President Trump Visits Ohio – Lifting Morale and Bringing Aid…

The Trump landed in East Palestine, Ohio with aid, assistance, and lots of hope and encouragement.

While Joey Avatar is doing something somewhere… and the press is fawning over the green screen CGI of his trip with his avatar buddy – the made for TV Zelensky…. all that hoorah has all the makings of a satire. Sadly, it is the virtual reality show that no matter how many billions are thrown at it… its ratings are still in the tank.

Meanwhile, President Trump arrived in East Palestine with aid for the forgotten citizens of Ohio.

The people are no longer forgotten and they thanked him for that shouting out – “Thank you Trump for not forgetting about us!”

The looks on the people says it all. In every video the people are so uplifted to have this man Trump arrive and walk with them and talk with them with sincerity. It’s just what he’s always done even way before he ever ran for office. He is the voice of the people. And that voice is loud!!

image 149

Trump praised the people in Ohio for coming together and going above the call of duty to give relief and help to the people. He called out and shamed the administration for their lack of help doing absolutely nothing for them, pointing out how horrible that was. Stating that it wasn’t until after he (Trump) announced he was coming, that they sent help.

Trump visits McDonalds and cheese burgers for everybody!

This is what it is supposed to be like. And it will be again!

Regardless of who is the president, every nation relies on their leaders to protect them and be there when a catastrophe takes place. Today we are under attack and it all appears to be by design. We are at war and President Trump knows their wicked plans to destroy us from within. Every city and municipality is under attack. The people are strong and when disaster strikes… it is hope and encouragement that lifts us back up even stronger.

We will get to the other side of this… keep on pressing forward. There is no going back.

Here is a video of President Trump boarding the plane to leave for Ohio.

Thank you to GOYA foods and all the ones who are boots on the ground!

image 150

Video below… propaganda was told and the residents were on their own…

Now that’s my president!

image 151


Plane enroute to Ohio crashes killing 5 enviornmental consultants headed to Bedford, Ohio to investigate the metal factory explosion. Foul play?

image 147

This doesn’t look right… the story is still developing.

There is a war going on… and we are in it.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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