Supercomputers, Giant Accelerators & Corona Virus?

Introducing Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL in Dupage County where they conduct fundamental research to understand, predict, and ultimately control matter and energy at the electronic, atomic and molecular levels.

How many knew that the Scientists at Argonne National Lab, in Illinois is the home of some of the most powerful tools like supercomputers and particle accelerators, and work in collaboration with those at CERN? The UN? WHO? UNICORN CENTRAL? And with the University of Chicago?

And also is a partner with the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME)! That’s Pritzker as in the Governor of Illinois and the Hyatt Hotels and the Pritzker Global Initiative and the Lizard people in DAVOS. PME has partnered with Argonne National Laboratories since its founding.

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They proudly say on their website that the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME), forges partnerships across the University of Chicago’s campus, the nation, and the globe. They collaborate (there’s that gobal UNICORN wording again) with research institutions, industry, and the global molecular engineering community. Their partners, within the University and beyond, enable students and faculty to pursue interdisciplinary science and engineering with the finest researchers, facilities, and resources.

PME’s external partners include:

Those sure are some interesting partners now aren’t they?

Argonne boasts leading scientists, technology, and facilities like the Advanced Photon Source, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, and the Center for Nanoscale Materials.

And so of course, when COVID PLANDEMIC and DAVOS RESET was rolled out, researchers went right to work using Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source, a massive kilometer-long accelerator, to analyze proteins that could lead to coronavirus treatments or vaccines? Alas, today we know all the back story of the planned pandemic and all the times they tried to roll it out previously, such as with the Swine Flu that was halted, and the plans to force jab the entire world population, and the premeditated lockdowns and mandates to get it done.

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Argonne National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory? They are all affiliated with the University of Chicago and Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering. Read: Engineering the Future | Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering | The University of Chicago (

Did we mention there is also a Pritzker Chicago School of Medicine?

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About the Pritzker family, American family prominent in business and philanthropy during the later 20th century.

The family’s fortunes began with Abram Nicholas Pritzker (b. January 6, 1896, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—d. February 8, 1986, Chicago), who was the son of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant who had come to Chicago in 1881 from Kiev. Abram Nicholas graduated from Harvard University with a law degree in 1920 and then went to work in his father’s law firm (later known as Pritzker & Pritzker). He and his brother, Jack Nicholas Pritzker (b. January 6, 1904, Chicago—d. October 30, 1979, Chicago), left the firm in 1936 to try their hand at commerce, investing in real estate and small companies, particularly around the Chicago area. The family fortune quickly grew, and they managed to protect their profits from heavy taxation by putting the money into a number of trusts. Abram Nicholas also became a philanthropist on a large scale, helping establish the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago and giving several million dollars annually to other causes.

The Pritzker business empire continued to expand under the direction of Abram Nicholas’s sons, Jay Arthur (b. August 26, 1922, Chicago—d. January 23, 1999, Chicago), Robert Alan (b. June 30, 1926, Chicago), and Donald Nicholas (b. October 31, 1932, Chicago—d. May 6, 1972, Honolulu, Hawaii). In 1957 they bought the Hyatt House hotel in Los Angeles and built this investment over the years into a chain of more than 150 Hyatt hotels in the United States and abroad. Jay and Robert specialized in buying financially troubled companies and rejuvenating them into profit-making enterprises. By the mid-1980s the Pritzker family owned significant real estate holdings and hundreds of companies and subsidiaries, including the Hyatt Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Ticketmaster (sold 1993). Their largest business interest was the Marmon Group, a diversified holding company whose businesses included Wells Lamont (gloves), Trans Union (credit reporting), and interests in construction, transportation, and water treatment. Source: Pritzker family | American business family | Britannica

We pause for a moment…to let you ponder all of that. Listen to some music if you like.

We now return to our story: On April 2, 2020 The Chicago News Reported – Computing the COVID-19 Crisis

“Supercomputers can play a role in searching for inhibitors, too. As part of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, researchers at Argonne and the University of Chicago are joining forces with researchers from government, academia and industry in an effort that combines the power of 16 different supercomputing systems.

“At Argonne, researchers using the lab’s Theta supercomputer have linked up with other supercomputers from around the country. With their combined might, these supercomputers are powering simulations of how billions of different small molecules from drug libraries could interface and bind with different viral protein regions.

“We already have databases of many potential drug candidates—such “libraries” include catalogs of small molecules that number in the hundreds of millions to billions. The problem, then, is how to narrow them down. Running individual simulations of each and every drug candidate for each viral protein, even with the supercomputers running 24/7, would take many years—a window of time that scientists don’t have.

“Luckily, this is a problem tailor-made for new AI and machine learning techniques. To zero in on the most likely candidates as efficiently as possible, computational biologists can use these techniques to do a kind of educated filtration of possibilities.

