It’s All About Destruction!


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Klaus Schwab lays out his or the promise of potential peril! Noting that collaberation and stakeholders win in his end because the perils of the spoils of technological advances bring with it mass unemployment, the erosion of global governance; the potential abuse of robotics, genetic engineering and cyber weapons; and of course the unavoidable (by design?) disruption of many established businesses. His fourth industrial revolution shows us how new technologies are already hitting both the supply and the demand side of business. It is obvious his goal is to build his utopian platform that brings consumers together – owning nothing but somehow having an asset that is obviously owned by some governmental control structure.

In short it’s like the average guy has to figure out how to make a living without having anything. He uses successes of those like Uber drivers who have a car so they now work for a company that can make money off of them as independent drivers without investing anything into them… like a car and training. Or Alibaba who got rich without having to have an inventory… his idea of alchemy that turns some midas guy at the top into a rich oligarch while the workers barely make their mortgage payments.

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The only ones who will have nothing and be happy are the Oligarchs at the top who are stakeholders in the little eaters. The ones that survive his COVID nightmare and global revolution, or shall we say the ones that he says won’t be destroyed by it. All the rest are “useless eaters”. Or so, that’s what Klaus the chief of the lizards calls them.

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His idea is to have all corporate owners move from command-and-control structures to what he calls a “collaborative” teamwork set up. In short… cull 4 billion people and mind control the rest through owning their brains. As you would expect, his not so S.M.A.R.T. political puppets are just enough foolish to believe they are going to be part of his utopia status. The have no clue their minds have already been stolen and they are the appointed experiments doing the bidding of the Lizards.

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His little think tank minions really believe they are stakeholder winners so to speak, when in reality… these guys and gals will be off to GITMO or someplace similar once the truth hits the fan. His little “SPIRIT OF DAVOS” has now left the building and it is floating away into a mist … a foggy mist. The more his Dr. Evil plans are exposed, the more he is set to be disposed of, for his world of transhumanised bots are not going to serve him and his cabal cohorts. That city concept shall never be built and that is Biblical! His idea of playing God and lifting humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny to no where is not popular, nor shall it ever be!

Today, what we are hearing from what President Trump calls the Lizard people at DAVOS, and their many foolish minions is right out of a book of fairy tales. And we are watching it all play out on the big screen called our lives. It’s all one big FAKE SHOW WITH REAL CONSEQUENCES!

Central Casting and the Trump road show sheds new light on the cold hard truth.

When casting central goes all out with Joey Avatar to wake you up because in spite of all the truth in your face… they still don’t see a “rubber mask/clone/double/mind controlled/fake” or whatever they did to him, and however they did it, and they still don’t see the obvious, this is what they push.

Ask yourself, “If Biden is president then why is it that he is saying this? Especially when his administration is pushing transgenderism?”

Since the “off the wall” stuff gets met with a yawn… it’s obvious they felt it was time to just come out and shock the woke folk.

The timing of these things is not by chance. Especially when President Trump is out to end the “Left-Wing Gender Insanity on day one.” This sure looks like some central casting and script writing or C.G.I. on behalf of the Biden “Joey Avatar” Show.

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Trump vowed that on “day one” he would revoke President Joe Biden’s “cruel policies” that embolden young people to receive wrong-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and genital mutilating surgeries. Declaring war on deep states gender ideology, Trump stated that when he is reelected, he will “sign a new executive order” to make the federal bureaucracy “cease all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transition at any age.”

He promised to push for legislative steps to end taxpayer dollars going toward transgender insanity, “I will then ask Congress to permanently stop federal taxpayer dollars from being used to promote or pay for these procedures and pass a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states.”

Trump declared he would instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Big Pharma and the hospital networks within its sphere of influence that “deliberately covered up horrific long-term side-effects” of transgenderism and whether cross-sex hormones have been “illegally marketed” to impressionable demographics. 

He went further stating the Department of Education could leverage “civil rights violations for sex discrimination” against teachers and school officials who suggest to children that they are anything other than their biological sex. Offending schools could face the removal of federal funding, and said his administration would implement a new credentialing body for teachers in which “positive education about the nuclear family, the roles of mothers and fathers, and celebrating — rather than erasing — the things that make men and women different and unique” would be the norm. 

That being said, how coincidental it is that Joey Avatar came out saying how awful transgenderism is? Especially since he has pushed it? Think again… who and what is Joey Avatar? Read full story: Trump Pledges To End ‘Left-Wing Gender Insanity’ On Day One (

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Trump is still the president… if he was not… then why  does he have more security than the president?

