Lizard People Versus Humanity

So now NATO has a Strategic Warfare Development Command…

When all else fails… develop a new command center… one that will rule the world like Dr. Evil. Scare the pants off of sovereign nations for the DEW DEW is coming.

Brought to you by the same Lizard people you have grown to know and not like so much. Why? Because they don’t like you. They want to reach their command goals of depopulation and you silly useless eaters are not dying in droves like they desired…at least not yet.

They have a new “FUNCTIONAL DESIGN 2040 with what they call THE “SIX OUTS”

  • OUT-THINK: the future Alliance MIoP must anticipate threats and understand the strategic environment better than potential adversaries
  • OUT-EXCEL: the future Alliance MIoP must strive for excellence and agility, underpinned by NATO’s unique military ethos, culture and diversity and the will to take the initiative and win over any potential adversary under any circumstances
  • OUT-FIGHT: the future Alliance MIoP must be able to decisively operate across domains, in concert with other instruments of power and actors and simultaneously conduct shaping, contesting and fighting activities
  • OUT-PACE: the future Alliance MIoP must be able to recognize risks, seize opportunities, decide and act faster than potential adversaries
  • OUT-PARTNER: the future Alliance MIoP must be able to foster and exploit mutually supportive and habitual relationships and partnership opportunities
  • OUT-LAST: the future Alliance MIoP must be able to think, plan, operate and adapt with a long-term perspective in mind to be able to endure as long as it takes through strategic competition and any conflict situation

They also have a Warfare Capstone Concept:

image 88

They say a changing and evolving security environment puts the Alliance’s continued success at risk. (That continued success means global RESET?). While NATO remains a defensive alliance, (defending who?)the operating environment demands new ways of thinking, organising and acting. Russia and terrorist groups and organisations (terrorists include resisters to their RESET?) will continue to threaten the Alliance whilst the role and impact of China in particular will grow. Broader security challenges, including those related to demography, climate, resources and public health crises such as COVID-19 will persist. (There’s that tricky Covid thingy again.)

They say the operating environment is widening beyond traditional military bounds, with competition among different actors becoming more persistent across all instruments of power. (are they talking about White hats versus Black hats here?) This environment also features more diverse actors, with new weapons and technologies employed in new ways. (Is this where microwave DEW weapons come in? And things like mind control, chips, trackers, frequencies and jabs?) Successfully upholding NATO’s objectives in this operating environment requires a proactive mindset, (does that mean get them first before they wake up and resist?) effective connectivity and speed at scale. (is that SMART city stuff like surveillance?) Success demands balancing the efforts of the Alliance military instrument of power (MIoP) across shaping, contesting and fighting contexts. (Military instrument of power? Like JABS, DEW, WEATHER WARS, FEMA, INTERPOL?)

image 86

Read all about how there are too many people on the planet and they have to be SMART about the future. NATO Urbanisation Project – NATO’s ACT

HERE IT IS A BIG BOOM: They said, “Some actors, such as the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU), partner nations, industry and open societies will continue to present opportunities to positively influence the operating environment, which is essential for NATO’s response to future security challenges.” (open societies like George Soros funded ANTIFA, etc.? And think tank task forces? Yep.)

There’s more… they say, “The NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept (NWCC) offers an aspirational North Star vision for warfare development initiatives and the opportunity for engagement with all those who share the values of the Alliance. The North Star vision is informed by the activities of potential adversaries, but is proactively driven by the MIoP’s own ambition for success in transitioning towards the 2040 operating environment.” (That’s the depopulated, have nothing be happy smart city encampment thingy…I’m just sure of it.)

They say the ambition is necessarily high; however, the NWCC offers a realistic and agile path to realize it. The path ‘pulls’ forward the most important warfare development work. (I smell depopulation, destruction and DEW weapons here.) It provides a framework to focus and synchronize efforts to build military advantage, and proactively shape the operating environment to Allies’ strengths. It expands decision space for political authorities by focusing on the generation of military options including to create strategic, operational and tactical dilemmas for adversaries. (So they will take us all by force? Kill, steal and destroy proactively? As though they aren’t dewing that already?) Read everything else they plan to DEW: NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept – NATO’s ACT

This shadow deep state lizard mess needs broken down literally and figuratively. But for now… let’s just look at what we are really dealing with. Remember they lie, gaslight and use mind control techniques and everything they DEW is a psyops. They infiltrated social media from the beginning and the military industrial complex, so for those who still believe their favorite road show, church, news program, volunteer organization, podcaster, or social media source can’t possibly be infiltrated or has sold out for cash and a script… think again! We are in a war for our very right to think, let alone speak. Heck we are fighting for our right to eat and breathe here! Their biggest weapon is climate change psyops and promising that every thing they dew for you is for the greater good of all. They lie!

