The attention is on Florida and the dying sea life caused by Red Tide which the news has memorized the test book version of and continues to repeat it like a parrot.  They also forget to tell anyone about the radioactive phosphates, uranium, and other toxic waste that is dumped into Florida’s water systems, that is still leached with corexit.  The man-made living organism designed to micronize oil and send it to the ocean floor.  They failed in 2010 and still fail today, to tell people that the toxic tar balls are full of corexit and they contain flesh-eating bacteria.

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Tar balls are still popping up here and there.  Most people don’t know what that black rocky looking stuff is.  Corexit.  Don’t touch it.

They warn people of “Necrotizing fasciitis” which is a flesh-eating disease and a fatal bacterial infection of the deeper layers of the skin. It destroys soft tissue and can harm both the muscles and the skin and can also cause the fatal toxic shock syndrome (TSS).
It’s a hungry, infectious bacteria that eats the soft tissue of the body like muscle and skin. And when it starts to spread it will kill you if not treated immediately. It will eat to the bone, and sometimes eat cartilage depending on the strain. Typically it is treated by removing the area effected and more to try and beat the bacteria to the flesh in the path it’s devouring.  It feeds on the fat cells and proteins found in skin and muscle.

This is the way Florida beaches are supposed to look. Rick Scott can’t put lipstick on dead manatees and think death will smell better.

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida is allocating millions to advertise that Florida waters are clean and all is well while people are playing Russian Roulette with their lives. In May, a woman died from the flesh eating bacteria after vacationing in Florida.   Click to read.

There is no way they can get it out of the gulf of Mexico (or is there?)  There are a few things that can kill it.  French green clay worked in the wilds of Africa’s Ivory Coast—and in lab tests before 2007 was proven to be an effective treatment for dangerous bacteria. read about clay killing flesh eating bacteria here.  Why haven’t they used this on victims? It’s as though…they do not know or aren’t endorsing a cure.

So far, there is no way they can stop it from following currents entering into the Atlantic coast and out to the deep-sea.  What if they could use the clay?  Or find the key factor in the clay and duplicate something that would kill the bacteria with a natural remedy? They don’t want you to even think about this as a possibility.   They also don’t want you to know that the run off of fertilizers and other sewage feed the living man-made organism called Corexit and has made it more toxic.  Nor do they want you to know it has mutated and loves lots of flesh.  It is so minute it can absorb into the skin….and make you sick, harm your liver, and even attack from within later.  Slowly or rapidly.

Monsanto, Mosaic, BP Oil , Haliburton and the Government agencies who failed to provide protective oversight took the beautiful beaches and turned them into toxic waste dumps. Don’t let them blame it on you!

It directly gets you when you have an open cut or you eat something like an oyster that has been contaminated with it and attacks the limbs rapidly, most all die from it. Those that live, lose limbs.  Very few survive. They don’t want you to know any of that.

It’s to graphic to show on this page. If you want to know what it is…here is a very eye opening article on the bacteria they are not telling anyone about.

The mighty Mississippi river now carries a tremendous chemical burden in the form of industrial waste, as well as rain runoff laden with every chemical imaginable from the towns, cities and farmland that have used FDA consumer approved fertilizers, and pesticides that are now found to be toxic, poisonous, and cancer causing.  This waste feeds the corexit flesh-eating bacteria that attacks all it comes in contact with.


Enormous amounts of chemical fertilizers and soil fortifiers, pesticides and insecticides, mosquitocides and larvicides, fungicides and herbicides, weed killers and defoliants, bovine growth hormone and animal antibiotics end up in the Mississippi. Likewise, a whole assortment of pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter medications, nutraceutical products, as well as all the chemical compounds utilized in the typical American household eventually find their way into the sewer systems and are dumped into the waterways. This is happening all across the nation and around the world.

A few years ago a brave Australian representative stood up to stop this matter in parliament.  It is very real and according to her and most people who are aware, it is all part of the United Nation’s bio diversity program to disrupt echo systems and control the world’s water and food supplies.  What we can and can’t consume and where we will be able to live and where we can’t live.   Yes.

