President Trump Wins Iowa and It Was A Landslide!

No matter how the opposition wants to paint their picture, and regardless of all the fake news bla, bla, bla…. we all have eyes to see the massive support for President Trump and that just CANNOT BE HIDDEN!

I don’t know about how you felt watching the Iowa Caucus, but for me it was aggravating to have to listen to the commentators and their scripts. It was also laughable to listen to their rhetoric, as we have all done every time there is an election. I had turned off mainstream fake news for so long that it was like watching a rerun of a B rated movie. The outlandish twisting of words and out right bull was only making them all look very deceptive and gave all the warnings of election interference as they all were hoping for some terrible fate to bestow our President Trump from winning.

For me, it showed the evil push to appoint and not elect a minion of the host of whatever and whoever it is that is desiring to rule the world and put USA, Inc. back into some state of military power for the World Order that is losing its foothold and power… as it appears to be going down. The world is embracing the gold standard and that means fiat air dollars are headed to the shredder along with the corporate holdings of BlackRock and Vanguard, which are also being propped up.

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That being said…pundits want to know why Trump is winning? Well, it’s not what the fake news is saying at all… it’s because “Trump – he talks to the people and for the people!”

The Donald J. Trump campaign has been very unique in the way it has broken through the propaganda walls and brought cold hard doses of reality to the heart of America.  Daily, Trump has been educating the masses on how the American systems work. He boldly, with strong tone, continues to point out all the flaws and deceptive practices as well as the good things. Even speaking and questioning commentators on these subjects during news interviews. He has not changed one bit. He is the same as the day he came down the escalator with one exception… he is more determined now than ever!

The establishment elite media puppets are always at a loss for words, so they make stuff up and push fake scripts. What a dilemma when a candidate doesn’t play by the GOP bogus rules of control.  Trump is a counter puncher, and he’s a whiz at it. The most brilliant move he made was to not attend the GOP debates. This pointed out the low ratings, and the fact that the GOP candidates cannot pull the crowds let alone win an election. It doesn’t matter how many fake news lies are told… people see the party has very few attendees. All fake news can do for their weak candidates in a wrap up smear is call him a “whiner” and put words in his mouth while ignoring the real points he is making.

So, that is what they have done.  After all, they can’t continue to have someone who is a built in ratings machine expose them all.  Meanwhile Trump reports and the audience sees.  They think bout what Trump just said, then digest what their eyes just showed them, and their ears just heard, then 9 out of 10 yell – “GO DONALD Go – TELL IT LIKE IT IS!”



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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