 They say the Alliance warfare development approach must consider the adversary (that’s any and all sovereign nations who won’t give everything over to their lizard lords and have nothing and be happy) and any and all resisters to their new order of chaos. So their adversary at this point, and by their own lizard leaders mouths, are the useless eaters who actually have names and families. These are what they pretend to call humanity and desire through their UN and EU fronts to help, but in the real world the lizard people hate them because they live and want to reproduce and have families. So the lizards seek to depopulate them from being fruitful and multiplying.

image 81

Those who are left will be brain hacked and transhumanized to be controlled for the lizard people’s personal slaves. Now, I am not making this up. I am merely repeating what they have so boldly stated at their own WEF meetings to their EU and UN members, their think tanks, and their nation leaders in league with NATO, etc. The ones who are excited to be part of their new world order.

image 82

So, in reality, the lizard people and their high command are actually the adversary of all humanity. Which… by the way, did you know that “adversary” in the Bible means the devil and Satan?

1 Peter 5:8

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

Remember that everything the devil does is designed to mock God and His people. The devil says he is for you like the witch in the forest who offered Snow White an apple. Symbolic? Yes, that fairy tale is very symbolic.

Back to their six outs….remember they aspire to out-think, out-excel, out-fight, out-pace, out-partner and out-last functions on our own soil in our own sovereign nation and hold branches of infiltration in Norfolk, Virginia.

image 84

The Experimentation and Wargaming Branch (EWB), formerly Operational Experimentation Branch, is a compact, yet versatile organisation within NATO’s Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

EWB delivers transformation to the Alliance through the conduct of experiments and wargames.

Experiments are controlled investigations to gain evidence in support of developing new concepts, ideas, and capabilities, along the stages of information discovery, hypothesis testing and final validation. Experimentation helps to reduce uncertainty, identify solutions that may not be clear through study and analysis alone, and evaluate innovations objectively.

Wargaming includes the application of scenario-based models in which the outcome and sequence of events affect, and are affected by the decisions made by the players (two or more opposing sides). We strive for a wargaming capability and practice that enables NATO’s competitive edge today and into the future, characterized by creation, discovery, and exploitation of opportunities in a fail-safe environment using analytical rigor to inform political decision-making and military actions at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

EWB plans, designs, conducts, and analyses experiments and wargames with partners from the NATO Command and Force Structure, Nations, Research & Academic Institutions and Industry.

NATO is having their 17th Annual Research and Analysis Conference in Maryland Oct 30th thru Nov. 1, 2023. That should be a real trick or treat event!

image 87

The 17th Headquarters NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference, co-hosted by Allied Command Transformation and NATO Science and Technology Organization will be held at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA, from 30-31 October 2023 with two optional training days on 1 and 2 November 2023.

The event is open to all NATO nations, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland. Read: NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference – NATO’s ACT

Senator John Kennedy calls for an audit of the Department of Defense and is not happy with THEM CUTTING A BIG CHECK TO NATO!

He says the D.O.D. has never been audited and needs to be audited now. He blasts them for not being responsible with funding and calls out NATO for not paying for their share of defense. Kennedy reminded them that President Trump called NATO out and was met with scorn when he asked NATO to pay their share. He points out how NATO has muddled around in Ukraine. He said of NATO that friends tell friends the truth and NATO has kept a lot of things secret. He called out France and Spain, Belgium, Germany and others and pointed out the Ukraine war is going on and they have spent monies and not paid monies. He reminded them what an alliance is and built on trust and when countries in NATO choose not to pay their own 2% that shows they are not responsible and they aren’t trustworthy to the rest of the alliance. Listen to the video below.

Bolton, the war monger who President Trump fired, told The Hill in an interview: “He [Trump] threatened the existence of NATO, and I think in a second Trump term, we’d almost certainly withdraw from NATO.”

Is that really a bad thing? NATO is run by and for the KM Oligarchs who desire to depopulate humanity, implement their RESET and rule the world lizard style. If the western nations who lick the lizard boots had to ask for the US military to help them… they wouldn’t be sanctioning and ticking off sovereign nations like bullies. Isn’t it time to pull out and take care of our own nation and revamp NATO without the lizard people? I say yes it is!

In Closing: The very same enemy of humanity and we the people of the United States of America is operating in our own government military complex and people wonder why it’s taking so long? Many still believe we need to just vote to fix it all, and My Pillow man has a new voting machine thingy that will fix everything! And we have a 2.0 zombie in the office of the president. We have to take our country back. And when President Trump says take it back… he is talking about ALL OF IT, not just the presidency.

When President Trump says, “This is an invasion and destruction of our country!” He’s surely talking about a whole lot more than he can tell us!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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