Trump Gave 7 Hour Private Class To Letitia On Branding A Successful Business!

Most all of it was above her comprehension level! Thinking is not in her playbook.

Yesterday, Trump was in the Red Queens court doing the “Peekaboo” thingy. Of which the Red Queen was out to expose her lack of knowledge!

Obviously She has no understanding of “Brand Recognition”, and little business acumen for determining net worth and good will of a business. And less acumen for being an Attorney General. Say goodby to Letitia… have a feeling she’s been exposed to RMD (rubber mask disorder) as she is showing dire warning symptoms.

There wasn’t much to incriminate the President on as everything he explained was legal and could also be found in his many best seller books on running a successful business and brand recognition. Perhaps Letitia should have read a few of those first?

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Rumor has it that Letitia was unable to comprehend the answers so she kept trying to twist it. That’s when Trump dug in and gave the best free class on building a successful business where banks win and the entrepreneur wins. He called it a “Win Win” and suggested Letitia buy his #1 Best Seller, “The Art of the Deal”! That’s when she shouted, “I’m adding “bribing an Attorney General” to the charges!” But, that was just rumor…so don’t quote that as a fact. Smile.

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I am pondering the outcome of this witch hunt and if anything, it looks like Trump books sales should go up!

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It was also rumored that after the break for lunch, Letitia became intrigued and started taking notes on branding as her image was waning.

In closing Trump is rumored to have boasted about his NYT Best Seller “Time To Get Tough” about how to make America great again. And vowed that is what he’s going to do. It is hearsay that he looked her in the eyes and asked… “How famous do you want to be?”

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Here are some facts…

Christopher Kise, a lawyer for Trump’s business said the Republican presidential contender spent nearly all seven hours “describing in detail his extraordinary business success.”

“The transactions at the center of this case were wildly profitable for the banks and for the Trump entities. When the facts of this success, and not politically engineered soundbites, are out in the open, everyone will scoff at the notion any fraud took place.” Christopher Kise.

If you want the New York Posts take on it, read: Trump grilled for 7 hours in NY AG Letitia James’ fraud case (

Meanwhile you can learn how to be successful from a number of Trump’s great best sellers!

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Meanwhile, President Trump is playing a few new cards…

President Trump is now showing fake news their own fake news and is in charge of “central casting”. The back at ya fake news has fake people with fake rubber masks, and fake C.G.I. videos and fake story lines. They never thought that would come back to haunt them, but it is. They are all being exposed and on public display for the world to see. Who among us ever thought we would see such a show as this play itself out?

So Trump’s 2.0 show straight out of central casting is a new guessing game to throw the deep state into a tail spin where everyone will be grabbing faces and pulling cheeks to see what is real and what is a disguise. We’ll just call it “Name That Mask”?

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Meanwhile Trump is looking at the new polls and posting the results.

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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