World Update…

If it can even be updated?

Things change minute to minute and there are so many crazy things taking place at once… so here is an attempt to give you some input with a bit of back story on some of it all so you can understand what’s taking place, for it truly is all tied together by the same head on the snake.

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Trump tells people in Houston what “We’re going to do within 24 hours when elected…”

Remember when in Iowa, President Trump said, “January 15th we’re going to have a tremendous day, but we’re going to have, much more importantly, in November….I think we’re gonna have … it will be the biggest event in the History of our Country. And we’re going to SAVE our country.”

Who wants to guess what he means by the biggest event in the history of our country?

Meanwhile in the UK… their refugee program is fattened up, and ready to rumble.

Wonder how the rest of Europe is doing with their refugee programs for the poor, downtrodden, scared, full grown men who fled their countries?

Well, this is not going to work out the way any of them planned. I feel it in my gut. What do you think?

Click to hear live speech of Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader –

The question is… who is really behind this mess in the middle east? Lizards or Wizards or both?

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All their sins will be revealed.

Meanwhile J-6 videos are being circulated again. We saw a lot of these when it first happened, and then the mis and disinformation removed them left and right. Those that saw them were supposed to act like they never saw them and they didn’t exist. Ha! We always knew what happened. Enough of the lies already! Just keep exposing the truth.

Just a preplanned democratic event. They didn’t get away with any of it.

Remember this one? Election fraud? It’s back!!

It looks like this could well be a GITMO list??? What do you think?

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Sam Bankman Fried found guilty – facing 110 years in prison!

His mom and dad are both Stanford professors, and are also implicated in this FDX money laundering criminal case that included fraud and theft and started bank failures like dominoes falling. Will we ever learn how much money was confiscated and from whom?

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A jury found FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried guilty on all charges in his federal fraud and conspiracy trial. It only took a little over 4 hours to reach a verdict. Read More: Sam Bankman-Fried convicted in fraud and conspiracy trial, faces 110 years in prison (

Now where could the 14 billion taken from his customers have been hidden? Aside from the congress tax dollars to Ukraine, and then sent to FTX then back to congress and the senate… all those banks closing all of a sudden and just like that at the same time???

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Wonder if it had anything to do with the Swiss Bank having to be purchased by UBS. Swiss Bank was in serious trouble and authorities in Switzerland and beyond had found a string of money laundering cases involving Swiss financial institutions in recent years, over 30 Swiss banks were looked into for such things. A Swiss court fined Credit Suisse over $2mn for failing to prevent money laundering linked to a Bulgarian criminal organisation more than a decade ago. Who knows what else they have found recently?

An article titled, “When did the 2023 Swiss banking crisis begin?” by the Swiss Times said –

“An array of troubles at Credit Suisse, long Switzerland’s No. 2 bank, threatened to shake global financial markets earlier this year and led to its takeover by rival UBS two months ago.”

It appears that since the Swiss government announced that UBS would buy Credit Suisse for CHF3 billion with a CHF9 billion state-backed guarantee, financial experts and Swiss taxpayers have been trying to make sense of how they got to that point?

Did Credit Suisse simply make too many mistakes? Or was it a series of problems that were complicated in the last year amidst war, inflation and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank? Frozen client assets were a big issue. Read: When did the 2023 Swiss banking crisis begin? (

Or was it due to a series of secret complicated factors? I say FTX and some customers shrunk up in the dryer this time in the laundering process?

Remember we were talking about a bank that now merged with the Union Bank of Switzerland, (UBS), which combined they dealt with over $5 trillion dollars in invested assets! They are a role model for the World Economic Development who boast that its small size has helped develop thematic areas of innovation. Among these are the Crypto Valley Association, which originated in Zug, and focuses on international blockchain development. And now we see the possible crypto currency connection and money laundering 101, remember they found a number of those type of things? But, hey… they are still trying to figure out where they went wrong or how they got to where they are now? Read what the WEF has to say about their Switzerland… How Switzerland is serving as a global model for innovation | World Economic Forum (

We all heard about the FTX crypto fraud and all the banks that failed. It’s still going on. And among those was Credit Suisse who UBS stressed many times that they were purchasing Credit Suisse and not bailing them out. Read the article in the link to refresh your memory… and you just may see the writing on the wall for the so called Swiss immunity as it just may be going bye, bye soon??? In the merger to acquire Credit Suisse with UBS, the council had agreed to guarantee 150 billion Swiss francs ($162 billion) of liquidity to Credit Suisse, well beyond the 50-billion Swiss franc figure that was announced publicly. But that did not appear to be enough. Read: UBS acquires Credit Suisse for $3.23 billion (

As many are now saying… the head has been cut off the snake. I wonder if they were talking about the WEF’s role model that happens to be the Swiss?

image 42

The question is who owned these two magazine cover wonders? Who bankrolled them and set them up? I believe the white hats already know all of that. Do you?

World news – Gaza, Israel update, and the Crypto King sentenced to life! Palki Sharma gives you her report.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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