The next moves are shaking out … who will win? Follow the money?

So it appears there is a push to follow and play out a Jubilee year…. where there is a cancellation of all debts, public and private, and the wealth of the world -stolen by creating money out of nothing and charging “interest” on it- must be returned to the people. Or so that is what is whispered from those in the know… meaning those who know more than what others are supposed to know??

The world councils of intrigue are now held at bay with many being captured and many at a standstill… the ransom or trade off is a shout from leaders seeking sovereignty to “let the nations go!” In return the KM desire amnesty for their many crimes against humanity. Just how will this thingy turn out is yet to be seen.

According to sources known to investigative journalists like Benjamin Fulford, Reddit, and others (who swim the murky swamp looking for the slime) they have found the ransom or negotiations to the post-war Western-led institutions like the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, etc., which include a list of things that must be replaced by something that actually serves the people of the earth. The same people of the earth who happen to be those pesky humans that make up humanity. The ones Schwab and Harari want to transhumanize.

Among the ransom or negotiations the alliance desiring sovereignty of nations demand that all the technologies, such as hydrogen and anti-gravity, that have been suppressed by the Khazarian Mafia must be released to the public. They demand that there be started a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. This includes the green thingy.

Another demand is that so called democracy, freedom of the press and the rule of law must be restored in the Western countries that have been hijacked by the same KM and their tainted systems. Along with the demand that the true hidden history of the earth be disclosed to the people via all the major media outlets. (This could prove to be an eye opener for many who have been blinded by lies.)

As far as the amnesty is concerned, it is being said that the alliance itself will not take any aggressive actions against the KM. However, the various legal actions against them for massive crimes against humanity, such as mass murder by vaccine, will proceed in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, Russia is said to have moved into positions at the borders of Israel and threatened to invade unless they stop their genocide in Gaza.

The follow the money part is tricky, there are a thousand ideas on it and someone is telling the truth… the question is… which ones?

The KM is also trying to cut a deal because there is a group apparently planning to shut down the entire digital banking system. They claim to represent the US Treasury Department but say they are not connected to supposed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the fake “President” Joe Biden.

This group is currently buying up, or trying to buy up all the physical dollars being held in mostly Asian warehouses. Allegedly, one trillion dollars is sitting shrink wrapped in Asian warehouses. A representative of this group said, “This has nothing to do with Biden or Rockefeller. It’s a process related to the new financial system aka QFS. There has to be at least 1T of cash in pallets in order for them to move.”

Representatives of Asian royal families said they were willing to provide the dollars but not if it was going to the Rothschilds. They are waiting for a reply.

Here is what the creator of the Quantum Financial System had to say:

The idea of the new financial system is to place all these off ledger assets onto one global repository which has a dual control of the world central banker and the collective (unanimous) agreement of the world sovereign heads of state. The various currencies, commodities, securities and general wealth would be denominated in the secure single digital currency and in time all the fiat currencies would be wound down. It replicates what Adnan Sakli tried to do and failed and also acts as the strategic structural reform of the UN, WB & BIS Basel. The disbursal of wealth to the general population by way of various structural projects is then handled on the new mainframe so a new international banking platform and all digital and very secure with control held by military intelligence. Years of work gone into it and mind-blowing stuff. Little wonder The Rothschilds attempted to have me assassinated – near carbon copy of JFK.

Is this good or bad? Banks that are connected to the QFS System or are being connected – Nicks Intel Update (

The alliance?? Which Alliance?  The QFS was developed by various researchers, scientists, and experts in the fields of finance, physics, and computer science over a period of time 1. There is no single person or entity that created the QFS. The QFS is a financial system created by Chinese engineering teams in collaboration with the engineering teams of other members of the Allianc

Allegedly….The Quantum Financial System will be bringing the Rule of Law to the world with this globally enforced Standard, and the ISO 20022.

With the Quantum Financial System, running on Artificial intelligence, written to follow the Law of the Land, corrupt acts become easily corrected. On 1-1-23, “The Law of the Land” takes precedence and according to the Restored US Constitution, brings an end to usury, and to any of the Cartel’s criminal back door acts. Justice will be swiftly served. Read: 04/19/2022 The Central Bank of Iraq – Nicks Intel Update ( Discern all things.

So while all this is taking place, the net is filled with JFK stories both Sr. and Jr. And many are speculating that Trump will finish what JFK started to end the corrupt agencies, and give the people a national bank with a gold backed dollar, while others are saying JFK Jr. is alive and will appear to help oust the KM Oligarchs and set the truth straight.

At the same time, the EU is cutting ties to the Zelensky supporting fake Biden regime. There are many computer generated images (C.G.I.) of videos of Zelenky’s war and some of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin standing with an out-of-focus CGI background behind him saying he is in Kyiv and supports Zelensky. Of which Austin has no power and no military to take his orders except those in C.G.I. land.

In addition, the EU cancelled a trade meeting with the US because of a deadlock in talks about steel and critical minerals, and are now buying Russian oil. Not the petro dollar Rockefeller oil. They successfully killed that off prematurely and now they need oil and energy many times more to run their green schemes that require insane amounts of it all to run their electric vehicles which are not sustainable at all.

It doesn’t take many families burning up inside their EV’s to give that idea a very bad name.

