Who Do We Watch Today, Trump or The Banksters?

Meanwhile, how does money disappear in the banking system? How does it reappear? Is it ever really there?

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The world’s major central banks hold extraordinary meetings – preparing for the worst – Slavic News

“Monday, March 20, 2023, the Slavic Newspaper reported, “The world’s major central banks held extraordinary meetings on Sunday evening. The U.S. Federal Reserve held joint talks with the central banks of the Bank of England, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank.

“In response to the emergency situation in the economy and the collapse of 3 large banks in the US and the problems of Credit Suisse, they took a major step to increase liquidity.”

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What is happening in the economy?

Slavic News Reports: “After the collapse of 3 large US banks and the liquidity problems of Credit Suisse, the situation is extremely serious. In Silicon Valley Bank alone, 40,000 smaller banks and lenders had their deposits that were only partially insured. The biggest bogeyman of the economy is the transfer of the failure of one big bank to dozens of others. This will trigger a domino effect like the one the cryptocurrency market experienced all last year.

“The financial world is much more intertwined than in the past. For example, the problem of Credit Suisse does not stem from internal problems, but from the collapse of other funds and companies where the bank had its funds.”

Did they just say Suisse failed “Not from internal problems but from collapse of other funds and companies?” Yes they did. They didn’t mention what those were? Nor did they mention how they tried to get Saudi, their biggest shareholder, to invest more money last fall but they declined.

“The answer is absolutely not, for many reasons,” Ammar Al Khudairy told Bloomberg, on the sidelines of a conference in Saudi Arabia. “I’ll cite the simplest reason, which is regulatory and statutory. We now own 9.8% of the bank — if we go above 10% all kinds of new rules kick in, whether be it by our regulator or the European regulator or the Swiss regulator. We’re not inclined to get into a new regulatory regime.”

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Reuters reported that the crash spilled over into other European banking shares, with French and German banks such as BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank falling between 8% and 12%. Italian and UK banks also slumped.

Two supervisory sources told Reuters that the ECB had contacted banks to quiz them about their exposures to Credit Suisse. The ECB declined to comment. (Of course they did…and Saudi was smart to refuse their marvelous offer in the fall.Don’t they have a lot of cyber information? And weren’t they also planning to join the BRICS? Yes they do and yes they are.)

Reuters also stated that the problems at Credit Suisse were widely known, with assets of about 530 billion Swiss francs ($573 billion) it presented a much bigger potential headache.

Andrew Kenningham, chief Europe economist at Capital Economics wrote: “[Credit Suisse] is much more globally interconnected, with multiple subsidiaries outside Switzerland including in the US. Credit Suisse is not just a Swiss problem but a global one.”

Oh just what were they doing in Silicon Valley? The Soros funding slush fund, the world of Google and Social Media Fact checking mis and dis information, and crypto FTX et al, with slush funds galore for things like “Mind the Gap” and the whims of Stanford University. Who are the bond holders? I hate to say read CNN… but even they are trying to build a case to blame something, somewhere and all the fingers are pointing at a world banking collapse and it is uncertain if they are for it or against it? Read: Credit Suisse borrows more than $50 billion from Swiss National Bank after shares crash 30% | CNN Business

But something tells me things are not going the way they planned it to go. Sure they were going to crash the banks…but they were also banking on making the bond money disappear and then reappear. Something tells me that wasn’t happening.

So, while the banks are falling and it is being said because of so many things that none of us can understand because banking is such a complicated business these days… well, I’m learning fast that even the fake news wrap up smear script writers are at a loss for words. So, in light of all the things being proclaimed, and my last article on the “New Monetary 1 Gold System”… that raised a lot of questions as it began to sound a bit odd to me as I digested it all.

So as my discernment radar was sounding, I had to dig deeper. My last blog was looking more like the reasons it was collapsing were known and the answer, of course was the entire world monetary system had become a greedie cookie jar for every thief and Khazarian Puppet in the entire 1% club and a lot of those in the 99%.

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So questions arose…

How do you take the assets away from a banking system that does not operate honestly on tangible assets?  A system that operates on numbers and paper? You first expose it so people can see it, next you crash it under its own system. And you have an alternate system in place before you crash it so the nations continue and the people are not harmed any further.

It is no secret that we are dealing with wicked greedy ones who care not who suffers as long as they take control and put their world domination in place. Remember, their entire scheme is based on destruction and depopulation while making money off of everyone while they do it. You can visualize it best as a video game where you acquire great bonuses, points, skill powers, and level upgrades as you KO everything in your path. Yet they have people walking away from the gaming table and even out the door.

The high tech banking system is no longer kept with ledgers and hand audits…everything is in a super computer system. The system does not know if you put in wrong figures…it tallies what it is programmed to tally in the categories you have programmed it to stick things in. Coding is a complicated thing…or so that is the illusion they give of it to laypeople… where the truth is if it were complicated… youth could not catch on and do it so quickly. It is a skill set that requires a line of study to think in terms of connecting “a” with “b” equals “c” and lots of memorizing.  So the real skill set is memorizing. Which is not creative thinking… it is visual identification and remembering what goes where to make it do what you want it to do. It’s robotic like Alexa. It’s all in the coding.

Some people just aren’t wanting to memorize and do widget work… it’s a learning curve they’re not willing to suffer. But, fear not the IT bot generation has been programmed to wire and code…so they are the primary coders and technology experts. Also interesting is that statistics show, the tech driven millennial generation only has 17% who own their own business… 83% are employed by others. What happens to them if Harari doesn’t get his programable bot future?

