People Say Enough! 5-G Towers Set On Fire!

And what about Church Hill Downs? Let’s take another look at those horses!

A.I. 5G tower fires started with the onset of COVID-19 plandemic roll out and is now catching a new flame…

People tried to reason with their governments, to no avail. They tried to make them see what their 5G towers were doing to nature and humans… but they did nothing. But when it came to horse racing and million dollar thoroughbreds that generated lots of money winning races…. well that made some great merchants change their Smart Ideas. At least the ones that affected their horses.

5-G is dangerous to all living things! Be it water, plants, humans, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, bees, and ESPECIALLY HORSES!

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In a recent article on Racehorses at Churchill Downs titled: “Racehorses at Churchill Downs. Horses Fitted with Wireless Devices”, It’s obvious 5G is harmful!

They can lie all they want but when horses wearing “Stride Safe” devices are dying and crippled with side effects… it’s time to call it what it is “UNSAFE and HARMFUL!” And when those who do the tests know it is unsafe and harmful to horses and still say it is fine for humans … that is called – “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!”

The article written by Arthur Firstenberg stated: “Racehorses are among the most finely tuned, exquisitely sensitive creatures on earth. So what happens when you give them all cell phones to wear during a race? They start dropping like… well, horses. 

“That is exactly what started happening this spring at Churchill Downs in Louisville, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs hosts three “meets” every year during which there are horse races four to five days a week — a spring meet lasting all of May and June; a September meet; and a fall meet throughout November. The spring meet this year at the Downs began on April 29 and was to continue until July 3. And beginning on April 29, and in every race on every day thereafter, every horse was fitted with a device they had never worn before. It is a wireless device, shaped like an iPhone, that fits into the cloth underneath the saddle on the horse’s back. Horses also began wearing these devices this spring during morning workouts. 

“This STRIDESafe device monitors the horse’s movements 2,400 times per second throughout the race, sending 2,400 pulses of radio frequency (RF) radiation every second through the body of the horse. It also contains a GPS component that communicates with global positioning satellites. It also communicates with the RFID chip implanted in the left side of every horse’s neck, ensuring that the chip also emits radiation throughout the race. And because every racehorse wears horseshoes made of aluminum, which is one of the best conductors, the frequencies that are conducted from both the STRIDESafe device and the RFID chip throughout the horse’s body are absorbed and reradiated by its four shoes.

Each horse, then, carries not one but six continuously radiating antennas throughout each race at Churchill Downs. So with 14 horses normally competing in each race, there are 84 antennas among animals in close proximity to one another running around the track.

HELLO PEOPLE EVERYWHERE – WAKE UP! This is exactly the same A.I. technology they desire to force on every human in order to track and control them throughout the earth in every nation.

They had warnings and those were ignored. The same article stated, “We have known for decades that horses’ lives are shattered by radio waves. Hearings were held in Christchurch, New Zealand, and racehorse trainer Penny Hargreaves spoke out in an interview published in 1998. An FM radio tower in Ouruhia had had such devastating effects on her 90 horses that she was forced to relocate them to a different part of Canterbury. All her horses were affected, some more than others, and two died.

“They were very nervous and jumpy,” she said. “They all seemed to have sore feet. Horses who had travelled by trailer for years were losing balance while travelling. We have several hot spots around our yard where the horses become very volatile and hurt themselves and us.

“Our very valuable colt had serious health problems and walked as if his feet hurt. He could not bear to be shod. We had many vets look at him to try and solve his problems, but without any satisfactory answers. We finally turned him out in a paddock which has a large hay barn and trees between him and the tower. Within a month he had no problems at all. Back in his old yard, the problem returned.

“The blacksmith gave evidence at our hearing on the effect of the radio waves on our horses’ feet. The aluminum conducts electricity and their feet had changed shape, had huge cracks where the nails went and were very sensitive inside.

“We had weekly problems with infections we have never had before, our vet bills were horrendous.”

Nervous and jumpy racehorses with sore feet and lack of coordination. That’s exactly what has been happening at Churchill Downs during the spring meet this year. 

Penny Hargreaves said, “When I learned what was happening at Churchill Downs this spring I sent an email to Dr. Jennifer Durenberger, suggesting to her that the STRIDESafe devices, which have been deployed at Churchill Downs for the safety of the horses, are instead killing them. She has not responded. Dr. Durenberger, a veterinarian, is the Director of Equine Safety & Welfare at the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA). She has been leading a review of the records of the horses that died. Read full article here: Racehorses at Churchill Downs. Horses Fitted with Wireless Devices – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Mark Taylor warned us about the 5G Towers and how churches had already installed these devices onto their church security systems and on their church grounds, and up and down the highways and park settings. He warned us about the Horses dropping dead at Church Hill downs. He let us know their time was up and God was saying enough. The wickedness is all connected and has been from the start!

