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Last October, Digital World announced plans to acquire Truth Social, the social app Trump launched last year to court conservative supporters, but the firm has struggled to make progress amid a slew of regulatory investigations into the matter. Both federal prosecutors and regulators—including the Securities and Exchange Commission—are probing the deal for alleged misrepresentations and certain transactions between Truth Social’s Trump-owned parent and Digital World.

We now know via the FTX crimes how corrupt the Securities and Exchange Commission is and we know that Trump Social is a platform the FBI et al can’t fact check. At least not internally. Ponder that a moment.

When asked at a conference last month about the uncertain timeline for the proposed merger, Digital World CEO Patrick Orlando simply said the firm “[doesn’t] have an update” on the regulatory review.

So, as we talked about in the comments, Trump had been working on his own project, Trade Cards. But was it for ego as the pods shouted or for other purposes?  Let us see what took place. On Thursday, December 15, 2022, Trump revealed Truth Social’s latest “major announcement”—a line of $99 NFT’s (non-fungible tokens), which  are interchangeable items you can trade, such as coins of equal value or gold pieces of identical form, weight, and purity.  Which NOT A ONE OF THE NEGATIVE PODCASTERS explained this. At least none of the pods participating in the onslaught of Trump bashing that I watched, including Flynn who said he would have the person who advised Trump to do that card release fired.  This shows us that A. they were ignorant of the purpose and backstory of the NFT’s  or B. They used this as a trigger point to push other candidates and create doubt in Trump to MAGA supporters.

The podcast below was very telling as far as the push for the people to get out there and get angry…by General Flynn. And the other comments most interesting. Watch the body language which is also most telling. Let’s see how long this is allowed to stay up on this blog. Smile. Why does the picture of Flynn in the ad not look like the one talking in the video? Asking for a friend.

Also… how many podcasters does Clay now have in his digital podcaster program? Asking for a friend. Who writes their scripts? Or feeds their digital information tanks? Is it the general? Or the Clark? Or a mis and disinformation think tank? Again, just asking for a friend.

Is Flynn pushing for a 501c3 church action push to ready a round up? Asking for a friend?

No one mentioned any of the back story with Digital World and the stocks, nor anything about the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the fact that three top level board members have recently left Digital World Acquisition Corp. Those were Luiz Phillippe Braganza who left the firm on November 28, 2022, and  on December 9, 2022, board member Rodrigo Veloso and chief financial officer Lee Jacobson sent letters of resignation to the company.

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Digital World wasn’t the only company affected by what they are calling a “Bear Market”, where earlier this month nearly $11 billion dollars worth of SPAC deals were called off on the same day.  SPAC  stands for “Special Purpose Acquisition Company”, which allows for an alternative way of going public, which lets companies bypass the long-drawn out and cumbersome process of Initial Public Offering (IPO).  SPAC deals boomed in the past year, which the number one rated SPAC deal in October of 2022 was Kraken which was rated one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. And now we all see what happened to the Crypto Currency markets in November with the exposure of FTX and we are still watching that fiasco play out with the same Securities and Exchange Commission.    

So in October,  the markets were pushing the Best SPACs To Buy For December 2022 included the Crypto Currency market and that pace of SPAC deals continued to grow at a breakneck speed. Until it was exposed as money laundering and black market resource exchanges  for political campaign funding and open society type funding sources, among other nefarious uses such as human and child trafficking.

The fact is this: Digital World isn’t the only SPAC  struggling to close a deal after the economy descended into a bear market this year. Earlier in October of 2022, even before the FTX  scandal,  nearly $11 billion worth of SPAC deals were called off on the same day. Completed SPAC deals from January  2022  through September 2022,  totaled about $39 billion—down nearly 90% from $341 billion over the same period last year, according to law firm White & Case.

There are many factors that are playing into this stock market downturn and that is another discussion altogether. But these are the facts and what was not discussed by the podcasters for no one gave them the research or the script.  They were left to feed off of their own imaginations of what they believed they saw and did not follow the story to see  why, when , where and what the NFT’s were all about, nor why their importance to the overall goal of free speech and Truth Social as a platform.

What those such as Trump, who are wide awake, are now seeing is just how unawake so many who claim to be awake really are. So while hoorah and testosterone go a long way on the front lines of war, the ART OF WAR is conducted on an entirely different level and like it or not… most are best at taking orders and carrying those out. It is what it is. 