So pretty much, the system appears complicated based on lies we are told and made to believe. For example if someone doesn’t want to be a computer technology expert and would rather be a lawyer, the people are not going to be poked for being stupid when they seek legal advice. So why are they poked for being in the dark ages for not being tech savvy when they need someone to fix their computer? People untrained in Technology seem to be the number one to attack of all professions. I mean if you aren’t computer savy it doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, or construction worker… you all get put in the “out of touch and out of date” category. I only say that because too many people mock those who aren’t into high tech as some sort of dinosaur that isn’t long for the world. It must be in their programming? Although there are some polite, and compassionate ones who don’t do that, like my IT man Nik. Hi Nik if you’re reading this. I didn’t mean you. Smile.

I believe it is actually to gaslight the public that everything with high technology is to complicated for them to figure out so don’t even try if you are over 30… or is that now extended to 40?

The truth is… it is not as complex as they have made it out to be. If it were, computers would be much harder to hack and five year olds wouldn’t be googling. They have made it look difficult by physics lingo dashes and dittos so lay people would not understand it and thereby make it easier for others to work dark webs, money launder, embezzle, make money disappear and reappear and no one catch on. This is the complex world of the dark web banking that money exchanges rely on…and a laundromat for dirty dollars. Put your nose where it don’t belong and you catch a virus. Hack attacks and bots can do a lot of things.

Cartels need people to deposit checks… money needs moved around and into other accounts. Off shore banking is part of their system. When caught… system goes down, gets a virus, has a glitch, or they were hacked…or a program error. We the people believe them because we have been programmed to understand how dumb we are about technology and how marvelous technology is and we all need it, in spite of a few glitches. Until we learn what some of the glitches really are?

There is also extortion, election interference, money laundering, dark sales of human and child trafficking, drugs, guns, tanks, drones, field weapons, organ harvesting, sex, bioweapons, adrenochrome – it’s a billion dollar business! That money all ends up in someone’s bank account. The question is whose? Epstein dealt with billions and had quite an extortion racket going and he was just a front man. Who bank rolled him? Who bank rolled Hunter? Joey? Follow the money is not just a cliche’… and now we are following it… or at least the systems as the banks fall like dominoes.

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Therefore, the world of banking is based on numbers, coding and state of the art technology. Things we lay people don’t understand and what a pity it is. So today we are watching banks crash and burn and blaming it on about 7 people outside of Silicon Valley Bank who are waiting to withdraw their $495 to $6,500 out from their account?

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And another one…

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There are bigger wait lines at a restaurant bathroom. So what caused the shareholders to sell off their stock and who made the run on the banks?  When all countries in the world have bank fails and their entire banking system is collapsing all at once…what makes that happen? It is not what we are looking at in the photos…there isn’t even one angry face in the bunch. Except maybe SVB CEO Becker?

So who made the run on the bank to cause shareholders to sell? And why was their no bailouts even on a world scale? All the banking corporations, system banks and the system of central banks, have all gone or are going bankrupt.

Why did the states allow “System Banks”, that is, banking corporations, that acquire more capital than the states had? Why were the System Banks not subordinate to the central banks? Why were the System Banks allowed special operating regulations? Why didn’t people know about how the system banks worked? Or how bonds can just disappear at a certain point?  And what point was that and what causes that? Remember the Suisse Bank failed because its bond shares disappeared in the bank fail. How did those disappear?

These are all going down fast as SVB and Signature – CBC Bank, Barclays Bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, large system banks, etc.

Systems are built via Information Technology (IT) service

All banking corporations, system banks and the system of central banks, have all gone bankrupt. The system banks that failed are banking corporations that had more capital than the states had, and were not subordinate to the central banks. They had special operating regulations.

There are also banks that are in the system of central banks. That’s the Rothschild system, also a private system. They have all gone bankrupt as well. They have nowhere to get the money. They don’t have any assets. They have nothing. It is a hopeless and empty system.

So where did the money go when it was transferred through the system? Was it confiscated? Who is holding it? Is it in a mystery IT account or is it at Space Force Cyber Command? Who or what intervened in the system that was in place by the Federal Reserve and Bank of America systems? How many other systems were operating with funds flowing through Silicon Valley Bank? What is in the system?

Did the secret leadership of the FED itself get into a situation where it blocked its own accounts? Was a hacking criminal operation in the system itself. What IT superstructure technology could have achieved this?

Enter Cyber Command, Department of Defence!

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Trump said in a written statement, “This new Unified Combatant Command will strengthen our cyberspace operations and create more opportunities to improve our nation’s defense. The elevation of United States Cyber Command demonstrates our increased resolve against cyberspace threats and will help reassure our allies and partners and deter our adversaries.”

To help combat the escalating threat of cyberattacks and intrusions from other nation states, terrorist groups and hackers, and comes as the U.S. faces ever-widening fears about Russian hacking following Moscow’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 American election. Cyber Command removes any constraints that stem from working alongside the NSA, which is responsible for monitoring and collecting telephone, internet and other intelligence data from around the world — a responsibility that can sometimes clash with military operations against enemy forces.

Now hear what happened to Trump on January 20, 2021


In the video below, someone asked in the video comments, “I’m curious, did the real O’Biden get executed on Jan 21, 2021 and is this is why they gave him a funeral ceremony? I’m just curious to what the purpose of the funeral ceremony represents.”

Ponder it….



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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