God has a new monetary system! As President Trump said, “It is time!”

and it has been a long, hard process with all out war. The world beastly kingdom is angry. They don’t just sit down. So be braced for it. Whatever it is.

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For those with eyes and ears… here are what appear to be accurate documents that will explain what is happening and what to expect from your monetary system.

On March 4, 2021…

The screen shots are hard to read… these are from a pdf of combined documents from the WSB Trust (aka SICC Light Great Russia “Sovereign International Treasury Monetary One”) presentation. It includes several demand letters, 2 asset statements, several pages from the 2012 audited World Bank, Committee of 300 list of accounts, several pages from the off ledger account list, and 2 of the most important resolutions. In short, the world is going on the gold standard and out from the world control of the central banks of the Global Oligarchs.

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The Notification given on February 3, 2023

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This brings to light the GLOBAL CRIME against the ALL GOD, ALL CREATOR ONE AND HUMANITY. The ones who worked against said ones naming them as the International criminal neo-fascist organizations under the leadership and coordination of the forbidden Society of Jesuits, the criminal and forbidden Society of the Illuminati, with the support of Luciferian centers, such as the secret criminal and forbidden lodge Abeiton, Vatican, London City, Washington DC, Taiwan and others, under the well-known slogan “Pandemic” and “Vaccination” (pseudo-pandemic and pseudo-vaccination). Under the pressure of the previously described crime syndicate, the Global genocide and numerous murders were conducted, unfortunately, using the specialized organizations of the United Nations, namely: the World Health Organization and others.

It proclaims the victims of their genocide are the People of the Word and their multimillion dollar crimes continue in different countries until now. They charge these with their crimes.

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They call out the puppet leaders in nations and their illigitimacy of the production of real money, and therefore they do not have the right and opportunity to issue National currencies. They point out the Law of the World states a religious organization cannot have the status of a Soveriegn Country and the Vatican City and its territory completely belonged and belongs to the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Maltese Sovereign Order of Hospitallers which is the most ancient and supreme Order on the earth as the Supreme Order of the Sovereign.

image 247

They call out their false Order.

image 248

They announce their Divine Mission on the bais of the Right of the Supreme Sovereign on the basis of Right of Ownership, Dispostion and Management of ALL WORLD ASSETS from the Creator of the New Era, on the basis of the right of the Chief Regulator of the World Financial System.

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Proclaiming that “We Decide” due to the criminal acts and noncompliance to international law with the actual laws of Countries of the World, (exposing the corrupt banking system in the form of Central, National, and Reserve Banks of he World founded by the criminal community of the Illuminati, and led by criminal forbidden clan of the Rothschilds and its criminal accomplices who conduct activities against the Society and all Humanity… even stating they execute the anti-human criminal Luciferian plans and their criminal fiat currency (CBDC) according to the forbidden criminal PLANS OF LUCIFER!

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They announce their right to issue a World System RA Monetary One Gold Standard!

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The Kingdom of God is coming on earth …. as they set their seal to Health, Life, and Prosperity of All the Light of All Heavenly All of the Great Nature, Father of our All-God Almighty.

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And they set forth their Resolution to the one way out of the global financial crisis.

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Which point out to put in effect immediately, and to implement three different New World Reserve Currencies into the World Financial System….to put into worldwide circulation which are the Golden Soviet Ruble, the Gold USA Dollar, and the Golden ECU. They will create an exchange rate of “World money” in relation to World reserve currencies for the period of the crisis and for the period of elimination of post-crisis consequences.

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There are more pages of information… but this gives you the actions that were and are being taken. And leaving you with a few more interesting pages below.

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image 260

The official notification for the revocation of assets from the United States of America issued on March 21, 2022.

image 261
image 262

Where they list several pages that include a host of banks….

image 265
image 264
image 266

They list a series of pages of bank disclosures and other vital information to the deception and corruption. Too many pages to post here. However, this is enough to show you the bank posturing and the position we are presently in and what is really taking place behind the scenes.

Age of Prosperity with Nick Ragone and Emily (QSI) – Sunday 26 February 2023 (rumble.com)



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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