It was President Bill Clinton that signed the United States up for the sustainable development UN program in 1993. It is officially titled “United Nations New World Order Sustainable Development For The 21st Century.  AKA Agenda 21. When Clinton did this, our waterways and food supplies came under the bio diversity mandates for the 21st century.  Ever since that day, the programs for climate change, USA consumption (remember we shouldn’t have big cars, nice homes nor eat meat), share the wealth (remember citizens are too rich and need to socialize and give our money to all the other nations so we can all have one acre and a mule), depopulation (remember there are to many people to sustain the planet.  Clinton said a sustainable number for world population was around 550 million.  So around 7 billion people need to get off planet earth.)  They even have plans to cull us.  We are called useless eaters.  Vaccines and big pharma coupled with a daily diet of phosphates from Monsanto delicious delights and toxic Flint type water are just a few of the dainties they have already laid out for us to swallow.


They also have the wildland project which is the plan to control all the land and water rights.  They want to move people off their lands and into zones where they can contain the population. (Gee…this could kill two birds with one stone….depopulate by poison waters and wild fires then declare toxic, dead zones, people forced to leave areas due to the toxic water and air because they have destroyed the natural echo systems? Naw…they wouldn’t do that…or would they?)  They already have and they still are!!

agenda webimage-6BED2D48-99F9-447C-9B4D95CFC19973F5

What will wake them up?  Most don’t want to hear a word about the real facts because it will interfere with property values and the wealthy side of the economy. The fact is homeowners and commercial property developers, especially the wealthy who own the coastline mansions from the Florida Keys to the southeastern coastline of Texas don’t want to hear that there are tar balls washing up on their secluded beaches, especially when those tar balls contain high numbers of Vibrio vulnificus (flesh-eating bacteria). Or, that red tide (riddled with radioactive phosphates, dioxin, and God knows what) is showing up off their coasts. Schools of dead fish, dead dolphins, manatees or dead whales washing up on their sandy shores are also an extremely undesirable image. And the stench…oh the stench! It takes your breath away, literally causing respiratory issues. There go the property values if the true condition of the waters are ever publicized.

So let’s just ignore the problem and call the little people “Rednecks” and say they’re too stupid to know what Red Tide is.  After all, it’s worked all these years so move along people, nothing here to see….come one, come all tourists down to the sunshine state where all of a sudden there is a lot of property for sale.  Any buyers?


Then there are the political opportunist who take advantage of a crisis…so when water goes sour it’s all Trump’s fault. Dem’s take over the gatherings of concerned citizens who come to the beaches to show support for clean water and shout it’s the republicans not doing anything to stop it.  Vote for their blue person and all the waters will be calm.  The red party’s not doing anything to help bla, bla, bla and where is Trump?

agenda rio-summit-6-638

When I hear people shout that Trump isn’t doing anything…I have to remind them that the first thing he did when he was sworn in was sign an executive order to give the land and water rights back to the states and out of the hands of the UN mandates.  He took us out of climate change and all the carbon tax garbage, and he restored the clean water act at that time.  He took us out of the Atlantic trade treaty and said America can consume what it wants and brought businesses back to America that went to poorer countries as part of the bio diversity helping less wealthy nations….(share the wealth).  He wrote  executive orders that destroyed a lot of strangleholds on the American people.  When he sees people aren’t what they say they are, he does a bit of his own culling. Two weeks ago, he ordered Pruitt, the head of the EPA, to resign for ethics violations. a week later, Monsanto loses a trial by jury lawsuit…. discoveries proved the EPA had knowingly allowed Monsanto to lie to consumers and government agencies with falsified documentations that stated Round Up weed killer is safe, when in fact it contains carcinogens that cause cancer. Other discoveries showed the company was in bed with the Environmental Protection Agency for years and years.

bill Presidents-Council-on-SD_Clinton-letter

Bush, Clinton, and Obama please take a bow.  Thank God Trump wrote an executive order back on June 19, 2018 to place our ocean waters in the protection of the armed services.  With that stroke of a pen he lopped off one of the heads of the agenda 21 dragon that was successfully poisoning our water and us. There is a lot of work to do and I believe we the people can clean this up but it will take all of us.  The first step is for all of us to see what is behind the veil and learn what is really taking place….YOU CAN’T VOTE THIS EVIL OUT IT HAS TO BE EXPOSED, ARRESTED, AND CHAINED!


P.S. What about that Bayer and Monsanto merger???  Read what Bayer the maker of the leading Baby Aspirin is doing with Monsanto.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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