A.I. High Tech, CERN and Humanity….

So the race is on for the richest great merchants on the earth to A.I. EVERYTHING, including your BRAIN.

While the world puppet leaders and the wicked WHO and CDC et al was doing their part in unleashing the fear porn to shut down the entire world to save the world from massive plandemic deaths that were actually planned out genocide to depopulate the earth…. their minions were investing in their UNICORN tech start up companies at a rapid rate. The goal appears to be to set up a world of A.I. surveillance and assisting tech companies needed to compliment the world prison planet goal. So while they were doling out the funding along with the lower end of the 1% to 3% of the world’s wealthiest venture capitalists…. to the chosen ones on the rung below them most were totally unaware this was even taking place.

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Artificial Intelligence and 24 hour surveillance.

The programming was focused on Trump impeachment, lizard people shouting you will have nothing and be happy gleefully describing the joy of transhumanism, death jabs, lockdowns, and riots in the street with shouts of defund the police and every imaginable video of outlandish horror of someone getting attacked or a city block on fire by peaceful ANTIFA protestors. And then there was Nancy Pelosi and all of her episodes, followed by a stolen election and patriots being called terrorists, and then it was all about new foundations, new podcasters with go fund me buttons, and a wild and crazy carnival barker who popped up out of no where to organize and gather stunned Christians and their last dimes. All the while we are being programmed to do something while the 1% were putting up their billion dollar UNICORN tech companies world wide.

All aboard for the RESET Global Order and keep people thinking CERN is just a fancy to find the Higgs Boson most commonly called “The God Particle”.


Today it is more obvious the goal of the venture capitalists at CERN was more to find the method to harness the world super computer in order to harness humanity and link them to their transhumanism programmed world along with EVERYTHING! They weren’t just looking for a god particle…they were growing an A.I. System to be a god. And we all just thought this was science. Until we saw the CERN Tunnel Opening Ceremony. That’s when the majority of humanity saw it as a Satanic cult ceremony and the world leaders and techies saw it as art and wonderful.

They told us what it was but how many heard? They said it was a SUPER COMPUTOR! And they said it was a collider to merge particles into light and even open portals to realms and a host of quantum leap type things.

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Little did we know it was planned to be the ultimate surveillance of EVERYTHING from operating our energy grids to reading our minds and telling our brains what to think, say and do. Transhumanism beyond our abililty to control. They have advanced their research to the point where they don’t even need a chip to control your thoughts… all they need is frequencies and quantum technology faster than the speed of light dark hole type of science.

Imagine all the tech operations across the earth and one GIANT SUPER COMPUTOR and all the smaller server stations all linked together and it doesn’t take much imagination to see the “MATRIX” REALITY SHOW. Live now and you’re in it.

You won’t need money, you won’t need a house, you won’t need children…they have that all figured out with their new breeding and cloning program… the satans will have their hell on earth and no one to stop them from whatever they desire to do. Or so that is what they desire in their imaginations. And many truly have bought into the idea of a better and safer world… but sadly, these naive ones don’t realize they won’t be in it… they will be robotized along with all the others. Do they really believe that the evil mad lizards really care about helping all the entrepreneurs start up their tech company billionaire dreams? They do… but these could care less who does it as long as it gets done fast. It is all A, B, C…. and systems. Follow the steps, memorize it all and no creative thinking involved.

And yes… the A.I. is more dangerous than nuclear war or just as bad. That is what they have said and the more you see behind the curtain, the more you see they told the truth.


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A while back when Netflix’s hit sci-fi series “Stranger Things” came out, people started making a connection with A.I. growing out of control and CERN. Those that follow the cult like Illuminati theories say the dark side (or deep state, or lizard people or KM Oligarchs, etc.) always tell you what they are going to do or doing and it is up to you to figure it out. Those who say and said this were, and still are, labled conspiracy theorists and crazy. But, they kept telling us, they do these things now (things like mind control and abducting children and stuffing them in freight cars and shipping them to dark market buyers and do all sorts of horrible things to the children in underground biolabs, right here in America and overseas, even performing rituals of child sacrifice). They said they tell us through Hollywood films and television programming.


Today these sci fi films and mini series are now coming to pass in the so called real world… we are now in their live theater as they direct the show. It is a constant ‘Da Sha Vu’ to read the news headlines, only to recall you saw this in a movie, or at least heard about the movie that this stuff happened in.

This has made people look for other clues that Hollywood gave us when we were believing that none of that could ever happen in real life. Right? We now look back and see the message they were sending us in the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Olympic Openings. Which lead us back to Cern Tunnel Celebration where they told us the story and the end game. But, who believed any of the interpretations?

It is time to look at the Bible and know that we were told all of this was to come and we are told to FEAR NOT. Fear is the opposite of Faith and it causes you to self destruct and do the wrong things. It is a destroyer. That is why it is their number one weapon now. God’s children know how this ends and we win!

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We have the one true God Almighty and we know that in Revelation the Lord told us what would happen, and what they planned to do to God’s people comes back double on their own heads. He said the ‘SKYS WILL ROLL UP AS A SCROLL’.

Revelation 6: 12-14

12And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 

I see that as a red sea parting for our days…. imagine what that will do to the A.I. programs they have built in the skys and covered all over the earth to control the weather, cause earthquakes, burn trees inside out, incinerate buildings in minutes, make us sick, kill us, and all the horrible things they have done and the plans they have made… when God shakes the skys and rolls up their space junk … they have no monster tech and no super computor and no super UNICORNS…. it is all gone and the playing field is level and they have no where to hide.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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