Trump’s Truth Keeps Getting Louder!

Boom! President Trump always tells it like it is! How many have thought and said the same thing? He’s still the voice!

President Donald Trump has exposed the RINOs and their wicked coup(s) all along the way. He actually stopped many of their dastardly plans from taking root. They were seething and unsure which way to go for they have one playbook and don’t do well when people don’t obey in such great numbers. They had to get Trump out of the way at any cost.

They didn’t care how many saw Joey in the basement, or with a few people at a rally, they relied on propaganda and counted on a sleeping people to throw up their hands and sit back down. That didn’t work this time. Their gaslighting actions only angered honest people. Their biggest problem was that Trump’s support was so great their cheating wasn’t working and the only way to steal the election was to stop it and bring in the ballot stuffers. This put them all in full view, front and center! They didn’t care, fake news shouted Biden won and became the sole judge, jury and illegal court system when they announced it. It was the biggest voter fraud in history and done in full view for the world to see.

To make it worse the RINOS came out in full force showing the entire world what frauds and crooks they were too! Each had a mile of corruption under their beltways and they sat on mounds of illegal activity that was now under a bright light being exposed.

Panic set in as Trump Supporters came forward to expose the many ways the cheating took place. So they sent word to the dividers to divide and conquer, and psyops popped up all over the place, but this time… that didn’t work either. Those were also being called out and exposed.

Once they stole the election and finally got inside the Whitehouse, they went back to their plans and shoved them all out as fast as they could because they had run out of time… they are so foolish they have no idea how they have all been busted and if they were wise… they would be working on plea bargains instead of thinking they still have a stab at this. They don’t. They are being busted left and right and are telling their lies to the public on borrowed time.

They may as well tell us a few more so we can use those against them as well! It’s RINO season!!!

image 321

The lies no longer work. They have no place to hide. Their time has run out.

image 317

It be like… dat!

Which one did he do best?

Exposing the fraud~ how many more times will the truth fall on deaf ears before this ends? It’s time to call out all the scandals!

The day is fast approaching like an oven where all those who perpetrated such evil deeds will be thrown… and not talking about a landscaper here…

And why is this?

image 318

This reminds me of those who think we don’t know who they really are…



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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