The Joey Show Update…


Biden falls head over heels for Poland…. literally!

Now we know why Zelensky was holding Joey Avatar’s hand…so he won’t fall and get a boo boo.

image 142

Fear not for Joey Avatar made it to the “Movie Set” of the Polish Presidential Palace…. to give his speech to Poland!

Joey Avatar blabbers forth his praise to his war, “One year ago, the world was bracing for the fall of Kyiv. Well, I have just come from a visit to Kyiv, and I can report that Kyiv stands strong. Kyiv stands proud. It stands tall. And most importantly, it stands free.”

At least it looked that way to Joey in the green screen studio set.

Joey went on to say, “When President Putin ordered his tanks to roll in Ukraine he thought we would roll over. He was wrong. The Ukrainian people are too brave. America, Europe, a coalition of nations for the Atlantic to the Pacific, we were too unified. Democracy was too strong.”

Did Joey Avatar just admit he was warring with Russia? That sure sounded like it. Who else did he implement as his co-war comrads? Who are his European coalition of nations ‘for’ the Atlantic to the Pacific? Note he stressed this as he blasted Putin by name. Who writes his scripts?

Joey also said, “President Putin is confronted with something today that he didn’t think was possible a year ago. The democracies of the world have grown stronger, not weaker, but the autocrats of the world have grown weaker, and not stronger — because in the moments of great upheaval and uncertainty, knowing what you stand for is most important, and knowing who stands with you makes all of the difference.”

So he is at war? Yes, he just said that.

“Appetites of the autocrat cannot be appeased; they must be opposed. Autocrats only understand one word, ‘No!’ No, no, no. You will not take my country. No, you will not take my freedom. No, you will not take my future.'”

Good grief… America needs to tell Joey that very same thing. NO, NO, NO! And shove his democracy up his rubber mask!

Listen to the Joey Avatar crisis actor’s full speech… lie after lie, after lie! Orated it is muffled up, it reads much nicer, but at least he admits he’s in it up to his rubber mask!

Earlier in the day, Joey Avatar made it to the green screen room so he could ramble incoherently right on que, on hot mic.

And then he was shuttled off to the next stage for filming…

Once again because Ya just can’t see this enough…it warms the heart!

Take five and it’s a wrap!

What the heck is Joey Avatar doing in a so called war zone that looks so like a movie set?

The real war zones are in the US at the moment… look at the map to see how many chemical spills and chemical fires have taken place in the USA and Joey avatar is no where to be found.

image 146

… and add Bedford Ohio to the list!

Where is Joey Avatar? If he’s not holding Zelensky’s hand in a studio green screen setting with sirens, he’s busy falling off a plane in Poland. He needs to call off the bombs going off in the US… this is a planned demolition… it is not a coincidence. These are intentional!

Someone has some talking to do! What are they burning? What type of planned event is this? Any guesses?

There goes the wood. Lumer prices rising with the smoke!

Now Medley, Florida! This is war folks. World War III on the home front.

It’s pretty bad when a joke holds so much truth.

image 143

Who knew? This is why we are to question everything!

image 145

President Putin shames those who seek to destroy the family bonds and transgender or mutilate children!

This is the billion dollar question….

image 144

…and of course we still have this part of the show to contend with.

… and more of this! How much do these fire starters get paid? Who funds these road shows?

And remember the J-6 videos they tried to scrub… and now they are out again and some were never seen….

Now we have sky squares!

And that’s the latest news update that everyone is chatting about! Did you walk away smarter from seeing these social media power points?

The news is like a soap opera, what you see today is the same sort of thing we have been watching since the show began. We are supposed to be scared and now we are so immune to the fear tactics we use them as humor and laugh, laugh, laugh! But then again, we are all sick and tired of the show. But, many have said the show is off the wall by design, remember most of who we are watching and yelling about and at have already been removed.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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