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Some have asked what the point of the articles of the last few days have been in regards to going back and questioning history.  Quite simply it was to help break the patterns in the chain of deception. All things used against us have some truth and some untruths in them. Discernment is needed to know the difference and no one can do that for us, for we have all have been given free will to feel, think and choose.

Many are now beginning to see the untruths for the first time because they have become talking points for social media attention. And many could not separate the deception from the truth for it was blended so perfectly well together to deceive.

Religious Embodiment, semiotics and the mundanity of 'Worldview':  Reflections on the 2019 NGG Conference [Paper] - Tim Bouwhuis

 They are seeing how the wheat and the tares have grown and are still growing together  as the Lord has said.  And that this saying has not just been a mere allegory to explain a parable by our Lord to disciples in Judea. It was a solid truth to explain the nature of the spiritual warfare battle and a truth for understanding what had been, and was taking place at the time and a wisdom to know it will continue to be the same until the end of the times .

The entire point of the last few days articles are to help open eyes that we can be deceived with partial truths mixed with untruths. And each must discern on their own. The same ones who push toxic jabs and set up the map for RESET LOCKSTEP are the same ones who have laid forth all the ground work to get there which is contained in bits and pieces in the articles of the last few days.

By going back in history and weaving back and forth we see the patterns of deception are the very same. What is the purpose of looking at all of this? The Bible tells us in Revelation 18:23 in referring to Babylon the Great  that “By her sorceries were all the nations deceived”…. And this Babylon the Great  was built by the Great Merchants of the Earth…and she did it by deceiving all….and we must look then to her  ways, patterns and processes of committing sorcery in order to see the deception of this  Babylon the Great.

The warning to come out from her my people is a call to awake and to see and to hear, regardless of how ugly it all is.  Denial will never bring one out from her midst, nor show the way to the gates of the true shepherd. Free will has to feel, think and choose. That is how the heart, mind and soul works.  The Lord said to the church of Laodicea…buy from me gold tried in the fire.

When we look at the world on a grand scale and know that God loves the people throughout the world…we begin to see many more things.

A3 Poster - Jesus and the Devil Arm Wrestling (Biblical Bible God Picture  Art) | eBay

We don’t have to go back into our past to see if evil was done…for it was. The Bible tells us it was. The Lord foretold His disciples of the great persecution that would fall upon them…and it did. Beginning with the stoning of Stephen and continuing into great massacres and torture that have not ceased but have continued to this very day.

Even if one chooses not to look at history as anything true….one needs to look no further than the events of today and this generation to see the lies, deception and great evil.  Look at South Africa, look at Australia…but more than that look at the Uyghurs in China….look at the Christians killed in Iran….look at human and child trafficking, the satanic rituals, what they did in our recent history in WWI and WWII that they can’t hide even though they have paper clipped it and tried hard to erase the holocaust and erase even more the deaths of Christians that took place at the same time.

Look at the wars in Ireland that continued to be broadcast on TV even throughout  the 70’s between  Catholics and protestants in the streets.  I was young and worked with a young woman from Ireland who spoke of it daily as it was blasting on our news and she told me truths of what was taking place and what her family was going through. So these things did take place.

We don’t have to look far….to see how this goes on while others turn a blind eye and say….too bad for them. To pretend they can erase the real history by not speaking of it is sadly what they do. We watched as Venezuela rich in oil with a vast manufacturing industry, even making top designer’s clothing in their textiles, became a third world nation right before our eyes.  A the same time they were busy toppling the middle east and having the Bush doctrine War on Terror. All the while, if they don’t speak of it …then it didn’t happen.

Caracas - The Skyscraper Center
Caracas, Venezuela was South America’s wealthiest nation, which boasts the world’s largest known oil reserves, became a nation where 15 percent of people need to scavenge through garbage to eat while the nation’s dictator danced on state television. 
The most dangerous city in the world revealed as Caracas in Venezuela |  Travel News | Travel |
Caracas, Venezuela is now the most dangerous city in the World…did you watch it happen? I did.

I have friends who fled Russia to come here in the 80’s. Their stories are sad even though after arriving with a suitcase and one child and nothing much more, they achieved good careers in this land of opportunity and freedom.  One became a world history professor at a well -known  private college, the other an executive at an a well- known Insurance Company. I learned a lot from them and was shocked at their truths of what was yet happening even in the 80’s and 90’s. And even at that time in the mid 2000’s how the one’s father chose to stay in his mother land of Russia, under persecution, no matter how much his daughter pleaded for him to come live with them in America. It is thought provoking to this day how in our lack of knowledge we were being usurped in the light of day and few understood it, and fewer still knew it.

We see what happened to our own president JFK…assassination cover up. We watched the wars in Israel and middle -east in real time. Our veterans in Viet Nam told us many truths in stories others denied …same as those who fought in Desert Storm and Afghanistan….evil has not stopped and little has changed.  

While President Obama vowed to “continue to engage all sides” a leaked audio recording between two top U.S. officials revealed the Obama administration had secretly plotted with the opposition. Why weren’t we talking more about all of this? Why did they tell us the lies?

During the Ukraine on Fire of 2014 and the bloody massacre, I spoke out on social media platforms and shouted…look at what they are doing in Ukraine…look at this! No one cared. No one looked ….it was sad, very sad. The same when we watched them topple Gadhafi…even today the attitude is “at this point what difference does it make”. We watched this all of this and more…and few even speak of it as though it happened in their life time, worse yet, many have no idea it took place. But Obama era ended and Hillary was never supposed to lose, and after our Russia, Russia, Russia, and Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, and COVID is going to eat the world alive fear, fear, fear… we are now on to being Karen’s versus Trump supporters.

Why? Because Trump is a convenient boogie man for the cabal….and the vax is simply a bioweapon and the propaganda has divided us between one another. One doesn’t have to look far to see riots in the streets that were allowed during COVID in the same pattern as the deep state did in Ukraine…and might we remember at the VERY same time during THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION  while they were  overseeing the nightmare of Ukraine on fire…we were watching Baltimore and Ferguson riots and burning with the same tactics for police to stand down….one would think these events happened at different points in history, yet they took place simultaneously and as planned by the cabal. Why is this? Could it be that no one has time to watch another nation’s woes when their own cities are burning? Now we know thanks to Giuliani they were all done by the same deep state cabal.

Tell me again how we didn’t interfere in Ukraine’s free and fair elections? All while Hillary was running and Trump was about to come down the escalator…..

We can all well see how they have done this very same pattern all through history and especially take note that after they have done their dirty deeds they deny it to our faces. One need look no further than January 6, 2021. Or the election of 2020. Let alone, COVID 19.

The very same reason we are now looking at our very freedom….is the very same reasons mankind always has had to decide what side they are to be on. The deception of Pearl Harbor is the same deception at 911 to rally patriotic men to fight against the enemy who the government SAID DID THESE THINGS. Today, we now see how the deception is played out, all the while reciting propaganda from scripts….like announcing building 7 has collapsed when the world watched and saw it was still standing behind the reporter in real time. Or announcing Biden has won the election which we stood and watched them steal it right in front of our faces.

But little ole us….and half of all them, gaslight alley, and propaganda galore…do we not see yet how easy it is to have little people comply and ignore the truth right in front of their faces?

There is nothing new under the sun. And for this reason, is why I have written such thing for eyes to see and what the purpose of the last few days work has been about.

This is not over… Trump has never quit and all the propaganda that says he has is not truth!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom, press, press, press!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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