Good Versus Evil, “WEATHER” You Believe It or Not…

Thousands killed and counting, no one is showing you the dead bodies floating in the water!

God be with all those who were hit by the storm. The exact death count is not known at this time… but even though it is estimated by reliable sources to be in the thousands… the survivors are among the millions by the grace of God!

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This is the news you will not hear on fake news propaganda programs! I will try to power point it for you. This came to me by Lee County local government sources and eye witnesses.

  • Dead bodies are floating in the water. Thousands are dead.
  • Houses floating in water, major bridges are out trapping people without power or clean water.
  • Hospitals flooded, Health Park Hospital’s first floor flooded, roof was blown away… they evacuated the sick and injured with no place to take them in the middle of the worst part of the storm, many died.
  • Hospitals hit hard and had to be evacuated.
  • Cape Corals emergency funds have been mismanaged and there is no money to help infrastructure.
  • No one is coming to rescue the people as there was nothing put into place in Cape Coral. The Cape Coral City Manager, Rob Hernandez,  was in charge of Emergency planning and failed to do it. People who know this are now questioning whether this was on purpose or not? As he has had a habit of not reporting funds spent to city council members and has had opened arguments with council members on his secrecy with the city budget numbers, and authorizing expenditures without council permission.
  • No funds were allocated for areas of assistance that an emergency plan needed for proper rescue and his answer to this was there was no emergency management funds available. Their question was…where did the money go?
  • Cars sunk into the ground killing drivers and their families on the Islands of St. James, Matlacha, and Pine Island.
  • Homes in Matlacha were sucked down in sink holes taking entire families with them. Matlacha and St. James had major sink hole damage and entire neighborhoods wiped out. Bridge to Pine Island down, and Islands ravaged by storm.
  • Few people have any communications.
  • No infrastructure plan in place in Cape Coral – responsibility lies on  liberal City Manager’s failure. Council members question if this was by design or just incompetence. Time will tell.
  • No preparations by City Manager for the following emergency repairs: power lines, water lines, sewage, phone service, emergency rescues.  City manager was on the news reporting he knew nothing but things were in place for when winds dropped to 45 miles an hour at the same time winds were reported at 28 miles per hour.

The cold hard facts appear to point to the conclusion that everyone was slated for die in the storm…except those they gathered or those who were fit enough to survive it. How do we know this? Our government source was told to get to the police station with his family because there was no infrastructure rescue in place and most all people were going to die in the storm. That was the planned outcome he was told.

What changed?

When a hurricane reaches land, it pushes a wall of ocean water ashore. This wall of water is called a storm surge. A projected 17 to 18 foot storm surge was building up and expected to hit land and as though God took his hand and turned it around, the storm surge hit the land at 7 foot. This caused great devestation, but did not kill the millions of people those who knew the truth had expected.

How did this happen? Weather wars? Many people are now saying it was through prayer. A family had been praying together and at the point when the 17 foot wall was reported as forming to hit… it turned and the wall that hit was 7 foot. “It was a miracle. A god sent miracle,” stated the survivor who told me this story. They also said that their vehicles that had been under water miraculously started up and they were able to get out on their own.

They stated that in contacting friends who survived as they did, they shared that the same thing happened at the very same moment they were praying as the storm raged and they knew they were doomed as the loudest deepest roar they ever heard went roaring over their homes…yet they suffered no further damage at all. And the waters began to move like a swift river away from their homes. When just before it was seeping into their homes and over their cars. There is a mighty power unknown like any other found in prayer. Both said they claimed God’s promises that they would not be harmed and they received that promise and proclaimed it. Amen.

Last night fake news interviewed the Mayor of Ft. Meyers. He told them that so far no deaths had been directly reported to him when thousands had been killed. That’s some wrap up smear job wouldn’t you say?

The Hurricane was known by the City Manager to be one that would kill most all of people in Lee county. This was reported by a person in government who was told directly the things the public is not privileged enough to hear.

They knew the devastation was going to kill residents and wipe out homes, and at the time…all infrastructure. I sounds sorta like since the City Manager knew it was going to wipe out everything…why waste money on organizing infrastructure rescue teams. It definitely needs investigated and regardless of motives, negligent parties need to be held accountable and if guilty prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Cape Coral and other areas of Lee County has lost its’ hospitals, and major infrastructure with few resources to repair its infrastructure which include power lines, water lines and it presently looks like a war zone with dead bodies floating in the water. Trees are stripped bare and look like poles, and blocks of buildings are sunk into the ground while others were splintered to pieces. People were turned away from many of the assigned centers as they were filled.

One government official was told to get to the evacuation center for him now and his family or they would die in the storm for nothing was in place to rescue. He arrived with his wife who had their dog and was told, the city manager doesn’t like pets. She told him, “And I don’t like liberals.” So they let her keep her dog.

Now this is not a political statement…this is a fact and truth and what the news doesn’t want you to know. This same city manager was on the news last night… telling people Cape Coral was ready for the storm and in the morning rescue teams would be sent out and power would begin to be restored. As soon as winds reduced to 45 miles per hour. Here is his video reporting these things.

Yes the conditions were bad, very bad. But, he failed to tell the news he had no finances to implement the proper infrastructure plan.  And he knew people would need them.  

So when you have public officials paid with your tax dollars who lie on fake news about your emergency situation… you need to know about this. Lawlessness has come to your municipalities in LOCKSTEP.  Spread the truth and expose all of the lies!


It is obvious that Hurricane Ian was meant to destroy infrastructure, homes and population numbers in a Red State, and push the global KM’s RESET climate change narrative. They will not succeed. This was weather warfare. Most all see this, but each are free to believe what they choose.


We now have fake news stations and progressive democrats pushing the climate change narrative. There is no science behind climate change except to deplete the world population, destroy existing infrastructure, control all trade, and once they “save their democracy” they will “build back better” with mind control chips, transhumanism, forced smart housing, and leased furniture, appliances, and most all consumer purchases. And of course around 500 million people who survive their war against God and God’s people.


They have been destroying much infrastructure around the entire world. Earthquakes, droughts, floods, monster storms, all by design and hitting hard. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what they are doing. Just look up at the skys and see the signs of cloud seeding and many rainbows over areas where the earth is quaking. They are out of control with their rods of God toys. But… there is one way to end their games… EXPOSE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND REMOVE THE CORRUPT ONES DOING THESE EVIL THINGS.

The activists for global warming are weather modification pushers. This is a great evil that must stop. This is not climate change by nature, this is climate change by HAARP and cloud seeding. These people who form their monster storms are wicked.

I wonder, in the video below, if the fire was started by someones Tesla EV parked in their garage?

It’s time to pause a moment and listen….

The waters come in fast and they will flow out in time… some quickly and some a bit more slowly… but building back stronger is the motto of God’s people!

Never look back…deal with the present and have faith in tomorrow’s mission! Everything happens for God’s purpose. Tested like gold in the fire and standing strong in faith! Because that is WHO WE ARE!

Are you more determined than ever to vote out the climate changing, propaganda pushers who dare to get in your face and shout lies? I am!!

And the Lord said…hold on to what you have until I come….!

Remember Ian was originally programmed to hit and head to the east Palm Beach area and wipe out everything in its path and pick up strength. This picture tells it all!!!

image 288

The road to the Kingdom is the road less traveled…. but the journey is one that is memorable and the destiny lasts forever and forever!

One person said, “It was definitely a miracle the water was rising 1 foot every 5 to 10 minutes just when it reached everyone’s floor level of their home the storm shifted!”

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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