I often wondered what would happen if all the firetrucks were electric if that would create even more need for fire fighters? It seems the Electric Vehicles keep them in business of watching the fire that seems to have to just burn itself out, and if they go EV with their own trucks, it just may put them out of business of fire fighting and into the business of fire starting.

On top of all the hazards, it costs more to run the EV charging stations which are run on power plants that need coal and or oil, In fact one Illinois town wanted to add 30 trucks to their city which would require 3 times more energy to operate than it took to run their entire city’s residential energy sources. The council asked if this was a joke. And they did NOT buy the electric trucks.

But after all the huff and hype is said and done… the truth remains this was a disaster and people aren’t buying it anymore.

So what happened? They (meaning the puppets at the EU, WEF, NWO, UN KM Oligarch appointed ones) wanted to control who could drive, how they could drive, when they could drive, and control all of that… but their theory didn’t work. It worked in theory and not in reality. These vehicles weren’t supposed to catch fire and they weren’t supposed to be hyped up when they did… however when your car blows up in the garage and sets the house on fire that makes a big difference in consumer trust.

And when people watch drivers trapped inside their EV burning alive with their children… that also creates a mental image that no amount of marketing can udo.

Even electric scooters!

EV is over and Biden is going down in EV flames that just can’t be put out… they seem to have to burn themselves out. What’s left?

Meanwhile….László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament is among many openly saying things like the US ambassador does not exist, the UN is a propaganda tool and Hungarian opposition politicians are all traitors.

Their so called global war game is over. They just have to wake up and face the fact that they are going broke and their heads have hit a strong WALL MADE OF BRICS!

Germany’s citizens have had enough! Their top court just ruled that 60bn Euros in unspent Covid-funds were unconstitutionally relocated to a climate action fund. This is a painful blow to the beast led by Olaf Scholz because they have lost access to funny money created out of nothing. The Bank of Japan officials say Germany is getting ready to revive the Deutschemark.

But wait… there is also a thing called hydrogen and guess what… the EU is pushing for it???

Germany is joining Japan in launching the hydrogen revolution. Italy and Germany have just announced they want to circumvent the Alps by turning gas pipelines into hydrogen pipelines.

But this is not a new idea. They’ve been working toward this for decades. Three years ago the EU had it in mind…

7 months ago the EU was making its moves…. Surprise, surprise??

They always create a problem then force the solution onto the nations. Yet, their games are now blowing up in their faces, just like their EV’s.

Or was that part of their plan all along as well? You can discern and connect the dots. I wonder how many of these who push EV globally were actually driving them? I’ve looked and can’t find any of them boasting of doing so. If you have… please let me know. Smile.

Rome, Berlin plan massive hydrogen pipeline to Africa!


EURACTIVE reports: “Italy and Germany want to circumvent the Alps by transforming gas pipelines into ones capable of carrying hydrogen, a clean burning gas that Berlin hopes will aid it in decarbonising its industry.

“Germany’s thirst for hydrogen to fuel its industry seems unquenchable: the country is planning to consume up to 4 million tonnes every year by 2030.

“With half of that amount expected to come from imports, Berlin is dependent on outside support.

“Now, Italy and Germany have committed to working closely together in matters of energy, said Chancellor Olaf Scholz after meeting his counterpart, Giorgia Meloni, in Berlin Wednesday (22 November).” Read: Rome, Berlin plan massive hydrogen pipeline to Africa –

That being said, War Drums continue to pound….

The global bank knows Ukraine is over, so all eyes are now turned to Israel where the Zionist movement still fares well in using her as a weapon in a Biblical sense to save her at all costs. So, because Putin has captured evidence of all the sins being done underground and plans to expose it to the world… it’s time to wash hands and seek another war. That one has to be one the nations will support… which now we see the writing on the wall.

Enter Israel….

Meanwhile protests are going off like organized time bombs, while “Real Orthodox Jews” are revolting against these actions in Palestine. Or is it Israel?

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says “The minister of national security (Itamar Ben Gvir) in this government is a person who was convicted in the Israeli court for terrorism against Palestinians. This is a government which is a shame to the basic values of the Jewish people and the people of Israel.”

Meanwhile, an estimated 100,000 people have gathered around the house of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand his resignation.

The world has their back. The BRICS filed a complaint against the Israeli Defense Force and told the Secretary General of the United Nations the Gaza genocide must stop IMMEDIATELY.

Fulford reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping outlined the three urgent imperatives:

1. The end of hostilities and the achievement of an immediate ceasefire.

2. The cessation of all forms of violence and attacks against civilians and the release of civilians held in captivity.

3. The end of collective punishment targeting the population of Gaza.

They backed this demand with Russian tanks. That is the real reason the fighting stopped in Gaza.

The Turks and Iranians are also filing war crimes charges against Israeli government officials.

War crimes tribunals are now a certainty. Criminal officials of the Israeli regime must be tried said Iran’s top human rights official, Kazem Gharibabadi.

Meanwhile last week, the US State Department veteran Stuart Seldowitz was caught harassing a street vendor in New York saying: “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough…” According to CIA sources, Mr. Seldowitz is a Zionist who worked for Langley as well using the revolving door.

Israel caught with Great Britain’s pants down, and Biden has no army…. and so… now what will they do?

And now you know why the KM is suing for peace and begging for amnesty.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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