rest of their lives with this, and they sure don’t talk about those that died. It is time to get this out in the open.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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