Monkeypox Click Bait…

Meet the new Monkey Pox Czar appointed by Joey Avatar… Dr. Demetre Daskalakis.

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Dr. Daskalakis has been appointed by Biden to be the Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator, and is said to be a ‘Satanist’. Just because he has apparently, or shall we say allegedly, been seen in dressing and attending Satanic like events that have all the hallmarks of those who attend Satanic type rituals, and loves to dress up and imitate a variety of things Satanists allegedly are known to do publicly.

Keep in mind, their A.I. programs are data mining on every thing we make an issue, ignore, or make go viral. They want to know how to poke us and what makes us angry, disgusted, happy, what we think of everything and they sure want to know what makes us feel and what triggers us and what doesn’t. With that in mind… let’s look at this for what it really is.

That being said, while some are going …”What the????”, others are going, “He’s absolutely Awesome.” We present both sides. You discern.

You can’t make this stuff up… but according to the Illuminati craft, it is said they have to tell you what they are doing… and then by your own complacency… you are agreeing to it or giving permission to allow it… or something like that. In other words to do nothing is giving permission by allowing it.

Pay no attention to a person’s works just listen to what they say.

But the Biden Administration is overlooking any of the accusations that they deem absurd and instead appear to be looking at the behavior as a pronoun that he may or may not identify with.

READ THE ARTICLE FROM THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE: Dr. Devil Worshiper Vs. Monkeypox – The American Conservative

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But fact checkers have denied any satanic affiliation…

  • Dr. Demetre Daskalakis is a Harvard-educated public health advocate and an expert in LGBTQ health issues whose career in medicine spans more than 20 years.
  • Daskalakis shared pictures of himself on Instagram wearing a leather harness in the design of a pentagram.
  • Daskalakis and the CDC said he is not a satanist.

See the sources for this fact-check

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This is not new information, Dr. Daskalakis was appointed last August. It’s just that now his devilish side is being shown and many are just not into it.

In an article titled, “Sorry, But Biden’s New Monkeypox Doctor Seems Absolutely Awesome”, The praises for this man are many.

Excerpts, “In other words, the appointment makes absolutely perfect sense. Monkeypox has mostly — though not exclusively — spread among gay men. Why shouldn’t a top public health authority on the outbreak be a member of that community, so they can speak with authority to folks who are likely to be impacted by it, without seeming like a cultural outsider?

“I learned my bedside manner from East Village drag queens,” Daskalakis joked in a 2014 interview with The Atlantic, and it’s not hard to believe given that multiple profiles have pointed out that the Columbia and Harvard-trained doctor once administered meningitis vaccines in drag, though photos of the event have been lost to the sands of time.

“In America, though, no good deed goes unpunished. So in the wake of Daskalakis’ appointment, he’s quickly become a target of conservative innuendo and hatred.” Read: Sorry, But Biden’s New Monkeypox Doctor Seems Absolutely Awesome (

Well, the left should know all about no good deeds going unpunished as the conservative patriot with Christian morals and values is considered cruel, rascist, homophobic, and terrible for not allowing their children to gender change and allow “Drag Queen bring a small child to work play day” type of mentoring? All for educational purposes and rights of a child… how awful to be accused of grooming. After all, little boys need to know early if they are a little girl and vice versus…or if there is a stunning stripper hiding inside that little ones future career ambitions?

We mustn’t forget the UN Rights of a Child also include a push for consensual sex… talk about a Monkeypox generation waiting to spread?

One user on Twitter tweeted, “Biden hired a leather daddy to run the monkey pox response.” and posted some photos.

Some Twitter users pushed back with science reporter Benjamin Ryan saying, “It was only a matter of time before conservatives began an anti-gay lampooning campaign of Demetre Daskalakis, the White House’s #monkeypox deputy, who has always been an unconventional public servant.”

So was this appointment more “CLICKBAIT”? Designed to make another “us against them” type of stir? As if we don’t already have enough? Funny thing that parents don’t go getting in the face of those doing their thing in their culture community… and it would just be respectful in a civil society to expect the same in return. Don’t indoctrinate their children.

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A reporter at The Verge, Corin Faife, opined that he wished the president “would just come out and say the monkeypox guy is qualified *because* he’s a hot bear” and not “in spite of it.” The article stated that given how clearly perfect he is for the gig, the Biden administration’s silence is a crying shame.

So either Faife is right or maybe the doctor wasn’t as important as FTX scandal, the Zelensky billion dollar war in Ukraine and all the bioweapon and connection to money laundering with congress and the same FTX. Nor was his monkeypox appointment as exciting as the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, followed by Signature Bank, and Suisse Bank, and the entire contageon. Followed by the DA Trump trial in New York and all the world madness while the fake news shouts nuclear war, followed by the AI on steroids, followed by An old woman with a cat named Vagina sueing Trump for a sexual fantasy she had over twenty two years ago?

I guess the Monkeypox doc distraction got overlooked. But, fear not, for now he’s on parade and now people are either disgusted or in awe of the awesomeness of the gay doctor who is active in the party scenes where monkeypox is spreading and agree Biden picked the perfect man for the job.

So in another article Daskalakis talks about his plans for the virus. He explained that Ring” vaccination—vaccinating an infected person’s close contacts—can stop a virus in its tracks, if you work fast. But over the course of June, as Pride celebrations played out around the country, it became clear this virus was moving faster than public health workers anticipated. Daskalakis says he got a fuller picture once the epidemiological data started coming in. Read: Monkeypox czar Demetre Daskalakis’ radical approach. (

So there ya go… vaccination for all the community that just has to share everything in places that shouldn’t be community shared because they can’t control their pronouns. That’s another good reason to keep underaged children away from the super spreaders at colorful parades and hands on clubs. If Daskalakis says it spreads that fast just from a parade or PRIDE CELEBRATIONS whatever that entails…. something is way out of line here.

Here is the Doctor giving his unbiased CDC White House Answer to A Question.

They went back to the “we are here to help” approach.

After looking at all of it… both reporting sides seem to be making some true claims and some exaggerated claims… but as far as family safety… the man should stay out of mainstream medical and stick with the segment of culture he knows and who in turn believe him to be awesome and a hot bear.

It also looks like a circle back from the ’80’s and the aids virus outbreak hand book. The one where they give the virus via vaccine and then watch it spread and create a plague and blame it on a segment of society to drive wedges of discrimination. Creating a “You got cooties don’t touch me” or “Stay away or I will get it and die”. Or the famous, “Stay away, you’re a virus carrier because you are x,y, and z”. It worked before, and they believe it will work again. It always does. We still see it active in COVID. It’s all biowarfare.

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We have the Biden administration out in full force to protect pronouns, transgender our kids, destroy womens sports, invade women’s bathrooms, A.I. data mine individuals and invade privacies, while inflation is crashing the economy and people are feeling the crunch like it’s a depression, with liar media gaslighting how we may be going into a recession. So, this appointment along with the other bizarre appointments by Joey Avatar is no surprise. It was just overshadowed by the other bizarre things taking place while our borders are being invaded and the dollar is collapsing and banks are closing while our home towns are being turned into SMART Cities.

Meanwhile, the pentagram and other garb is definitely a free choice and definitely is an imitation of Satanic culture. He just isn’t going to get away with being flippent by saying, “It’s just a style preference or culture something … something… me and other hot bears like to dress up in to mess around taking selfies because we think we look totally awesome”.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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