Zelensky Lost – Putin Won…

It appears DAVOS’s Khazarian order is falling… they are seriously running out of fear moves!

Zelensky has pretty much proven he’s been nothing more than a clothesline for dark money laundering, and a king pin for human and child trafficking, while allowing and protecting illegal bioweapon labs, and drugs in Ukraine.

We have been watching a real comedian, who’s supposed to be a president of a nation, behaving like a cross between a cartel and a global pimp begging to be a member of NATO and having fits for not getting let in to be a member, right now, because he wants it now!

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Impatient with a track record of having his own Ukraine troops bomb his own nations citizens, with the guts to beg world leaders to help him go up against a global super power like Russia and give him billions of dollars, guns, ammo, grenade weapons, tanks, planes, nukes, you name it so he can push everyone into world war III and he has been getting away with all of it. But, he’s losing and he lost. All of this has been hyped up by a puppet press that obviously works for the new global order that is out to kill, steal, and destroy all nations, even the ones on board for global order.

These Oligarchs have gone unchallenged until now. The head of the snake gig is just about up. And some big booms are coming for Putin is ready. Someone needs to lasso this public knee jerk before he has more people killed.

And lo and behold…. he has now thrown his wife out in front and center to do a PR stunt because his ratings have gone down the tubes and many world leaders want to give him a spanking.

That being said, what’s up with the magazine publicity? The white hats must have needed a bit more time so they had to bring the slithering snake back into the picture for one last round of irritation, the kind that causes people to seethe. But, it’s backfiring … people are laughing at the “Klaus Schwab” useful idiot.

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It appears that the global RESET mother-board is fried and smouldering, while Big Pharma is facing massive lawsuits from vax victims for their toxic mRNA gene altering drugs.

But, little by little we see people have toppled and reclaimed their governments, nation leaders have resigned or been removed, the central bank fiat dollar is losing value fast, and the wall street is about to crash. The western world global dreams are falling, are falling. When the rest of the world works together… it is a power the Khazarian egocentrics never saw coming. They have sat in their secret intellectual corners, sipping their fine wines, philosophizing their ideology and evil plot to turn God’s people into mindless transhumans and really believed humanity would just do as they are told and watch their families have nothing and starve. Their days of smirking at the little people who will have nothing and be happy are all but over.

I ran across this mock cover of “VOMIT”, that displays Biden and the EU’s favorite barf, Zelensky. I found it amusing. It sure looks like a perp walk. Zelensky’s entire spring and summer performance has looked like a perp walk to me…but maybe these people aren’t that smart, just like President Trump has said.

VOMIT Magazine brings you the latest edition featuring the Winners of The “Crisis Actors of The Year” Award for best performance to prove Ukraine is the Money Laundering Capitol of the Political World Order!

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Inside this special edition of VOMIT –

Don’t miss the special report of “Child Sex Traffiking For Fun & Profit”! Zelensky walks you through many ways to open borders and get kids through~with special interview with the sons of the Biggest Name Politicians in the US, and a special cameo with the “Big Guy”.

Zelensky gives pointers to young DAVOS recruits on how to start world war III and make billions in the process!

NWO Bio-Labs? Sneak peak of Special Edition Centerfold! This is just the first part of a three foot photo op fold out- front and back!

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Zelensky may have run out of rope on this one. There really isn’t anything left for him to do but resign. He is guilty of so many things. The only way out of prison in this show for him is if we find out that he has been working with the white hats all along, and then in so doing…he could be considered something? But, with allowing all the devastation to the Donbask region for so long…maybe not. Unless he was powerless against it?

I am betting, and only because this went on so stupidly… that he was part of the take down of the RESET global overlords of the dark side. Time will tell.


This guy is very serious about his NAZI COLD BLOODED PLANS… he’s not a comedian and no one is laughing at him.

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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