When In Doubt, Take A Nap?

Just how many pictures does it take to open eyes for one to see? I am beginning to believe there will never be enough.

People seem to gravitate toward odd behavior and unusual events as though that were the way it always was and there’s nothing there to see. Even when it makes no sense and stands out like a sore thumb, or in this case a black eye or a leg boot.

For example: It was the left leg because McCain said so, but it was the right leg because we saw it so? But he was frying 7 turkeys?

image 369

That was another viral thingy… even Herbert Bush had one. Celebs and politicians are just clumsy… was that the message? Or something else? Like you’re busted, now here’s your ankle monitor? Ellen where are you and Oprah? Do you remember all that you were shown wearing the boots? This plague of foot injuries took place when President Trump was still in office. Joey Biden got his in November 2020, 3 days after Thanksgiving. Oh and Katie Hobbs just joined the boot club. Or her 2.0?

image 371

Where are they now? Where did they go and what do they look like today? This was only one wave…there are many more.

image 370

Yet, “something inside me”, that part who could care less how stupid they all look and behave, is way past pointing out stupid and shill, because it’s so obvious, I ignore it… (note it, but ignore it). If every odd and stupid thing that popped up on social media were to be shared, then that is all we would be doing and what would it gain?

But, every now and then… well, that “something inside me” gets riled. Like when a black op pops up with a new can of worms ready to pour out on sheep who look at all that like it is all very real and shout, “Look what they’re doing”.

That is why I keep going and shout, “It’s a double, or that’s not true (when it isn’t), or point out the things that don’t add up”.

Your guess is as good as mine what this photo op was all about??? Just know it was staged. File it under, “Zelensky goes to the captital”.

image 368

Some things they will never tell you. But when you know, you can never unknow it!

We are at the point where there is little time left to explain history, let alone the present in order to understand the future and most of all man’s recorded bla, bla is skewed along with man made interpretations of what scriptures say. If your head ever hurts with hearing the bla, bla from the black ops and grifters… imagine how it hurts when you know the truth of what an apostle like Paul really said, and not what some mega pastors tell you he said, let alone how these skew what Jesus and God really said.

I mean when Paul is sending a letter of correction to a church in Ephesus, or wherever his letter is being sent to, because they are doing all sorts of “blending of pagan worship” with the followers of the way of Jesus and making up their own man made rules as they backslide far, far away… he’s going to tell them things to correct what they are doing wrong. Things like – they can’t go around fornicating (having loose sex) with women, and women shouldn’t gossip (as in bearing falsehoods causing problems) in church so talk to your husbands at home… but we hear it preached as though Paul said for a man to be celebate and women should be silent in the church. And many teach it like that is what Paul said for the church to do because “Paul said it”, even though he said differently, and said it to correct their back sliding in a letter. He never taught that as doctrine. He corrected them to get back on the path he did teach them. Which was what the Lord said.

Jesus never taught celibacy, nor that women should be silent in the church when it comes to spreading of the good news that the Lord has risen or His word. In fact, the first to share the news was a woman named Mary of Magdeline and Jesus told her to go and tell the others.

The words are taken out of context and declared to say whatever the councils who decide such things want them to say. Which bring to mind the scripture, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6, for how do you know if one is telling you the truth when you haven’t read the scriptures for yourselves? You can’t.

So even in the church we have false interpretations being taught as something Jesus said to do and Jesus never said it. They take things out of context to make a new false interpretation to suit their own ideas. The devil has not changed any of his tactics, it’s always been lies and psyops and black ops. And in this show, one of the global goals is to put all humanity into their man made religion and do away with the true word of God. Will they succeed? My Bible tells me they will not, but many will be deceived, even the very elect.

Back sliding in the church is not only within the congregation, it is in the pulpit too. And many of the corporate churches have sliden back quite a lot and some are stuck in mud teaching a form of their own godliness and not Godliness. Read the Bible for yourself with the Holy Spirit guiding you in your discernment.

We live in a nation where lawlessness abounds and it is getting worse. For example, a law was passed last June in California that prohibits employees of stores from confronting shoplifters. Shoplifting is now just as legal as jaywalking. You are supposed to ignore it. Ignoring thieves and making it a crime to stop the thief from walking out with your goods without paying has led to chaos and confusion, putting other shoppers at risk and in harms way of the thieves for they don’t stop inside the store, they also attack shoppers going to their cars.

The store being robbed is P.C. Richards and Sons, who advertise 114 years of honesty, integrity, and reliability. This is Biden’s Build Back Better for America.

image 373

They have an excellent ‘RETURN POLICY’, I wonder if anything will be returned?Return Policy | P.C. Richard & Son (pcrichard.com)

image 374

It’s no surprise that now Target Stores are closing in California and Oregan because of the high crimes and no way to stop the thieves. This is a new trend and one that will have a form of closure… and not the type of closure that deals with accepting something… but the type of closure as in going out of business. That type of closure. Read: Target To Close Stores Citing Theft and Violence Issues | Conservative America Today

This is the new America they are building for you with terms such as “for the common good of all”. Anyone using that term should be a big fat red flag smothering your face!

Meanwhile we have lawlessness on steroids in Congress as a Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman of NY, pulls a fire alarm while the votes are being cast and the building is cleared.


Brian Steil, a Republican Wisconsin representative and chair of the House administration committee, announced that an investigation into the incident is underway. Read: Democrat Jamaal Bowman pulled fire alarm on Capitol Hill before House vote | US politics | The Guardian

image 372

If that were a Trump republican he would have already been handcuffed and hauled off to be questioned. He knew fully well what he was doing and he should be held accountable. These lawless tactics must stop.

Bowman was caught on camera pulling the fire alarm which is in violation of 1512(c)(2) “obstruction of an official proceeding.” He can face up to 6 months in prison.

That being said… this is what we are looking at. They don’t hide it, they just deny it. The real problem is right in our faces. It is time they be held accountable. They are as bold as the ones who steal in the Target store. They don’t get any more free passes! That isn’t how it works any more! Their enablers are gone, locked up or RIP. Someone needs to send them the memo! Tick tock, tick tock.

Meanwhile… there is still the primary thingy….


You can choose to sleep, play, complain, ignore, get riled up, pay attention and discern… it’s your free will to choose. But, if you watch the signs you shall see the season you are in is not one to be ignored. It is one to awake and embrace. See everything God shows you! Have faith and shout – “GOD HAS THIS!”.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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