There is no place for the wicked ones to hide. Not any more. They are now left to face angry world leaders and billions of angry citizens.

The WEF, and puppet masters behind an enslaved world have told us openly what they have planned to do to rule the entire world and nation leaders have followed their LOCKSTEP RESET PLANS. They lined up and rolled out the chaos knowing they were destroying their own infrastructures and creating hardships for their own people and shortages that deprived humanity of their basic needs. They have recruited foolish people to do foolish things and believed if their brightest ideas were implemented, then they would own the entire world.

Well they underestimated the intelligence of the ones they deemed “useless eaters” who have pulled back the curtain and shouted there is nothing there but lies told by liars! The end game is exposed and their one world palace shall never be built. They can kiss all that good by.

The entire scenario is played out like school house bullys, only it is performed by a KM Oligarch mafia who have appointed puppet masters who have failed in their wild approach to take on the entire world all at once.

The majority of humanity and nation leaders now know there is no MUTATING VIRUS, only deadly bioweapons created in labs funded by the real virus which are the heartless, tyrannical ones who desire to create their transhuman, social credit, robotic world and cull it down to a number they can control. Yes, they are that demented, that evil, and that sick.

image 130

Rich people whose names we aren’t supposed to know are now losing their money and their grip on the necks of their puppets for the people are shouting and some are dragging puppets out of their stolen office seats.

The appointed puppets agreed to do their part in global famines, deaths, economic ruin, even in creating severe mental health issues with their psychological warfare on innocent people in their own nations. They continue to repeat lie after lie after lie, and have little to no remorse in doing so. When called out by their peers who are not on board, they become more rigid and throw out more mandates.

What they are actually rolling out is their own demise. Some have figured this out and are no longer as tolerant of watching their own people suffer from crippling side effects while some fall over and die from toxic jabs as their nations go bankrupt. They are rethinking the reality that they just might lose their war and many see they have made a big mistake as their strongholds are being torn down little by little and their money laundering is costing their oligarch masters billions in loses.

As for the USA, those who cherish freedom and love the constitutional rights are not going to give any of that up and are no longer going to tolerate their upside down fake science. There are many globalists who have now realized that and they are in a panic.

We are no longer allowing mis and dis information from those who have said they want to depopulate the world to around 500 million people and create a transhuman society out of whomever is left after their slaughter.

image 131

We know how ther immigrant game works and it’s actually an infiltration in our faces, holding children in front of them as their own, all the while, the majority of these little ones is their cargo to sell and profit off of. The other part of the cargo are illegal drugs and fire arms.

image 132

If you have had enough of the lies and deaths, it’s time to hold these globalists accountable.


How much more of this are we going to allow?

image 126

These are not coincidences, and not the result of something better had they not been vaxed.

image 127
image 133

From the very beginning… those who knew, knew.

Not to take anything lightly here, but I couldn’t resist to post this because it shows what is taking place and how it is being gaslighted so exactly!

image 128

It is happening at a rapid rate now.

image 135

Big Pharma denies any connection…therefore it must be the aliens NASA keeps telling us are coming??? They’ll be saying that one next.

World wide the coincidences continue on…

Who is going to hold them all accountable?

image 134

For this reason… we say no and guard our families!

image 129

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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