The Statue On Liberty Island…

When we get into explaining the statue of Liberty where do we start? Do you want the blue pill version or the red pill? We were all taught the blue pill version that this goddess is Lady Liberty and stands for Freedom. America isn’t America without her. We celebrate her every fourth of July and…Continue readingThe Statue On Liberty Island…

President Trump’s Second Declaration of Independence

Did President Trump sign this document? How many states have signed it? What do you believe? Transcribed by Mark Baughman 2/9/2020 from Parchment Paper from Original. —————————————————————————- Trusting our cause is just and having prayed for the fortitude of brave spiritual wickedness in high places. WE CITIZENS OF AMERICA make this announcement to the SHAREHOLDERS…Continue readingPresident Trump’s Second Declaration of Independence

Crusader of Truth – G. Edward Griffin

A man whose time is NOW! Learn from him all you can, while you still can! One of the greatest Truth Crusaders of our time is G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University among a list of other achievements. He has been researching for the truth and…Continue readingCrusader of Truth – G. Edward Griffin

And The Oscar Goes To The Swamp!

The chaos has started to unravel and now we have various threads to analyze. False flags are a staple in the globalists bag of tricks so watch out for a slew of those that may be coming.  Evil has always performed very nasty deeds and blamed it on the innocent. Look at history. There is…Continue readingAnd The Oscar Goes To The Swamp!

Mark Taylor’s Prophetic Warning

Mark Taylor has just released a prophetic word from the Lord. Below it is written in its’ entirety. Judgment has Begun Mark Taylor, January 28, 2022 The Spirit of God says, “Many False Prophets and Pastors are ProphesyingJudgment in 2022. Do you not realize they are prophesying their own Doom? The verythings they are prophesying…Continue readingMark Taylor’s Prophetic Warning

Sly Foxes, Wolves, & Men

IS MARXISM GROWING IN AMERICA? That is the question I asked in 2009 when I sat down to write the book to warn others of what was coming and the dangers of these sly ones who kept “We the People” distracted and fed a diet of falsehoods. The motivation to write it was to awaken…Continue readingSly Foxes, Wolves, & Men

Mark Taylor – God’s Indictments

Mark Taylor prophesied of Trump being a President for two terms, and he also prophesied another interesting thing that is just now beginning to happen. He prophesied that the news media would begin to agree with him. God is going to clean out the news media. He said he would have His millionaires and billionaires…Continue readingMark Taylor – God’s Indictments

Lin Wood Take Back America!

HOLD ON….I SEE A NEW THING BEGINNING….IT’S CALLED “TAKE BACK AMERICA!” AND IT’S FREE AND STANDS FOR FREEDOM! Lin Wood…. I had a chance to speak this evening with Clay Clark. I took the opportunity to talk to Clay about Jesus. When I last spoke with him a couple of days ago, his beautiful wife,…Continue readingLin Wood Take Back America!

Pattern of Tyranny

Know the patterns of the enemy in the invisible war we are in. It is not about you, it is about ruling the world and YOU ARE IN THE WAY. Good people have always been in the way when wickedness wants to rule. By the time they become so bold to come out and in…Continue readingPattern of Tyranny

Mandates Versus Laws

Remember mandates are not laws. Anything that goes against the constitution of the United States, and or Laws on Record do not supercede the law. For example, an official such as a Mayor or Governor can mandate that all people who where blue on Monday’s be enslaved. That mandate is illegal, obsurd, and against the…Continue readingMandates Versus Laws