“When we’re looking at this virus, we should be aware that it’s not likely just a single protein we’re dealing with—we need to look at all the viral proteins as a whole,” said Arvind Ramanathan, a computational biologist in Argonne’s Data Science and Learning division. “By using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to screen for drugs across multiple target proteins in the virus, we may have a better pathway to an antiviral drug. Ten billion configurations are quickly whittled down to roughly six million positions that researchers can then do more intensive simulations on to see which would be the best candidates.” End of excerpts.

image 22

How about just looking at the patents on the Corona virus itself?  You know the one made in the lab? What we all know now and didn’t know then, makes us take a whole fresh look at what was taking place in the land of Lincoln also now known as Lizard Lord Pritzker’s Blue State. The same lizard Lord who sent a dispatch to China to collect swabs for swab testing when President Trump had said no imports from China, and also gave over $220 million dollars worth of swab testing contracts to an unknown fresh tech start up in Central Illinois who had never done them before?

Oh but this is just the tip of the high tech iceberg.

image 23

At the end of the day, they identify a handful of inhibitor candidates that can be fed back to scientists who can then actually make these molecules, inject them into viral proteins, and then use the Advanced Photon Source to check how well the molecules work. “It’s an iterative process,” said Rick Stevens, associate laboratory director of Argonne’s Computing, Environment and Life Sciences directorate. “They feed structures to us, we feed our models to them—eventually we hope to find something that works well.” Read:

They go on to tell us that computers also help scientists to simulate the spread of COVID-19 through the population and Argonne has an “agent based model” that creates a virtual crowd of people who act independently

Agents make the model

They say that computers can also help scientists simulate the spread of COVID-19 through the population. Argonne specializes in a kind of model called an “agent-based model.” Instead of just assuming a population of “average” people that do the same thing, they have models that create a virtual crowd of people that act independently. You know… “the jab resisters?”  They say they are looking into how fast this virus would spread in communities due to people carrying on business as usual, but hey… hindsight shows us this was to find the numbers of those who weren’t easily herded into their programming.

image 24

Didn’t we see a few Hollywood films on this? I believe Netflix was rolling them out. Coincidence? Nope.

How many people knew they were already being monitored and surveyed by hidden all seeing eyes? The ones they had already placed on street lights, towers, buildings, and GPS devices on phones and other computerized devices? All for the common good of the whole?

The research models simulate individuals in a city interacting with each other, all based on their own surveillance programs and both our business and school closures were all part of their data mining for future planning.

They said, that the advantage of having a computer model of an entire city is that it represents a “laboratory” for decision makers to see how different decisions might affect a population without actually having to implement them. Quote from Charles Macal, Argonne scientist who leads the research in agent-based modeling, “Knowing what decisions to make on a regional or national scale and when are crucial in this worldwide fight. We’re developing a model that will help give information about what decisions will be most effective.”

How does it feel to know our government has already built the spy network they need to feed their data into the world super computer that analyzes everything we do and we are being surveilled like lab rats to see who resists and who obeys?

Funding for these efforts includes support from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Energy, among many others. Add to this the fact that while small businesses at home and world wide were locked down, all the big BlackRock and Vanguard controlled corporations were thriving and the A.I. UNICORN billion dollar tech company start ups were thriving and making billions on companies that contributed to the world wide RESET PROGRAMMING?

Imagine for a moment being President Trump and having intelligence informing him of all of this. What would you do?

image 25

Remember Pritzker had the nerve to call for President Trump’s impeachment after the Capital riots that the lizard coup devised and all the lizard people’s coup at DAVOS to kill billions of people with their CORONA bioweapon to bring about their transhumanism global RESET … oh my head hurts. Does anyone have an Exedrin?

Back to companies that contributed to the world wide RESET PROGRAMMING. One such company in Illinois was Reditus which popped up by the grace of Pritzker COVID SWAB mandatory testing in an unknown town called Pekin, Illinois.  

This small town of around 29 thousand people had a orthotics lab named Pals that went bankrupt, when along came a man from out of nowhere who decided he wanted to buy it and make it profitable. But not on his dimes alone, he needed some partners for even though he called himself a doctor, he wasn’t legally licensed to be one. So he had to find someone to join him in his venture and an acquaintance gave him the name of a doctor in Texas of all places to join him in his LLC so he could be Dr. Rossi of the Pals orthotics lab with a licensed partner in order to get free money from the city council to start his project. And so he did. (This is a very long and shady story with many layers that is now in both civil and federal court. It is a very made for Netflix type of interesting story, which I will cover in another blog, maybe? It has all the makings of the Biden Crime family.).

image 27
Aaron Rossi owner of Reditus outside the Peoria County Courthouse.