When the so called COVID virus broke out, it happened on the very same day they rolled out Huawei 5G. Every nation and the Princess Cruise ships that were switched on in that initial roll out were hit with the same virus that had people in Wuhan shaking like a blender and dropping over dead.

Soon after, people around the world in the same “Huawei 5G” roll out nations were setting fire to the 5G towers. Fake news was all but silent and instead announced it was a virus. You know the rest.

Today, people have more information and the COVID mystery virus from a lab is no worse than the common flu. Like it or not… it was never about the virus it was all about the chipping, depopulation, and turning the survivors of humanity into transhumans.

Now, again in Belfast Ireland… the people are taking matters into their own hands and setting the towers ablaze!


The harm of 5-G can no longer be denied and no longer be fact checked by paid A.I. techies who memorize phrases like “that’s disinformation”; “Not True”, and show their “Liar Liar Meters” and “Pinocchio” memes directed at the truth tellers. They can scream and call truth tellers “Conspiracy Theorists” all day long and that will not make THEIR LIES TRUE. At the end of the day their LIES ARE KILLERS!

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Whether it’s bees dying by the millions, birds raining from the skys, or athletes falling over at a sports event with “Sudden death” syndrome, people know this is not because of climate change. It is a direct energy attack of some sort… and now they are figuring out the conspiracy theorists were right. It is harmful electromagnetic radiation waves coming from 5-G towers and devices. There is no where to run and staying inside will not save you because frequencies go through your walls unless your house is built out of lead or aluminum with no windows.

Some are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation levels than others.

So there just may be another reason for all the fires? Whereas it may have been a deep state idea to plague the earth with a fake climate change wild fire idea and have people drop to their deaths due to that, instead of dropping over due to their combination of 5G and all the jab planted MRNA goo that went awry.

Either way… these things are catching fire just like their electric car batteries! In fact many 5G towers caught fire way before people even thought to destroy one of them. The same as their windmills and solar panels.

Imagine that Huawei’s 5G lab went up in flames. Loaded with what secrets?

So as these fires are erupting, the question to ask is this: How many are going up in flames due to angry people setting them on fire… and how many are going up in flames because of their own components found inside the A.I. constructs? Just like all their electric cars, smart meters, solar panels, and wind turbines?

Will they blame angry conspiracy theorists for all of their own towers catching fire? It looks like they already have been!

However they go up in smoke… that truth needs to be told. People need to know how many are self destructing and how many are arson related.

And now we see many flaws in the A.I. surveillance systems. More are yet to be revealed. They have tried their best to hide the truth, but today fact checkers are found to be the liars and conspiracy titles are now the real badges of truth.

They have lied and lied and lied. Their own truth and lie meters have melted under the heat of their own WEF lieing lizard dragon breath.

It’s time for the towers to fall! Makes you take a fresh look at the last days prophets and their words.

Isaiah 30:25 KJV

“And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.”

And never forget they are pushing all their new devices from smart meters to solar so your house will be surveillance compliant. It has nothing to do with climate change. Which makes me wonder about natural gas. Is that a safety risk with 5G and all their electromagnetic goo in the air? Would a house built with all their devices be a bit of a fire hazard around open flames? Something tells me it sure would be.

We are at the crossroads. There is another way and that way keeps the radioactive stuff in the upper atmosphere and as it drifts to our level it dissipates and is not harmful to life forms. That is the 5G that was authorized. But what we are having shoved at us is the transhuman GPS’d version and that operates ground level. That is the one that is going to burn baby burn. And it already is.

It’s all about their “SMART CITIES” AND TOTAL CONTROL OVER HUMANITY”. This is not going to succeed. If you take everything out of the equation except sanity. Ponder it a moment. No sane person is going to let the lizards control EVERYTHING to the degree they have exposed they desire to control it. No sane person is willing to starve and give up their minds and lives for lizards! The sane people are standing up! There is hope for the sane people. A harvest for the Lord is coming. There are some tares that look like tares, but they are actually smothered up wheat. Give them some space and they will breathe! Dry bones coming alive! Smile.

3 years ago at the onset of the fake COVID plandemic. People knew then and were silenced..or so they tried to silence them. Today we are louder.

Mis and dis information campaigns can’t get their propaganda out without their towers and now they can’t compete because the FBI got busted and their entire control system has caught a fire they can’t put out!!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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