That being said, there are cunning wolves still at large that love to take advantage of people when they are stunned and confused.  Order takers need direct orders and sadly… they parrot off of others as though the blind leading the blind will be an answer somehow other than the ditch that many have now speedily found themselves landing in.

“Former President Donald Trump vowed Thursday that he will ban the federal government from using the terms “misinformation” and “disinformation” to describe domestic speech if he retakes the White House.” Read: Trump vows to ban feds from ID-ing domestic ‘misinformation’ (

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The mis and disinformation campaigns pushed forward full throttle and then the Birdie via Musk reared its’ head and all eyes were on the Twitter Tweet reveals and censorship of free speech and political sabotage of political platforms during the mid- term elections, and national elections in Brazil. These things are still developing stories and truth is trickling out. Yet, we are supposed to act like Twitter was always owned by Jack and Musk bought it from Jack for 45 billion dollars. And now we are supposed to believe Elon is a bored genius who is toying with the mis and disinformation and cleaning that platform up, all the while trying to lure Trump back to the platform along with others who have been deprived free speech.

All while Trump is working on Truth Social and keeping that clean from the sabotage dealt out from the same undermining deep state bunch that placed their own puppets inside the the Securities and Exchange Commission—who are probing his deal for alleged misrepresentations and certain transactions between Truth Social’s Trump-owned parent company and Digital World.  

Of which few if any are talking about this, and those who are have found there is more corruption that is being revealed inside some of the SPAC deal world and that appears to be causing some board members to flee.  

The last thing Twitter operatives want the people to know is that it has always been a government surveillance program along with Zuck at Farcebook and other social media giants such as google. Once again it is a part of DARPA’s “In-Q-Tel” which is a social media tracking and mind manipulation system that controls mis and disinformation. But no one is telling you this. You have to look at the lawsuits of Leader Technology which show us that the CIA stole the patents from the Federal Patent Office and gave them to DARPA who set up the social media outlets with that technology.

That being said, it appears that Uncle Sam’s Bankman Fried is a face placed on FTX for deep state operators to move money under the disguise of a cryptocurrency  mining company for places they want money to go that cannot be traced. This time it was traced back to congress and billions disappeared.

So as this all unfolds…. We begin to see the NFT values equal to gold and silver and other commodities that have value other than Fiat Dollars and therefore we begin to see the global arms reaching out to kill, steal and destroy alternative means of exchanges that hold strong value such as the Trump Brand.

Now therein lies but a part of the real story behind the NFT card release.  Trump brand is a high dollar resource that sold out in 12 hours, even as the pods and fake news blasted it as stupid and ridiculed Trump for losing his mind. When in reality all of those who negatively spoke out of turn of President Trump, received a justly deserved  ” lack of knowledge” award  back upon their own heads.  

That being said… hear about the other big announcement that the pods all missed…. Broken down and explained by Kash Patel the former Deputy Director of National Intelligence under President Trump.

Remember who controls Twitter and it was never Jack, nor is it Musk. Now they don’t come right out and say it is government owned …but they do admit the government has their hands all over it by admitting it is controlled by FBI, CIA, Google, and all the mis and dis information campaign groups.  But, even so,  Kash holds back, for no one shows all of their cards at once.

It is also important to know some more of the issues in the back story of Truth Social…

The Digital World SPAC has had a few previous challenges, one of those hit last April 2022, when Truth Social’s heads of technology and product development both resigned from their positions, following the problems with the Feb. 20 launch of the app on iOS.  It appears that when they found out that CEO Devin Nunes attempted to install his own allies to help run their mismanaged departments, the trouble shooting was too much for them and they left. They either resigned or were removed.. we know how that goes. However their departure for such reasons as stated lend the appearance that  something else was possibly going on.

Regardless, it was not acceptable to have the bad issues continue… and so the story told by the Washington Post was that CEO, Nunes was looking to hire other people to fix the failing departments and when the heads who were having issues with the roll out heard this, they resigned.

“The Washington Post reported that the resignation of the two C-suite execs came after CEO Devin Nunes, the former U.S. Congressman, has attempted to install his own allies to help run the flailing company.”

Be aware that right now all weapons, arrows, darts, and lies are being bombarded on the deep state and globalist most wanted enemy and that one is President Trump and MAGA supporters.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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