For now, we will fast track some of the back story of the “lizard lord Pritzker’s not a doctor” lab builder and the operations in Illinois. Touching just the tip of the spear so to speak. In short, after opening up Pals to do orthotics for feet, the man Rossi was intrigued with ‘tissues, organs and fungus’ (his own words, not mine) and so decided to study these things. And he was so intrigued he opened up Reditus a research bio company to do swab testing that at that time the medical field rarely ever used (it was a totally non profitable concept), but he from out of no where, in June of 2019 opened up as a small closet lab that catered to podiatrists and named the business Reditus Laboratory under its own LLC, but under the same roof in the same closet.

Their initial focus was anatomic pathology and histology. In December 2019 they added their first real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) machine.

Then all of a sudden and just like that, the COVID PLANDEMIC HITS in 2020 and lo and behold he decides to make COVID testing swabs and use his closet lab to do COVID tests. Then surprise, surprise…. BOOM!! Pritzker gives this unknown and inexperienced lab with ten employees …. $220 million dollars worth of COVID testing contracts for the State of Illinois to do the mandatory testing for government, schools, state prisons, etc. to Reditus. He, by sheer luck was in the right place at the right time??? That’s what he said. He had unknowingly positioned and prepared himself for this day.

He went from ten employees to 300 and even started several other LLC’s one to make signs and testing pamphlets for COVID, even the six foot distancing decals for business floor isles. His Pals orthotics made millions making plastic face and check out shields for BUSINESS COVID MANDATED COMPLIANCES.

Read: Our Story – Reditus Laboratories – Reditus Laboratories is a full-service laboratory company. (

And on top of all of that, he did this with tax payer monies through the city’s tax increment funding program all together receiving $350,000 plus while making millions while the town was shut down except the essential businesses.

He was on his way to being a UNICORN and networking a mega biolab project in the GREATER PEORIA AREA…which we learned included the county his labs were in.

Governor Pritzker took Dr. Rossi with him during COVID TO ADDRESS THE MANDATES AND VAX TESTING PROTOCOLS at press conferences on COVID TESTING MANDATES, and always introduced him as a doctor, which we find that in 2014 the Illinois Department of Professional Registration and Regulations gave him a cease and desist warning of using the title doctor as he WAS NOT A LICENSED DOCTOR IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. Which is why he recruited the doctor from Texas, Dr. Davie who applied for a license in the state of Illinois so he could buy Pals in the first place and operate the orthonics lab. According to his court case, he is still not a licensed doctor. (There is so much more on the back story, the side story and the ongoing developing story, but this gives the overview of what was taking place. We will cover more on this later as it is a developing story.)

So we now have Governor Pritzker who annually hosts the “Pritzker Global Initiative” as part of the DAVOS lizard people’s initiative at the Hyatt Hotels in Chicago. Who the Hyatt hotels are owned by the Pritzker family, who is pushing abusive and unconstitutional COVID mandates and funding with tax payer money the swab testing facility in a small town in central Illinois that is owned and ran by an unlicensed man pretending to be a doctor who is now facing several lawsuits one on Federal charges, and tax evasion going back to 2016 up to the present, that involve himself and his present companies which have all but one (the branding co.) been closed by court orders.

We also have the famous quote by President Trump from February 2023, “The lizard people are headed to their lizard meeting in DAVOS.” Of which Pritzker was among the lizard people he was referring to. Since his return…he has been rather quiet and looked a bit different.

Remember that Obama was groomed and  placed as president by the Chicago Machine. Valerie Jarret was part of that machine and what we had in the Obama Administration… was the placement of the Chicago Machine, and all of its key players and systems. Conspiracy theorists told you and they were ignored. From the “God dam America” PASTOR to the Acorn street organizers and get out the vote,  among a host of things … they took it all to D.C.

Meanwhile the University of Chicago stated in March of 2020 that “The Institute will focus its research on AI, machine learning, Internet of Things technologies, big data analytics, human factors, organizational behavior, ethics and public policy. The Institute will also support the development of machine learning algorithms, data security and cybersecurity techniques. Research will analyze new business operation models, develop methods of implementing organizational change management and privacy protection, and amplify the dialogue around the ethics of AI.

“The consortium will stimulate these efforts through research grants, visiting professor and research scholar programs, curriculum development, access to software, computing and storage resources, educational programs and gatherings, and an industry partner program.” Read: UChicago joins new academic/industry consortium to accelerate AI innovation | University of Chicago News

So, ponder this and soak it in so when we talk about the rest of the details … you will connect dots faster, this is simply the backdrop ground work all need to know so you will understand the rest of the story.

Do you see how it all begins in your own municipality?  Corporate and political lizards prey on weak links to either break them off or weld them into their chains of command.

image 26

Can the Land of Lincoln hear the echoes of – “FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO OUR FATHERS …!”

Those words were the opening remarks of President Abraham Lincoln at his Gettysburg Address during the Civil War, and referred to the Signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. And here we are today, once again fighting to restore the United States to the Republic. As Lin Wood said many times, “It’s 1776 all over again!” The battle lines are drawn, and the Land of Lincoln is in the midst of war… but do the people know it?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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