Why is he calling the shots like he is president?  Why is the entire Biden administration looking like a failed Vaudeville act?  Why is Joey Avatar’s private home being raided if he is president that would not be allowed? 

Renato Cunha reported: The FBI has searched Biden’s beach house in Delaware. It is the first time that the private residences of the President of the United States have been raided. It has never happened before. No one has ever entered the President’s home until now simply because no one has the authority to break into the Commander-in-Chief’s private residence. This confirms once again that Joe Biden is an anomalous President and not actually endowed with full powers.

Insider Paper reported: Authorities search Biden beach home in Delaware: lawyer Read: Authorities search Biden beach home in Delaware: lawyer – Insider Paper

Which bring us to the question of how do you wake up people who have no idea they are sleeping?

Some would argue that you can’t. Others will continue to push to show them and so… while it is difficult to do, the only way it can be done is to undo the memorized lies and show them the truth. The truth shall set you free!

The sad truth is most people go through their entire lives without seeing the real world that is all around them. It is like a person who has never traveled outside of their hometown and having a cunning stranger tell them of their own travels of a land so far fetched it is shunned by all who hear it. Be it true or be it false, who would be the wiser in knowing it? Unless, of course, you were aware of the truth from those who left behind the proof. And then again, even that can be confiscated and hidden… at least beyond that generation or two… all that would be left are handed down stories from ones ancestors. And depending on their story telling with accuracy or wild distortions… again it may be hard to tell. Yet, relics of the past cannot be denied… but their purpose and meaning can always be altered and sometimes an outright lie.

“The trust of the innocent is the liars most useful tool.” Stephen King

Which brings us to the secrets of those who don’t want humanity to know what they are doing… also known as globalists, KM Oligarchs, puppets and their puppet masters, and secret societies also known as free masons… and then there are simply NAZIs, communists and the Lizard People.

We are now smack dab in the center of the older generation who lived through many of the things that are being misrepresented telling the truths about the matter, who are being misinformationed by the fact checkers. Then we have the generation beneath them who lived through half of the things and are corrected as though what they experienced never happened… and then the generation below them experienced some of the things… and this goes on and on until the new generation is totally mind scrambled if not for grandparents and great grandparents to tell them the truths.

It doesn’t take long to have an entirely different world view and the rewriting of history…. as we can all attest to the fact that we have all been watching on a day to day basis people lying right to our face in the biggest gaslight event that is so bad that movie producers would not even script it for it would never be believable by the audience and the film would be so fake it would be lousy.

For example, 5 years ago to have Joey Avatar as president would be more of a Saturday Night Live comedy act and not a script for a serious drama or mystery film, and certainly not a reality documentary.

It would be a sheer off the wall comedy hour. Actually Saturday Night Live looks more seriously real than the Biden administration.

The entire Biden administration would be an “Austin Powers… not ever gonna happen but it’s funny” type of show.

Yet, we are stuck in it, in real time and it is harming lots of people. So we have a bit of “Bates Hotel”, “Twilight Zone”, and “Chucky” CDC taking place!

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live mocks the entire CDC sponsored by the DAVOS think tank COVID SHOW …

And we can’t forget the script of “Mash”, for in the “General Miley” military it’s far more extreme …

We didn’t make this stuff up… someone else pushed it on us. Not only at Nellis Airforce Base in Nevada ….

But the Air Force Hosted a Drag Show At Langley – With YOUR Money and not to forget, it’s in our school systems too!

Then we have a ” Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” in Ukraine… and gaslighting is off the charts!

So… we have a mess as we try to find our way back to humanity.

The spookiest part of this thing is that the exact same mess is happening to the rest of the western world…. they are all in lockstep with DAVOS, the European Union, and the United Nations of the Globalist Empire Strikes back via LIZARD MEETINGS AT DAVOS!

One would surely believe it was a Saturday Night Live spoof… but the real presentation is far from funny.

Klaus Schwab, the Lord of the lizards, is proud of his government infiltration into the major world governments!

And then there are the books that Klaus wrote… and he isn’t into fiction. He desires all that he says he does. His goal is to achieve such things and he has slithered diligently to have such wickedness come to pass. But…. he will fail.

It’s All About Destruction! Who is it that the Bible says has come to steal, kill, and destroy?

John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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