The Bird Thing Versus The Lion…

There is a big difference between chirping and ROARING!

President Trump has a BIG ROAR and BIG ROARING CROWDS!

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Trump is not missing anything and he takes nothing for granted!

Meanwhile propaganda news is shouting all sorts of lies from Trump has empty seats and no support in New Hampshire, to Nikki Haley is breaking records with turn out and support. All it takes is a set of eyes and ears to look and see to know what is what.

The obvious is the push for dems to register as RINOS and vote for their leader Nikki who has the same agenda as the globalists. Time will tell if there are more people who want more of the same Biden mess or if they want to have their country back. Either way the war is on and the war is not about a party, it is clear and simple about saving our nation and the constitution or allowing a corrupt system to continue destroying what is left as they geoengineer their way into destroying the entire USA and all sovereign nations.

In all of this excitement of the primaries, we must not lose sight of God who is the ultimate judge of all things and searches our hearts to see who we truly are and what we truly believe and desire to do in our lives.

That being said, when we in the flesh, take a good hard look around us… what do we see? If we see more hate, discord and destruction than we see love for our neighbors and safety and justice for them… that is a sad state of affairs and the picture the globalists are painting with big broad paint brushes.

On one side I see evil rearing its ugly head screeching blasphemies out of its mouth. Shouting all sorts of lies and condemnations that they have no power to inflict on a bug, let alone God’s children. And on the other side, I see lots of good people standing together and supporting one another in good cheer.

It’s just that the propaganda disinformation media is not showing any of the truth in the good of the people or the truth in their families and sufferings due to a corrupt system that has increased crime and hiked up prices across the nation. Instead, they are focused on the destruction and fear, fear, fear blaming Christians, Orthodox Jews and Trump Supporters. Oh… and white people.

Americans want freedom! They want to live their lives without all the wicked arrows and darts thrown at them at every turn. That can only happen with God leading the people. Put God first and God will do the rest!

Basically, for the younger generation… Nikki has a plan that will not allow you to ever retire.

Her plan means you must work until you are 75, of which by then you may make it to retirement age and have a few years of income … or you will never make it to then, especially if you have a heavy manual labor job. Either way, you will pay in all of those years. The good thing though, at least for now, is that your employer’s retirement plan allows you to serve a certain number of years and they you can retire. So what is Nikki thinking here? Or is this why she’s called a bird brain? But, she is good with numbers so she’s got it all thought out for someone. The question is WHO?

Maybe Nikki is following the mindset of the World Economic Forum who in a recent “Report” highlighted “Retirement Trends as Life Expectancy Increases”?

I’m sure she is enamoured with their mindset that due to longer lifespans, governments and employers must reshape approaches to retirement to ensure ageing populations can live fulfilling, healthy lives. So first it is the government, then the employers or both simultaneously? Either way the younger generation is going to not like it at all.

Excerpts from the WEF REPORT…

New York, USA, 8 June 2023 – Life expectancy increased from an average ofΒ 48 to 73 yearsΒ between 1950 and 2019 and theΒ United NationsΒ forecasts further increases, estimating that global average life expectancy will reach about 81 years by 2100. Longer lifespans are causing individuals, governments and business leaders to rethink their approach to work and retirement.

Living Longer, Better: Understanding Longevity Literacy, a new World Economic Forum report, in collaboration with Mercer, a business of Marsh McLennan, explores how lengthening lifespans are reshaping how individuals view their working lives and retirement. The report offers recommendations for government and employers to ensure they are adequately supporting people in multiple stages of work and retirement. Read: World Economic Forum Report Highlights Retirement Trends as Life Expectancy Increases > Press releases | World Economic Forum (

Pretty much the report is directing other bird brains to destroy the future of their own children. But, hey… they also want them to eat bugs and have nothing and be happy… so???

However as the new idea was not met with welcome arms by real people, Nikki back tracked and chirped that she was misquoted… but was she?

These lizard people find bird brains that they can easily be led by the beaks… and chirp out all they desire to do in exchange for promises of positions or other things? It is the way of the WORLD and not the way of the Kingdom of God which instruct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

But on the highway to oblivion… there is an off ramp – take the Trump Route!

Who will win New Hampshire? We await the popular vote. Will it be an honest election with no interference? Time will tell.

It just gets so strange to see such large crowds and such support and little crowds for birdbrains and have the fake news shout their poll numbers. Where do they get these numbers? Are they from polls out of Davos? Just asking for a friend.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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