Show Rantings To Discern…

What else could it possibly mean?

When you are busy seeing the things God is leading you to look at and discern and then asking what you are to do with it…and deeply ponder many things as your memory banks click off data to the front like a computor program bringing sites up to review….then you pause to check your email and see silly front page headlines like “Drunk Don Lemmon makes Lewd remarks…”, “Marjory Taylor Green kicked off Twitter permanently”, “Omicron bringing end of pandemic”, and donations for political campaigns that we all know are rigged by fraud, and see the ads to buy stupid stuff and all the survival food that we know many in the snow storm fires, and tornadoes that leveled their lots had and it sure didn’t last nor did it help….we have to look at that real close and see it for what it all is. A HUGE DISTRACTION OF NOTHING WORTH READING AND CERTAINLY NOT WORTH PONDERING!

Adventure and Art in Surreal Paintings | Surrealism painting, Surrealism,  Painting
King of Mud Flood. What else could it be?

Who really cares about that stuff right now? Raise your hand if you care about MTG being kicked off Twitter? Does that affect your day? Change your mind about any thing that you were pondering? Does it really matter now, this day, whose sins are greater than anothers? Some sure spend their 24/7 precious moments declaring that it does.

They would have us believe all sorts of amazing things…if we allowed them to convince us.

Worse yet, how long do we have to continue to pretend that a bunch of the C.G.I. fake interviews are real people saying real things? And how much longer do we have to watch a double or C.G.I. of Let’s Go Brandon and act like he’s still among us?

This entire show is pitiful and lacking any substance. The patriot in-fighting is another distraction…some real and some not so real… but the carnival barkers are still barking and now some are softening their howling a bit and trying to act more Christian….like we will all forget what they did yesterday and believe everything they say today. Forgiveness is one thing…but being unequally yoked is another.

Surreal Art Work And Examples - Mineheart
This must mean something…shall we wait until they tell us? Or shall we just make up something or simply call it art?

So, with all the clues in our faces that are now presenting themselves, mainly because the illuminated ones gave out to much mud for their grifters to sling and foolishly underestimated the numbers of those who were awake, and the numbers of those who have earned their tinfoil armor long before any of this storm hit.

So…deep diving and off to work we go…. as the world swirls and the ice walls melt…. shall we see a few more things before the end of the war? Heck, why not…..

When common sense meets science in the face and people still don’t listen…just make some popcorn and add lots of butter.

It can all be very convincing…but with every point made, there comes after it a lot of new questions… and some of the true answers are slowly emerging and not easily going away this time around.

It’s like we are living in a dream and in this dream we keep taking the same test of true or false over and over and over. We each have to decide what is true and what is false and hope we pass the test. Discern all things to get a passing grade, discern and pray unceasing to get an A! Yet in this dream, we can’t awake until someone says the test is over and you passed.

How much is opinion, how much is truth, how much is similar to looking at a Rembrandt and a Disney picture of Micky Mouse and calling the Rembrandt art from the Mud Flood? Don’t over think it…let the Lord discern it for you. He’s always right…we just have to listen.
In this one around 50 minutes in, you see he takes the footage of the moving sidewalks from the worlds fair and tries to make it fit his narrative. Don’t you just hate it when they do that? When you watch and listen, look for truth and ridiculous among the down right square that won’t fit in the hole. Some people lie to prove points when it isn’t even neccessary. This makes it harder to appreciate any truth presented. But, what I always do is listen and if it sounds wrong…I do my own deep dive. Never just take what any one tells you at face value, especially today.

That’s a lot to discern…. but it sure beats what’s playing at the “show” right now.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom…. press, press, press! We got the Holy Spirit and we got the enemies secret number!

We know God has already won the war!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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