“NIKKI CAME IN LAST, NOT SECOND!” Says President Trump!

President Trump had a double digit victory!

“Could somebody please explain to Nikki Haley that she lost – and lost really badly. She also lost Iowa, BIG, last week. They were, as certain Non-Fake Media says, “CRUSHING DEFEATS.” – President Trump

President Trump pointed out Nikki did a speech like she won in Iowa. He is wondering about her judgement? “Let’s not have someone take a victory when she had a very bad night.” Said Trump about Nikki in Iowa who came in last with low numbers. And now in New Hampshire she does the same thing? She is acting like she’s winning… and she is losing badly. So badly that she isn’t going to Nevada because Trump is polling 95% there! So Bird Brain isn’t going there (so she said). Trump has already won Nevada 100%!  Yet, Nikki is waving like she just won everything and talking like she’s beating Trump. Oh my head hurts.

Trump also pointed out that there were 4,000 democrats who voted for her in this Republican Primary in New Hampshire the night before.


President Trump’s Victory Speech in New Hampshire!

70% of Nikki’s voters were undeclared. Meaning they weren’t registered republican or democrat. So how does that work in a republican primary?  But she lost anyway. She is out there lying about her big wins as though the people watching are blind and deaf? If this were a movie, everyone would be calling it all out as cheating, and rigged. But, this is real life… so that’s not going to happen.

image 266

But, even though this appears highly unethical or rigged, or something like that, she’s still losing.

This means the pollsters have to talk through their armpits and make weird sounds because they can’t approach the facts and make it sound good for Nikki, who is waving on cue like she just won some big bird prize.

image 267

Word salad and bird brain gobble from fake news script writers and readers. Good grief… a 7 year old child can stand on the porch and pretend to be an announcer and make up words that are more meaningful than what these political announcers are serving up for us to chew. But this is how they do a wrap up smear to make a losing candidate look like they have a chance.

It’s almost like they make stuff up to confuse the mind washed who believe everything the fake news says and pull ideas out that make everyone wonder what they are talking about and scratch their heads.

They did the same thing with the vax and masks, essential and nonessential businesses, killing granny, climate change, transgender, transhumanism, Trump indictments… and whatever their scripts tell them to say, and or allow them to make up.

“Be not deceived” are important words. Those words are said many times in many ways in the scriptures. There is a good reason for that. We are constantly bombarded with lies, half-truths, hearsay, rumors, and twisted ideas that lead to stress, fear, frustration, making mistakes, placing us in danger, causing sadness, anger, and every range of emotion generally in the negative sense.

This is the way the world operates and there is not one thing new about it. We are just blessed with eyes to see and ears to hear, with discernment to know through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God that we are in it, but not of it. Today we are seeing it all like a big flashing neon sign! I am so grateful for knowing that. How about you?

Once again… remember President Trump asked us …“Could somebody please explain to Nikki Haley that she lost – and lost really badly. She also lost Iowa, BIG, last week. They were, as certain Non-Fake Media says, “CRUSHING DEFEATS.”

Let’s oblige! Smile.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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