Climate Change Hoax Out of Control…

Hurricane Ian a very strange thing…

While people are out searching through debris for survivors… there are many fake news commentaries holding Climate Change ralleys and claiming that when the red states get on board they can make all the bad climate go away and have a paradise on earth where we eat bugs, and human petri dish celebrity meat. And we will have nothing and be happy.

There is a look of glee in their eyes as they count the homes in Florida under water. Twitter is riddled with mocking and remarks such as…”That’s what those Trump lovers get”. As though that makes any sense at all? The truth is hurricanes are a natural occurring fact of nature. What is not naturally occurring is the monster weather man can and does create.

  This right here, is what turns a Cat2 into a Cat4 in 48hours.

image 292

These are the advanced systems that made HAARP old fashion.

The SBX1 can do many things… one of them is missille defense. In the wrong hands…let’s say someone like Joey Avatar, or someone else we can’t see who has their own toys… and missile programs with all the same bells and whistles… you can have a serious weapon and some weather wars and innocent people suffer as well as all creation. That is what needs to be talked about. The way to stop the monster weather is by talking about what these weather weapons do. It is time to have this conversation with the ones who deny using it and also brag about having it.

Well Sebastian… they can and they do. Just not the way they are telling us.

Below is the before and after arial view of Cape Coral and Fort Meyers where Ian hit at almost a Cat 5.

The maps are not identified properly as you will see on the map below the TV news photo. But they are accurate google earth images. They have Fort Myers identification tag where Cape Coral area is. You can see on the map below the google earth view to see the names of the places that were under water.

image 290

Note Sanibel Island is all under water. As you can see from the map below Matlache is totally gone. Pine Island is ravished…Bokeelia all but gone and St. James City is wiped out. Sanibel Island is underwater…you can see the huge parts of Cape Coral and Fort Myers that were totally submerged. Now you can see why many homes were sucked down into sink holes and lives were lost on the Islands in the surge that went through devastating the areas that were under water. They are doing rescue searches and are now calling this an enormous loss of life. They are not giving numbers out yet. But I was told by a government source it will be in the thousands.

The map showing this part of Lee County is just a small dot of what was hit in the surge.

image 291

Now they are speaking of the death tolls and looking for survivors.

The people have been of good spirits, and helping one another. They have been strong in moving forward helping one another in spite of their own losses.

That being said… so far there hasn’t been any people looting, or grabbing TV’s from Target or Walmart stores that are closed. There has been no rioting and no fighting. What we have seen are people helping people and going out of their way to see what others need. It is a strong uniting to help those who need places to stay and food. Many people who sheltered in evacuation centers have no homes to return to. They are encouraged and supported by others and most all are vowing to rebuild.

Today, a food Truck set up on Cape Coral pkwy and Santa Barbara at Publix handing out free burgers to everyone who was hungry.

I saw on the Cape Coral Facebook group page people telling others items that they had if anyone needed them and how to contact them if they could use them. Others were asking what was needed so they could help give what was needed now to help someone. Many others offering food, supplies, etc to anyone who was in need. Others were asking where they could help with their time and service. There was a community of people helping people.

I kept reading the remarks because it was such a reminder of the America I had thought I grew up in. Where people helped one another because help was needed. No questions asked other than what do you need, how can I help.

It was such a different thing to see compared to what has been seen watching people looting, beating people up and shooting like what has become normal in the catch and release states like New York and other lawless governed states and cities.

image 293

The contrast in dealing with a disaster in this Florida hurricane compared to watching videos of people breaking windows and looting carrying out wide screen tv’s and whatever they can carry just because there is a disaster and no ones in the store…is a big eye opener. It brings out the huge differences between those who are of good heart and those whose hearts are hardened.

This Hurricane has been a testing to bring out what a person truly is… it is truly a testing like gold tried in the fire. I see a lot of gold shining in Florida. I believe they will rebuild and set a wave in motion from sea to shining sea.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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