President Trump Says We Will Not Comply!

“America will be saved and we will restore our nation! We have turned into a banana republic. It ends on November 5, 2024!” President Trump.

This President Trump speech is a must to watch! Listen to every word. He is not going to let the people down! God is with this man!

President Trump’s full speech at the South Dakota GOP Monumental Leaders Rally in Rapid City.

Kristi Noem gives a bold speech and strong endorsement for President Donald J. Trump in South Dakota.

Rumors are now flying that Governor Noem may be President Trump’s VP pick. Listen to her speech which is both a powerful tribute and strong endorsement for President Trump. It sure looks like she has exactly what this nation needs in the heavy road ahead. She’s tried, tested and proven to stand in the storm.

President Donald Trump and Governor Kristi Noem are two strong individuals who love their nation and put the people first. They walk the walk and stand up for the people. They don’t give a dull canned speech, wave like a manikin, with fake, freeze face smiles. They both stand up for what is right and hold their ground when attacked by their opposition and fake news.

Governor Kristi Noem boldly stated in her endorsement, “He has my full and complete endorsement for President of the United State of America. I will do everything in my power to help him win to save this great country.”

The depth of lawlessness being poured over America under the Biden administration and its “Ministry of Mis and Dis-Truth” reeks of the 1984 Orweillian world.

The nation has been knocked around like a punching bag and he psyops are off the charts.

There is little difference between the deep state plans and Hollywood productions.

Today ‘we the people’ are in the thick of the battle and smack dab in the path of destruction. It’s as though we were all cast into the role of playing extras for the “Burning Man’s” live theater pop culture plots of destruction. Depopulation of man orchestrated by the deep state and pushed out by their pysop experts of social media. It’s all a 1984 version of mind washing 101.

It’s geared toward humanity and aimed with glitter at those who are enamored by their own sordid fantasys and old rich men who love to dress up and down at a privately controlled get away in a grove or desert they control, and act out sick, Bohemian and apocalyptic fantasy’s that include sacrifices, fire, drugs  and sex. It’s not for the poor folk, it’s for the rich and powerful and the onlookers are just the pawns they blame it on. An outward wrapper… like on a candy bar. The outside is a mere cover that has a name that has nothing to do with candy. You have to peel that off and bite into it in order to find out what it really tastes like.

Ponder the names… the mind washing marketers use everything.

image 75

Consider Milky Way, Zero, Mars, Pay Day, 3 Musketeers, Take Five, Mr. Goodbar,  Crunch, Twirl, Snickers? You know the “What-cha-ma-call-it” drill. But did you ever stop to think about how they came up with these names for candy? The impact of the MARKETING PROGRAM?

Excuse me, I would like a Pay Day. I’d like a Milky Way. I’ll take some Atomic Fire Balls. Give me some Warheads. I’ll take some Nerds. Starbursts please. Give me two Snickers. What does Unicorn Poop Candy taste like, is it like a Whopper?

image 74

Would you even recognize what is what without the covering? We are on a journey to unwrap their sweet little lies and find out what they have fed us inside their bright colorful wrappers… and what exactly we have been gobbling up in our gas lite memory banks.

Everything is part of their target market programming! A while back I pondered the way they separated generations with their fancy psyop names. What was that programming all about? It started with the Baby Boomers due to a story in Life Magazine in 1941, that made a big deal about the increasing birthrate due to older couples having children after the Great Depression and the many marriages that came about because of the peacetime draft of 1940. At least that is what the script writers said it was about. But, knowing now what we didn’t know then… let’s relook at this.

 So the children born from 1946 to 1964 get the name Baby Boomers, and that generation was the first mind control lab rats. Remember… they never actually used that phrase until they got well into the rearing of all the peace, love, drugs, rock and roll they bombarded them all with. Pushing Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. Of which both Clintons were indoctrinated with. The truth is this was the social experiment performed on an entire generation without their permission. The plan was to reshape the thinking, desires of the flesh, and pushing a self destructive social construct onto a generation ripe for mind control and eager to give peace a chance.

image 76

Now after this generation was under the microscope and bombarded with all the new social TV programming from Walt Disney World to Father knows Best and Leave it to Beaver… GE and Westinghouse jumped on the advertising branding bandwagon and sold their wares to housewives across the country. It was off and running into mind control by news and TV programming. The days when truth was in the tube and everyone believed what was printed in the papers. Looking back… it was very easy to program unsuspecting parents and their little boomers.

Well after they got this boomer generation positioned where they wanted them, the next target was their offspring. That got an entire second level of mind control where they pushed the carrot out a bit further… not only for the youth, but for the booming parents. So now as their children were growing and having children of their own… the new names for those generations were invented and we now had a list of generations to boom at and track.

image 77

In pondering the generations it occurred to me … each generation got hit with a different set of mind control programming and the boomers experienced every segment and each generation prior to the new one experienced what was being programmed to the next one. Could it be that they named the generations for their own data mining? To keep track of what they did to who so they could monitor it and analyze those results?

For example Millennials or Gen Y never experienced the programming for those born prior to 1981, they were products of the social programming of those born before it. Therefore when they grow up they have the influences of parenting that have been reprogrammed, but not the first hand reprogramming. And children of Millennials Generation Alpha, grow up with the influence of technology, ie computers and cell phones with less one on one social interaction and a world where even cursive hand writing has all but gone by the wayside.

Both Gen Z and Gen Alpha are bombarded with a radical government transgender push and a school system teaching sex education in a manner equal to pornography that is still illegal to be sold to the public or watched online. For the most part, strong morals and values of what is right and wrong was instilled in the social fabric of Boomers, Gen X and Millennials; even though they may have had there share in partaking in it… most repented and returned to righteous morals and values like the prodigal son. At least they strived to do so, and desired the best for their children to be upstanding, honest and kind to others.

So what we have today is a war for our minds and the minds of our children.

It is elevated and off the charts with all manner of evil and wicked plots at every turn. We are all a people, and not a division of generations. The generations are the labels the mind control experimenters have given us to keep their live lab rats in categories of observation. It’s time to take back our free will, and our freedom to live our lives and raise our children in the way they should go. Like President Trump said, this nation belongs to the people!

image 78

President Trump’s speech in South Dakota was filled with the cold hard facts facing American lives and the nation. We have the legal power to turn the corruption around legally. We must be unafraid, and put on the full armor of God to stand in these wicked days. Whatever our past has been, we have an opportunity to make a dynamic future. And our future depends on the decisions we make right now in the present. The days of being luke warm are over. It is time to decide who you will unite with. Choose freedom or enslavement. God or mammon. Choose God and you have all the power of heaven with you.

Take a good hard look around. America is in mourning. It’s time to unite and come together as one people under God. Pray for our President, Donald J. Trump.

image 73

The most important thing is to have faith that God will bring us through this dark hour and fear not.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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